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Death Knighting Your UI: Step 2

September 6, 2010

*sigh* I belive this turmoil was the creation of the stress from creating my UI.

We find our hero hammering into metal as he continues to create his upgrades. Is he a robot? Who knows, only the future can reveal it...

Alright, this step is significantly easier than the first in the 3 step program to fix the economy create your new UI. First of all, now that you know what you want to do, you have to find the Addons that will allow you to create your perfect image of a UI. Your best bet is to download Curse as I mentioned in the last post.

After you download and install Curse you’ll have to make an Account. Do all that and you can finally start downloading and managing your Addons. Now that all the boring stuff is out-of-the-way, let’s delve deep into the art, no wonder of downloading Addons.

Get More Addons

To get the Addons that you want you have to either use the Curse site itself, or just use the Client. If you just click the button that says “Get More Addons” then the entire list of Addons on will pop up for your downloading pleasure. The best way to find Addons are either a) by Popularity b) by Rating or c) by Category.

Popularity assures you that people use the thing so it’s clearly half-decent, rating tells you that people LIKE the Addon so it’s probably not bad, and Category allows you to find Addons to fulfill the role you desire.

Now, whenever you click on an Addon that you’re tempted to Download be sure to view it prior to wasting your time with it. There is a short description and links to the website and a longer description for that specific Addon so you’ll be able to view it in a video/screenshot and learn a bit more about it. Always do that before you download a random Addon to ensure that it’s useful.

When you believe that the Addon is something of value to you go ahead and click the “Install” button next to the Addon. From there it will go into the My Games —> World of Warcrack folder with the rest of your Addons.

Managing Your Addons

Whenever a Patch comes for WoW most likely your Addons will become outdated or even better, broken. In this case you’ll have to keep a watch for new Addon updates whenever you boot up your PC or however often you decide to do it. Regardless of whether it’s broken or not it’s always best to update your Addons to ensure they work/get updates for the Addon.

It can be annoying as hell, but making sure you have the most up to date Addons is a worthwhile, minor inconvenience. You always want to be able to use your UI so keep it clean, keep it right, keep it sexiful (new word, take that Webster’s).

What Addons Do You Use, Grandmaster?

Why thank you for asking my dear Student!

But… I don’t care let me make my UI…

Munchy, escort this fine man to the bowels of hell.

Students… give me… indigestion..

I’ll give you salad for dinner if you eat him.

Well… in that.. case… meatbag… *crunch*

Like I said, some of my recommendation for Addons for any basic UI are the following:

Grid/Grid Mana Bars: Grid is a basic raid frames UI. It’s useful for every role as it can allow you to see who needs debuffs/healing/has aggro that shouldn’t. It’s also very customizable which is a huge bonus so it can fit any size space that it’s needed.

Pitbull Unit Frames 4.0: These frames replace the basic Blizzard Player/Target/Group/Raid/ToT/Pet frames with highly customizable frames. It can be a pain in the ass to configure, but it’s well worth the time sink. Personally I only use the Pet/Player/Target/Target of Target frames.

Tidy Plates/Tidy Plates:Threat Plates: These Addons are great especially for Tanks. It changes the nameplates into much more desirable frames. However it also shows what creatures you have Aggro on/don’t have Aggro on. It’s extremely useful for a visual and you can change the size of the plates.

Dominos: Some people use Bartender, others use Dominos, personally I like Dominos more but either way you want to get either. They both allow you to move your Action Bars around and change the size/transparency of them. Dominos gives you 10 Action Bars to toy around with along with many other bars. Very little hassle for a worthwhile outcome.


The next and last post will conclude the short series and hopefully y’all will end up with much nicer-looking UI’s. Trust me the first time around is always the hardest, from there you will basically play god and evolve the UI from there. Next post we will go over actually configuring/creating your UI now that you know how to download/plan your UI out.

Happy WoWing!


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