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The Death Knight Tank and You: OH SHI- Buttons (Part 2)

January 17, 2011

Goggles, they're frickin awesome.

We find our hero in the Ebon Hold contemplating life, or in his case… death? No wait… undeath!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who commented with suggestions/tips on things that I overlooked or didn’t clarify in the last installment of The Death Knight Tank and You. Secondly, I’d like to apologize about waiting so damn long for a post. Things just got busy again but hopefully we’re in the clear for awhile!

Let’s continue!

Army of the Dead

Wait, Elnoriah, I thought you were going in alphabetical order!

Yes, but I completely forgot about Army, and thankfully I had a few people who commented remind me of this so I’ll start by briefly describing this oh so FUN button!

Army of the Dead is an ability which you summon 10 ghouls to fight for you for an entire minute, or until they all die. Whichever comes first determines how long your new found friends survive. The cost of this ability is one of each rune (Blood/Unholy/Frost), and after it is cast it can’t be used for another 10 minutes.

The ghouls themselves are actually quite powerful and will fight everything you are in combat with and will constantly taunt those mobs keeping them off of you AND the rest of the group. Also, as this is a channeled spell Blizzard decided to throw in the fact that you take a bit of reduced damage while summoning your comrades from the ground (the damage is reduced based upon your dodge/parry ratings).

How should it be used?

It should be used in a period where you can sacrifice 4 seconds of channeling in order to spawn your ghouls. This is an excellent way to save a group since the ghouls do a damn good job of keeping everything off of the group. However, ensure that you have at least 50% HP or more when popping the button as there’s no point to start summoning the ghouls if you are just going to end up being dead within a second.

If the Healer is dangerously low on Mana and you are most likely going to die, pop this button.

Blood Tap

…Fuck I missed another one last time, didn’t I?

Right, well Blood Tap is a rather interesting cool down. It can be used once a minute for 6% of your base HP which is a very low cost on a not so bad C/D. However, if you are awesome and used the minor glyph, Glyph of Blood Tap then there is no HP loss and it’s just frickin’ amazing. So, essentially what it does is turns a Blood Rune into a Death Rune which means that you can use that rune as a Blood/Unholy/Frost rune.

How should it be used?

If you need any sort of rune (if all are refreshing) then you may pop this to allow you to pop a C/D or do another attack. However, another good use for this ability is if you have only an Unholy or a Frost rune you may pop it and the Death Rune will allow you to do another Death Strike which will heal you and activate your Mastery. Trust me, Death Strikes are pretty damn awesome and you should always try to shoot for having your Blood Shield up at all times.

Icebound Fortitude

This is a rather simplistic OH SHI- button in that it just reduces the damage you take flat out. There isn’t anything special or unique or interesting about it. You freeze your blood and take less damage. However, that does not mean that Icebound Fortitude isn’t a REALLY good button to press in a tight situation!

For the cost of 20 RP and a 3min wait time you take 20% less damage and are immune to stun effects. However, if you are a smart person and specced into Sanguine Fortitude (2/2) you will then take an additional 30% less damage (30% + 20% = 50%) and also have it cost absolutely NO RP to use the button.

When should it be used?

Considering the fact that you take half the damage you would normally take for free it should be used whenever you can make a smart decision to use it most efficiently. This means that whenever there is a high amount of damage being thrown out in an encounter you should pop it. When you pull a few too many trash mobs you should pop it. Pop it when you think the healer needs a break. When you think that you are going to be taking a lot of damage this button is your BEST FRIEND. So like any good friend you should hit it and expect it to work for you.

Disclaimer: Don’t hit your friends as they will probably hit you back, harder.


“But we aren’t PVPing, I don’t need anything to break out of fear. If I did I’d have rolled Forsaken!”

Someone’s a tough guy, eh?

While yes, Lichborne is an amazing PVP OH SHI- button, it also turns you into an Undead for 10 seconds. Wait, why would we want to become Undead? Well, if we look at the Death Coil ability it states that it will heal a friendly Undead target on an amount based upon your AP. Wait, you’re now Undead for 10seconds! Oh AND you are a rather friendly and outgoing individual.

