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Death Knighting Your UI: Step 1

August 17, 2010

Vroom! Vroom! Let's Go!

You find our hero with his trusty engineering tools and a pocket full of dreams grease. From the looks of things he’s attempting to increase his performance… somehow…

Yes, prior to this I have broken down my previous UIs and shown you which addons are my personal favorites and why. However this time I want to break down the process of making your very own UI from scratch. Mine will be geared towards Tanking so it could very well will differ a bit from a Healer’s UI or a DPS’s UI keep that in mind.

Before you start:

Prior to doing anything you’ll want to get some sort of Addon Manager. Personally I like to use good ol’ Curse but there are a few others out there. What an Addon Manager does is it makes a list of your current Addons for WoW and then will constantly check for updates for them. Many also are able to download Addons for you and extract them into your folder without you doing anything more than pressing a button. Just type in what you want and it’ll grab it for you.

This is necessary for two reasons. First of all it’s damn convenient not having to constantly search and make sure that you have the latest version will save you quite a lot of your spare time so you can play more WoW or pretend you’re a basketball player and shoot crumpled up paper into a trash bin.

Secondly the program ensures that you will be able to use your Addons all the time. Even with running outdated Addons on WoW they can still run, but they probably won’t run RIGHT. There’s probably something it’s missing that’s why it’s outdated. (Loot Addons especially, not having an up to date loot table for the win?)

Link to Curse Client

Now on to Step 1

Now students the first thing that I tend to do is plan out the UI that you will be making. What are the parts of your current UI that you dislike? What are the conveniences that you want to have but just don’t have them at this point? Is something in your current UI holding back your potential? Figure out the problem BEFORE you go and fix it.

Example: My problem with my current UI is that everything I have is jumbled around and at the very bottom or top of my screen. If it’s not hard to glance at my raid frames then it’s annoying for me to see buffs right in the middle of my damn screen. I need a complete revamp. However something I would like to see is my constant durability/gold/random useful information without me having to go searching for it.

So for me at least I now have to draw a potential plan as to what I’d like my UI to end up looking like. Be it a mental image or a physical piece of paper image, just have some sort of design before you randomly throw darts at a computer screen to pick and choose Addons and settings. (Seriously though if you’re throwing darts at a computer screen I want pics)

Personally I prefer to draw a  mental picture of the image. I’m not much for drawing actual pictures and I probably couldn’t read my own handwriting anyways. Regardless of how you get your visual just ensure that you have one. Have a plan and stick to your plan until it’s finished, you can always make revisions!

Anywho, I hope this first step of the guide is helpful. There isn’t going to be a set time or date as to when this project is finished it’s intended to advance as I advance in creating my new ui.

Happy WoWing


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    August 17, 2010 10:42 PM

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