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Rogs and Pogs: Good Stats, Bad Stats and Good Rogues, Bad Rogues.

April 6, 2010

This week, the topic is stats and the habits/trademarks of a good Rogue. I’ll cover the easy stuff first.

Assassination: HASTE HASTE HASTE. Mut loves teh Haste; more poison procs, more melee damage, more energy via Focused Attacks, more poison procs per Envenom, etc. Basically, Haste is the shit; so much so that, if you don’t have any ICC trinkets, that it is probably worth your time to get the H UK trinket and the Haste-on-use Triumph trinket.

Combat: For Combat, it gets a little tricky; you’re definitely gonna want to consult a spreadsheet, as stat weights can be all over the place. Basically, AGI is good at very low (T7 gear) levels, and then AP comes ahead, then Haste, and then ArPen… Basically. As I said, consult a spreadsheet; this shit gets complicated, due to the crit cap, the relative value of ArPen, your crit, your AGI, and a few other things.

Oh, the relative value of ArPen is another interesting topic. Basically, ArPen gets better as you get more; at low gear levels, its incredibly shit; at high gear levels, its the best stat for a Rogue craving BiS gear. That is why you check your spreadsheets; so you can know just how shit/not shit ArPen is for you.

And yeah, I keep harping about spreadsheets. The reality is, as much as you may think otherwise, there is no site that is going to be able to tell you what stat is best for your Rogue; a lot of sites preach that being hit and Expertise capped is the shit, but sometimes gemming and gearing for other stats turns out to be better for your DPS. You just have to not be lazy and check for yourselves, sorry. And I didn’t cover Hit/Expertise above because, frankly, T10 gear weirds me out and makes stats even more confusing than they have to be; T10 has so little Hit/Expertise that BiS gear is often gemmed for Hit/Expertise, but not because you’re under the hit/Expertise cap; rather, its to boost your crit cap. Yeah, its dumb.

This second half of the post is about being Good™. Being Good is not just about numbers, though that is part of it. Being Good is knowing your class inside and out, AND pulling big numbers. The following is a list of things you can do in order to be Good:

1. Use Feint.

2. Use Cloak of Shadows.

3. Use Tricks.

4. Use Expose Armor if you are in a 25 man raid and have no Prot Warriors.

5. Keep up-to-date on patch info; every patch, basically, has seen a change in talents for each spec. Read EJ!

And that’s about it. Now, I’m off to go level a Frost DK. Melee fanatic away!

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