Guess what you can do? Heal the FUCK out of yourself. While you probably will get out 4-5 DCs (MAX) out within those 10 sec which is still a significant amount to heal yourself for in such a short time. Just remember that Lichborne does have a 2min C/D!

How should it be used?

Use it at a time when the Healer needs a break from healing you to regen mana and the like. So at that point just pop your Lichborne and start launching DCs at yourself! Trust me, if it makes the Healer’s life easier, it’s probably a good time to start healing yourself, at least for 10 seconds!

Oh, and also make a macro, hell I’ll even show you the one I’m currently using so you can just copy/paste that shit into a button.

/cast Lichborne
/cast [target=player] Death Coil

It’s pretty straight forward, and to cast another DC just hit the button again, while you can’t cast Lichborne again you can cast the DC on yourself!

Rune Tap

So, I heard you like heals, so we put another damn heal at your disposal. Yeap, Blizzard just loves us so much that they want to rid the community of Healers and just replace everything with Blood DK Tanks.

Rune Tap costs a single Blood Rune and for that will give you 10% of your maximum HP with the click of a button. While it can be glyphed to give the whole party the same healing I wouldn’t recommend it at this point, but it could have its uses depending on your situation. Anyways it’s a fairly simple button, but can be used to save your ass from certain death! Oh, it has a short C/D of 30 seconds, and remember that it can’t be used while Silenced!

When should it be used?

Use it whenever you would like, the cool down and cost are small enough to allow you to use it whenever you need. If the Healer needs some help healing you up a bit the 10% is a noticeable amount to throw on yourself. Or if you find yourself at sub 30% levels of HP you’ll probably want to scream LIVE DAMN IT and smash your keyboard to find this button.

Vampiric Blood

Yet another amazing C/D that we get as Death Knight Tanks. Vampiric Blood boosts your HP by 15% and gives you increased healing by 25% for 10 seconds. After the effect is lost you lose the extra HP. The cost for this button is simply a 1min wait time to use it again. Oh and luckily it doesn’t make you sparkle, otherwise I’d just reroll. Fuckin’ Twilight…

The glyph which is actually rather sexiful takes away the 15% bonus HP for 10sec and instead gives you 15% extra healing being taken in. So 40% total bonus healing? Damn straight, that sounds excellent!

When should it be used?

Like IBF it should be used when the Healer needs a bit of help keeping you up at periods of increased damage intake. This allows them to amplify their heals by a large number so don’t be afraid to use it. Personally I tend to pop it either when a lot of damage is incoming OR when I dip below 50% HP. At that point it takes them practically no time to bring me back to the top again!


Our OH SHI- buttons are amazing and now you know just how damn awesome they are. Next week we’ll begin learning about gearing up your character and the like so get ready for that. Other than that, class is now dismissed!

Happy WoWing!



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  1. Soulbane permalink
    January 17, 2011 11:29 PM

    Great articles! Looking forward for future ones :).

    Thank you!

  2. January 20, 2011 3:51 PM

    One thing to note about the Vampiric Blood(VB) Glyph is that since you are giving up the 15% health bonus, your spells that heal off a percentage of your health will be effected. Using VB to boost your Death Pact, Death Strike, and Rune Tap spells, all of which heal based off your total health, actually will heal you for a little less with this glyph applied even with there heals boosted by 40%. If I had to ball park it I would say they heal for about 95% of what they would without the glyph.
    The key to remember with this glyph is that your healer will be getting the bigger benefit, so make sure that they know you are popping this cool down. I set my healer as my focus and then pop VB with this macro:

    #showtooltip Vampiric Blood
    /cast Vampiric Blood
    /script SendChatMessage(“Vampiric Blood is on me for the next 10 secs. All healing on me boosted by 40%!”,”WHISPER”,nil,UnitName(“focus”))

  3. ladyerinia permalink
    January 23, 2011 9:07 PM

    This is kinda late in the game, but you can spec into improved blood tap and reduce your CD by 30 seconds. I even do that as unholy and it can help quite a bit!


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