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Focusing Your Magic- The Specs

March 21, 2010

No one said Blinking was easy!

Teaching you as fast and mana-efficiently as a Missile Barrage, your host Crando (aka Craig) will teach you how to Mage to the best of your ability every weekend!

Last week we went over the stats that all of the viable specs in 3.3 need, and their order of importance. However, it sort of dawned on my later that I probably should have started out talking about the different specs beforehand.Well, I threw on an Arcane Intellect for this week to correct my lack of thought last week, so, let’s talk about Mages!

As all of you know, the Mage like every other class in the game has 3 different Talent Trees. Each lvl. 80 character has 71 Talent Points (TPs) that they are able to spend in any of these trees. This can make your Mage very customizable, however, many people have found/tested certain amounts of points in different trees to make some of the best DPS in the game. Seeing as the Mage is a pure DPS Class, we want all the DPS we can push!

Protip #1- If you are going to be daring enough to make your own spec, be sure to follow a similar spec to some of the more popular specs people use.

Protip #2- Do NOT put all 71 talents into the same tree. A Frost Mage is still a Frost Mage without having to spend all of their points in Frost.

In all honesty, I would not suggest making up your own spec and rolling with it. Do what you want, but most likely the best way to roll are the current “most popular” specs at the moment! Without further adieu, let’s begin!


57/3/11 In 3.3.2 this spec pulls the most DPS for any Mage in the game, it is the Arcane spec that is full of delicious, purple win! This spec can be done in almost any gear, but preferably gear with a lot of haste. The haste speeds up the main nuke Arcane Blast and allows it to stack faster. Once you reach the maximum amount of stacks (4) and have a Missile Barrage proc you will use a free, fast Arcane Missiles spell!

For a Mage just hitting 80 I would certainly recommend this spec as it requires the least amount of hit rating (aka gear) amongst all of current Mage specs. However, it is not just for the new Mages, it is the spec with the most Single Target DPS at the moment making it ideal for a Raider. It is also a fairly mobile spec!


18/53/0 This bad boy is commonly known as Fire with Torment of the Weak (TotW) as it goes for the most DPS-improving spells available to the Mage at this current time. Now, it is not as good as Arcane in single target DPS, but it is however a lot better at AOE DPS. This means that when your group is fighting multiple targets (trash mostly) Fire Mages should pull a bit more DPS than an Arcane Mage would!

It is a fun spec to play, but I would not recommend it for a new Mage. There are no +hit % talents that are USEFUL to you in this spec meaning that you will have to acquire 17% spell hit all by yourself through gear/gems/enchants/consumables. This can be both expensive and damn near impossible for a newly geared Mage. As I said earlier, Arcane is still above this for a Raider as it is a bit more mobile and does more single target DPS (bosses) but it is still a viable spec!


18/0/53– This would be the general Frost spec with the deliciousness of TotW. This adds a lot of the basic Arcane DPS-boosting talents to the Frost spec making it a deadly combination. As with Arcane we are worried about stacking and casting a main nuke so Haste is a very important stat to a Frost Mage (well, for most specs except for the FFB spec!) so it will not show its best results with poor gear. Many people find this to be an enjoyable spec, it is fairly mobile, does good DPS, and it has a pet Water Elemental.

Frost however, is towards the bottom of the current specs in terms of DPS. It’s not so much that it is hard to play as it just needs a bit of love from Blizzard, which we shall get in 3.3.3! It does have a +3% spell hit talent in the spec so all you will need to be capped is 14% so it does take a bit more to gear than Arcane (11%), but not by an annoying amount like Fire.

A perk for your group is that Frost provides the buff Replenishment which increases everyone’s mana regeneration! Of course, other Classes can do this such as the Retribution Paladin, Survival Hunter, and a few others.


I hate to suggest a certain spec for people to play so I would prefer to let you all choose your own spec. We should be paying $15.00 per month for FUN, not for a fake number called DPS! However, for a Player seeking to max out their DPS I would have to suggest the current Arcane spec. It does the most DPS out of all of the specs in a Boss situation, and on the up side it is enjoyable to play as well!

It’s not so much about the spec that you play, it’s HOW you play it! Stay out of fire (Fire Mages included), move when you need to, and DPS your little heart out. Just remember this- a dead Mages does 0 DPS.

Happy Wowing!

Edit- Just a bit of a disclaimer, I was pretty tired and still wanted to reach the deadline. This is anything but my best work, so I apologize. I edited a bit of my misinformation now that I’m fully conscious. *face palm* At the FFB spec! Once again, sorry guys!

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  1. Alex permalink
    March 21, 2010 10:08 PM

    You misspelled schedule on the right-hand poll.

    Also, I don’t think FFB is viable anymore. Just a hunch.

    • March 22, 2010 1:46 PM

      Remind me next time not to write shit when I’m tired, I just reread that and face palmed so hard.

      I’ll fix the misspell right now, thanks.

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