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Straaaaaaaaaaange Things are Happening!

March 1, 2010

Yes that is from Toy Story, and if you don’t like it you can get the hell out of my sight! Says our hero as he moves into his new home near the Ebon Hold.

Elnoriah- It was a fun ride playing as a Death Knight (especially as a) Tank. I will cherish the moments I had done so and will remember everything I have learned throughout this experiment. I took something completely new and turned it into a fun ride. To be honest it was one of the best times of my life when I had first started playing as Elnoriah.

More importantly though, it was through Elnoriah I have been able to write about my thoughts and hopefully help others make good decisions in game. To be honest, without the blog I probably would have been done with him months ago.

That is what has made me cling on to the ever dieing wonder of Elnoriah, and I wanted to continue it. My dilemma was that I could not see myself writing the same blog as a Mage/Priest as I do a Death Knight.

Klinderas though made a good point, if I made a new blog it would just be a hassle for you readers and probably myself.

Time to make things feel a little different around here!

Within the week (about) you should see the following change here at Plagued Candles:

  • A bit more refined way of categorizing posts. Everything before this post will be marked as old. The old file will contain my Death Knight Tanking posts and Aifel’s Melee DPS shenanigans.
  • A new look for the entire site.
  • Cleaning up the old pages that we don’t use.
  • Relaunching the podcast and hopefully, finally getting to the Huntercast!
  • And of course Mage (DPS/PvP)/Priest (Holy/Disc) topics by me and Druid (Mostly Furry- err Feral)/ Alt of the Month (Because we know how often that changes) topics by Alex.
  • Oh, did I mention some chit chat about the new guild?
  • No, I didn’t, well screw you for forgetting to remind me! (Yes, that’s a part of the list!)

These candles aren’t burnt out yet… YET!

To be continued?

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