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Pogs and Rogs: 3.3.3(. and Weapon Specs.

March 29, 2010

Eyeing little girls with bad intent!

Every week, I’m going to be doing a post on whichever class interests me at the time. As the post name suggests, this week it’s Rogues! hit a week ago, and it brought a few notable changes for the Rogue class. While most of these changes were to Sub (and for the record, its still shit for PVE), there is one key change to Rupture that will perk a few ears.

– Rupture: The damage-over-time component of this ability can now produce critical strikes.

Now, for Assassination, this change means nothing; constant Envenoming will continue to reign king over… Well, not Envenoming. However, for Combat, it does mean a few things.

First, the top DPS spec has changed a little, based on preliminary data from various EJ posters; while its still 20/51/0, you now take your points out of Imp. Eviscerate and fill out Ruthlessness and Blood Spatter. In addition, you also replace the Eviscerate Glyph with either a Tricks of the Trade or Rupture one, depending on your needs, raid comp, and T10 set bonus, or lack thereof. Basically, Glyph of Tricks is better for raid DPS, especially with 2/5 T10, and Glyph of Rupture is better for personal DPS. Glyph accordingly. Personally, I plan on replacing my Rupture Glyph with a Tricks one once I get my 2 set T10.

As far as gemming differently, don’t; the Rupture change is not big enough, with the current 20/51/0 spec, to warrant gemming for straight AGI as opposed to whatever you’ve been gemming previous (probably not AGI).

My little pony, you're feeling boney...?

I also wanted to talk about weapon specs as well. As a Rogue of the Combat tree, you get the opportunity to specialize into either Close Quarters Combat (daggers and fist weapons), swords and axes (Hack and Slash), or maces via the boringly-named Mace Specialization. The bonuses are as follows:

CQC: additional 5% crit. This does NOT affect poisons or Envenom, but affects everything else.

Hack and Slash: 5% chance on hit to hit twice with that weapon. Yeah, its hard to use the correct wording, but it just means you’re going to be hitting more often and are gonna be a bit burstier. Improves as Haste improves.

Mace Specialization: A flat 15% Armor Penetration. Boring name gets a boring bonus.

Now, as a general rule, Hack and Slash is the best; not only is the bonus better, but at high enough gear levels, CQC runs into crit cap problems and Mace Spec has no decent mace offhands. That being said, all the bonuses all produce a similar enough benefit that its not a huge deal if you’re one spec versus another. In addition, a 251 weapon will always outperform a 232 weapon, regardless of weapon type. And the lack of decent mace offhands isn’t a huge problem either; Sinister Strike only uses your MH, which is the weapon that is receiving the ArPen bonus, and Eviscerate counts as a MH attack, which also benefits from ArPen. If you do decide to go Mace Spec, and can’t find a good offhand (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) put your point from Endurance into CQC.

My UI, for anyone curious.

tl;dr version: the old Rogue addage of “Spec for your best weapon.” If you have multiple 232 weapons like I do, check a spreadsheet to see which weapon spec performs the best; iDPS and Aldriana’s Spreadsheet are good places to start. Aldriana’s Spreadsheet hasn’t been updated for, but you can make it account for Rupture critting by making B12 in the calcs sheet 1. Rawr is very inaccurate for Rogues, so don’t use it, or not for your Rog anyway.

Thats about it for this week. Next week, if I’m still in a Rogue mood: Good Stats, Bad Stats!

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