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Que the Volcano, He’s Back (again)!

December 21, 2010

I wonder if Whale Sharks get trapped in tuna nets...

We find our hero in the Ebon Hold, even though the world blew up some things just don’t change…


Well, for a while I’ve had the urge to write, however like a good teenager I ended up getting a job in the hopes of being able to purchase one of those motorized vehicles. Top that off with that damned school work and Eagle Project and you have a very busy Death Knight. However, I’ve finally gotten into the swing of my newly improved (debatable) life so I think I can manage to write yet again.

My first problem is writing something of value due to the fact with such a busy personal life I can’t have a dedicated raiding guild and I’m fairly behind on the content. Then again I couldn’t care less because being casual with my friends is more than enough value for my $15.00 a month.

What’s been going on since Cataclsym

1) I shmucked along with Elnoriah and managed to cap him at 85

2) I formed a casual guild with people (more on that later)

3) I’ve been attempting to choose a dedicated alt, and I’m currently debating whether or not to have a duel to the death with myself over it. That just seems too damn silly though…

4) I’ve realized that Blizzard hates me and doesn’t want to let me get my Tanking gear so I can do Heroics.

5) Questing is FUN…. really fun!

What’s going on with Plagued Candles?

Okay, well I’m hoping that from now on I’ll be posting a Death Knight Tank and You: every Tuesday. Hopefully it will have SOME sort of value and education for everyone looking for DK Tanking tips. In addition to that I’m sure I can kick Alex a bit into writing some guides and stuff, hell maybe we’ll make videos, who knows but we’ll be productive, hopefully.

I’m going to need to redo the site, it feels too… lame. Graphics upheaval will be fairly soon, hopefully.

Guild, did you say guild?

No, oh yes I mean yes! Basically Alex, his friend Mycosynth, my buddy Fury, and a few others started up a casual guild for us to grab some randoms and hopefully slice a bit of raiding cake within this expansion. The guild’s name is which is to pay a little homeage for Fury, myself and Klinderas original guild in Burning Crusade.

At the moment it’s ran by Klin and myself as self-proclaimed leaders of this establishment.

The reason I’m going to touch on the subject is probably because I’ll be talking about casual guilds and the like based on our experiences in the future. Plus it’s just been fun to get the group of us together in the same place not having a set goal of playing the game hardcore(ish).


Our projections for this quarter shall hopefully be deliciously delicious. So, from now on I’m hoping that Plagued Candles will yet again be a site for the good of all mankind and not some dead as a coffin stump in the internet.

Happy WoWing!


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  1. December 21, 2010 3:13 PM

    My name is Klinderas, and this is my favourite post on the internet.

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