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Tankatronics 4.0.1

October 17, 2010

Bones are an EXCELLENT source of protection!

Our hero is found zipping around the Ebon Hold clearly still excited from the recent changes made to his world…

As all of you (hopefully) know, 4.0.1 was released recently.  Now I’m sure there are some still figuring out that this ISN’T the Cataclysm, but merely a major patch preparing us for our impending doom trip of wonder. Blizzard being very sneaky changed around a few things in the game, mostly things pertaining to class mechanics, talents, gear, stats, the honor system, and the badge system. One thing that I don’t think hasn’t been discussed enough are some of the recent changes for Engineering.

Yes, it’s actually going to be USEFUL for Tanks. Not to say it isn’t a fun or useful skill, it’s just on the stats side it’s rather lacking. I’m sure you can argue that for any of the roles (although it’s rather nice as a DPS), but we’ll be focusing more on the Tanking perspective now.

Elnoriah has always been an Engineer and no lack of stats is going to change that, but this change actually made the skill worthwhile (not to say some cheap laughs wasn’t worth a grind to 450 anyways). We are allowed to have both a Tinker and an Enchant/Item Enhancement so long as the Tinker has a “USE:” effect. Hardcore to the Max I say!

In addition to being downright fun, this means that we can add more useful “enchants” to our gear just for being an Engineer, no need to swap one for the other anymore!

Head: Generally you had two choices between enhancements on the head. Generally you would grab the Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector (which now has +20 dodge rather than the extra Drating) as opposed to the Mind Amplification Dish. Now I bet you’re thinking, why would I desire to have the ability to control the minds of others?

Simply put, it gives a +45 STAM enhancement onto your Head as well as the ability to control minds. As opposed to the 37 STAM and additional avoidance (or prior to 4.0.1 Drating). It was a tough decision that one would have to make, yet now we don’t have to! The +45 extra STAM equates to roughly 500 or so HP.

I’m not complaining! Thanks for the HP increase, Blizz!

Cloak: Before this recent patch our choices as Tanks for cloak enchantments was either the Enchant Cloack- Titanweave (Now gives +16 dodge rather than the Drating), Enchant Cloak- Major Agility Enchant Cloak- Mighty Armor, or Flexweave Underlay Clearly that’s a LOT of options. Agility is generally the way to go to be honest, unless of course you weren’t Dcapped in which case you’d be wearing the Titanweave enchant.

Because the Flexweave Underlay gives about the same (1 more agi I win!) I’d usually choose that over either of the enchants. However, now we can use both the Enchant Cloak- Major Agility AND the Flexweave Underlay. That’s 55 Agi extra on top of your cloak. AKA Fucking Unbelievable.

Boots: As heart-rending as it was for a while I was forced to sacrifice my sweet, sweet Nitro Boosts for Tuskarr’s Vitality I now, however do not have to make that excruciatingly painful decision. Luckily for me, I can take my Nitro Boosts so I can speed while I speed and +15 STAM while I STAM!

Belt: No changes here, you can still put your frag belt on your belt and have the Belt Buckle in conjunction with it.

Hands: Unfortunately you cannot put the Reticulated Armor Webbing in addition to an Enchant such as Enchant Gloves- Armsman or +18 STAM Heavy Borean Armor Kit. This is because it does not have a “USE: ” button so it’s counted the same as an actual Enchant/Enhancement.

However, something like the Hyperspeed Accelerators and Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket onto the gloves as well to give you a bit of a threat boost. Haste being the Stat which will lessen the C/D of our Runes, and the Rocket being a frickin’ rocket and doing some nice damage.

Conclusions: Engineering is useful for Tanking, hooray, all is right in the world and I can now sleep better at night. Luckily, though it would seem that Engineering is going to become even better in Cataclysm with things such as the Goggles becoming a really good Head item (the goggles have a special gem slot that is for Engineers only with OUTSTANDING gems). Not to say that the ilvl 200 Goggles weren’t great, but I do wish the lasted a LITTLE longer.


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  1. October 26, 2010 1:35 PM

    Thanks for this article! I am picking up my dk again after ignoring it for most of wotlk and was wondering what enchants would be best to use. I have also been thinking of switching professions, and after reading this, I am seriously considering engineering!

  2. Traumblaser permalink
    November 9, 2010 7:00 AM

    I recently found out about this new sweetness – actually by accident – and I’ve been using these tinkers with the usual enchants on my prot pala and my demo lock. Aside from sometimes freaking dps out in 5man’s by nitro-ing into several groups of mobs and popping global thermo sapper charge (I have raiding gear anyway) and by outdps-ing chars 5 lvls higher with the lock (he’s just lvl 75), it has been sweet. To be clear – in my opinion as a raider and a ganker, this has made Engineering the true must-have of all professions! If you want something that actually adds something to your character’s class abilities (speed and some utilities) and stats – the tank is missing 15 stam but gets 24 agi & crit + around 25 dps in exchange and the lock misses 23 spellpower and gets around 67 haste, 24 crit and 45 stam (both compared to BS or JC) – and don’t mind the fact that the investment will be long and costly – this is it!

    gl & hf!

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