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Wet and Wild Wednesdays: Gearing up your Kitty.

March 10, 2010

+10 repekt points for whoever knows where this screenshot was taken.

Yes, it is wet and wild. Thank you Haken.

Anyways, I’ve spent the last week gearing up my Kitty, and thought I’d relay a few tips about it.

Firstly, don’t waste all your Triumphs on Tier 9. Instead, get the two buyable pieces of T8.5; its only a 6 iLvl difference between T8.5 and T9, and the 2 set T8 is god. And the T9 4 set isn’t that good.

Secondly, run Forge of Souls on normal until you get the 219 staff. Then bitch about how you need to have 4500 GS to get into Halls of Reflection to get the 232 polearm. Because DPS < GearScore. Or do Onyxia and STFU.

Next, buy anything/everything you can with your Triumphs. The hit trinket is shit, but everything else is pretty good.


Also, try to queue in LFG with a tank you know. Because nothing, NOTHING is worse than a Frost DW DK tank with two tank weapons/the Prot Paladin with a spellpower weapon/the Feral Druid who only Mangles when the debuff is about to wear off/the Warrior who doesn’t Cleave and/or Thunderclap coupled with Feral’s innately-high TPS.

I also recommend using the AoE spec in Heroics, if you’re really anal about trash pull DPS/give a fuck about how much time you’re wasting in Heroics you’ve already run 319391 times already and don’t want to waste any more.

Also, if your healer is shit, don’t be afraid to pop Tranquility. Shit saves lives, man.

Now, once you get to the point where you can buy stuff with Frosts, you are in for some interesting decisions. You can opt for the trinket, which is BiS in certain gear lists, or try to get full T10 as quickly as possible. The T10 4 set is fucking God (Rake can crit) and the 2 set isn’t too bad either. The cape isn’t bad either, though I’d personally get it after getting T10 and Herkuml’s. And the idol is a very, very, very small upgrade over the Triumph one. Meaning that its bleh. Personally, if I ever fucking get there, I’d like to get my 4 set T10 bonus first, then the trinket, and then the cape.

And please, if you’re going to be Cat specced and plan on queueing as a tank, at least have a Glyph of Maul handy.

Thats about it from me. These Witticism Wednesday posts will, hopefully, be posted every Wednesday, and Craig is planning on doing a Mage-specific post every Sunday. And of course, you can check the blog every day to read our delicious filler. Until next time!

May all your bats wear hats!

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  1. March 10, 2010 11:00 PM

    Top floor of Karazhan, Prince’s Room, isn’t it?

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