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Are you one of the Lich King’s followers and wish to interrogate me? No, eh? Fine, shoot!

When and Why did you create “Plagued Candles”?

On the 1st of June of 2009 I created “Plagued Candles” as a blog with intentions of teaching the WoW community to play a Priest. I had noticed that there were not many Priest blogs and I figured that I had a decent ability to contribute to that hole. Although, within a week I wrote about my Alt at the time, Elnoriah, who was an Unholy Tank in his high 70’s. Since then it was decided that I should write about the DK, as he fits my personality much better. (See The Company)

If the Priest was your main then why choose the Death Knight?

At the time I had gotten sick of healing from TBC through WOTLK, I still play him but the Death Knight is just a lot more fun. It provides me with many choices to Tank, so for my creative personality I have multiple ways to do the job that I have wanted to do. Besides which, this was during a time when I was looking for a home, and the home I found needed a Tank.

Why the hell not? Good thing too, or else I would have been stuck playing a clothie for the rest of my life!

Why “Plagued Candles”?

Remember, it was supposed to be Priest with possibly some Death Knight once and again. The Death Knight has diseases and thus the “Plague” part, and the Priest uses candles to buff, thus the “Candles”. I am pretty sure you all can put the two together, right?

Elnoriah, why do you hate Gnomes so much?

Yes, most people seem to tell me that it is like “killing a small child”. I honestly do not give a damn what they look like, because they make funny noises when they die.

You’re a sick #@%! you know that?

Right, Munchy, how about we escort this man to his proper place.

“With… pleasure…”

*A short-lived struggle is heard nearby, best not be there when the cops come, right?”

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