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Candles CAN Talk!

Yes, we have a Podcast, tell your friends!

Yes, we have a Podcast, tell your friends!

Yes, it is true my friends, this Blue Eyed beast and Satan himself have decided they are long overdue in putting off the idea of creating a Podcast. Exactly, we just want YOU to hear how amazing we sound, right? Yes, and no, the point of this is to first, do something other then writing to give the WoW community our point of view in the recent WoW news, or just the game in general. As for a specific topic? We will mention tanking, obviously a bit since that is both of our desired playing style, but most of the Podcast Episodes will generally evolve around random bits of info. It could just be Elnoriah (Craig) and Gradii (Alex), or we may treat you all to a guest star!

Nonetheless, you may find all of our Podcast Episodes here!
Episode 1- Ulduar, ToC, Healers, and more!

Episode 2- Who let the Klinderas in here!?

Episode 3- Out, out! The Fire Shall Kill You!

Episode 4- To Shield or Not to Shield!

Episode 5- She Deep Breathes Me Like…

Episode 6- Burst, Burst, Dead!

Episode 7- Elno’s Crazy Trip!

Episode 8- Dodge the Yeti! Go, Go, Go!

Episode 9- Shenanigans!

Be sure to comment our performances, on the respective posts, and constructive criticism is always welcomed. Though, if you think you have a really good idea that you would like us to use for an upcoming Podcast, drop us an email, we would love to hear from you!

Elnoriah and Aifel

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