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Incoming Rant on Stupid People

March 16, 2010

I just wake up in the morning feeling like CRANDO!

Ah yes, the age-old thought of “I’m a Tank/Healer without me your Raid is finished, and we need better gear than DPS because they are highly disposable!” Don’t you just love that? Aren’t all of us just the “filler” for the Raid and completely useless!

Hell, the only reason we don’t have all Tank/Healer Raids is because they’d have more competition for loot!

Oh, by the way all that was sarcasm… except for that… and that…

In all seriousness though, I hear so much of this bull shit that Tanks and Healers are MUCH more important than DPS and that we’re downright disposable. Honestly, if they had any bit of intelligence up in that empty attic they call a head they would probably think differently. Why?

My Argument-

Think of it this way, your Raid is downing Deathbringer Saurfang in about 3 minutes. That’s pretty damn good, you just go in there, nuke him, beat down the blood beasts, and collect your loot. The Healers are fine, the Tanks only popped C/D’s to keep themselves awake, and your DPS feels like Jesus Christ himself.

Now, let’s say it took LONGER because the DPS was less! 5-6 minutes, your Raid just barely made it out of there. The Tanks are blood-shot and wide-eyed, your Healers weren’t too bad off but they had a few scares when they saw a Tank drop a bit, and the DPS wonders what the hell they did wrong.

All of that was merely hypothetical, but you should get the picture. Look at the completely different outcome from that. Of course anything could cause a change like that (not kiting the Blood Beasts or killing them fast enough comes to mind), but if we look at it from a DPS perspective, we are the ones that can change the entire outcome of the fight. The DPS makes a fight really short, long as hell, or a wipe because of the lack of it!


This means the DPS’ job is to a) to determine the amount of time the fight takes (How much damage is done?), b) if the fight is even doable (Can they do enough damage?), and c) STAY THE FUCK OUT OF FIRE! (Seriously, I hate healing people who stand in the fire!!!1one)

Another point to add in, the DPS can also carry a poorly geared Tank/Healer through a Heroic (hopefully not a Raid, but it is possible)! As I said before in my little “simulation” we determine the length of the encounter for a poorly geared Healer it’s much easier to run out of Mana. However, if the fight is short there is less healing to be done and less Mana is used!

The same goes for Tanks, less damage is taken when the fight is shorter rather than longer. With bad gear you’ll usually have a (relatively) “small” amount of HP so you can not take as much damage. With a shortened fight, you’ll be able to tank that encounter just fine, hopefully!

A lack of DPS, or the DPS not being “important enough” to get the same amount or more gear than a Tank or Healer is absurd. We can change the outlook of an entire fight just because we can hit a few more buttons! We have every right to the virtual equipment as you do, besides you have MUCH less competition than we do.

A Tank has to worry about 1-2 other Tanks, and if one is a Feral Druid the Plate Tank won’t have to worry AT ALL! A Healer has 4-5 other Healers to worry about, and some may not even look for similar stats/armor types.

Sure, we have different categories (Cloth DPS/Leather Ranged + Melee DPS/Mail Ranged+Melee DPS/Plate DPS) but there is always a much larger chance we will be rolling against more than 2-3 people for that one piece of gear! We could be screwed out of gear much easier than you could be!

The Opposing Argument-

“Well, without a Tank or Healer the DPS would get squashed by any Raid boss!”

Alright, I’ll give you that. We would be royally #@%!ed if there were no Healers or Tanks in the Raid. However, just because you determine our Raid not wiping due to us dieing doesn’t mean we are not important!

Don’t forget what I just said to all of you, the DPS determines the length of time a fight takes. This means without us, or thinking we are all completely disposable, the encounter could take quite a bit longer than it should. Mana, although a replenishable energy source, does not replenish instantly. It takes time and Tanks/DPS not needing Healing in order for it to start regenerating again!

Let’s look at it like this:
DPS Dies/is slow = Fight takes too long! —>
Fight takes too long = Healers going OOM —>
Healers going OOM = Tanks not getting Healed —>
Tanks not getting Healed = Dead Tank —->
Dead Tank = Dead DPS

Now, this is not to say that the DPS is more important as this cycle can change at any point. This means we could start at Healers going OOM and watching the hideous outcome that is soon to follow. What this should tell you is that we are all equal, if the DPS/Healers/Tanks are not good enough for the fight the Raid will most likely wipe.

Moral of the Story?

No one is more important than another, everyone must do their job correctly in order to fulfill the goals that they had established such as downing a boss. No one has more privileges to gear than another simply because they control one possible outcome of the fight. Finally, I will murder every Melee DPS that stands in front of their target without good reason.

Seriously though, don’t stand in front of stuff as a Melee DPSer, to quote Alex “shit hurtz yo!”

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  1. March 16, 2010 8:10 PM

    I agree with all of what you wrote. As a DPSer, it is incredibly frustrating to get harped on for being the useless role, especially since CC went the way of the dodo.

    And that’s why, as a hunter, I enjoyed the freedom of being able to kill anyone I didn’t like in an instance with the MD back stab, which hurts more than a rogues ever will. >:3

    I would like to raise another point: what about a fight with adds? There’s no fucking way a tank could hold all the aggro and not die to an overwhelming amount of adds. DPS saves the tanks there. Enrage timers? DPS. Quick runs in general to fit a a guild night within hectic life schedules, so you can go home and actually see your girlfriend/wife/prom queen? DPS does that.

    Overgrown, pompous, needs do be deflated meat shield: $5.00
    Healy Dealy for the raid: $6.59
    Watching these two “OMG WE’RE BETTER THAN DPS” class types fail miserably without the DPS? Priceless.
    For everything else AND the above, there’s Hunters.

  2. March 23, 2010 3:09 PM

    That was a great post and got me thinking some about maybe being a bit more important then I personally consider myself to be. I am a DPSer and I think of my self as dispensable. While your article does make a huge amount of sense and it was ringing in my head that “wow, that is so true, it is not the over geared tanks or the over geared healers that have turned the heroics into laughable content, it is the DPS that has.”

    I’ve ran lots of heroics with low gear tanks, as a hunter I MD and everything is dead without there ever being a threat issue or without the healer even coming close to running OOM. It is me pulling over 50% of the damage all by myself that is pulling that team so far that even a lesser geared tank is never in trouble because nothing is alive long enough to put the hurt on him. But I digress… they could do it just fine without me. It would just take a little longer.

    DPS are dispensable, easily replaced, even the best of the best. Even if you look at it the way you wrote, which was great, it still does not change the fact that DPS are a dime a dozen.

    To prove my point, try to assemble a PuG for anything 25 man. Say in trade you have 2 tanks and 5 healers already and just need DPS. You will fill the PuG in less then 3 minutes with all quality DPS.

    Now, try this one in trade with the same 25 man, need 2 tanks and 5 healers for 25 man xxxxx, full on DPS.

    Now come back to me in about 6 hours when all you could find, if you find anything, will be under geared tanks and healers not ready for the run and tell me how important DPS is.

    Sure, we are everything you say we are. We make or break the speed and ease of nearly all encounters, but we are replaceable to easily. If I am not there then they will take you, or take the guy that posted above me, or take anyone that already has the achievement or anyone that has a huge gearscore.

    Either way, I loved the article.

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