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My Neck of the Woods

February 26, 2010

We find our hero snoring in his bunk. What a wuss bag!…

Recently my life has been pretty hectic. Almost to the point of me not being able to Raid for 3 consecutive weeks. And honestly, it felt really good to have those weeks off. I love Raiding, but there’s just something about hardcore Raiding that I will never love.

The time spent just SITTING there. It was nice the first couple weeks, but after that it just got to be a chore.

No, not progression wise, the guild was and is amazing and an all-around fun group of people to be with. It’s just, I did not have my FRIENDS in there, which is the sole reason I play this game. Friends make the game fun, and we all know when to call it a night due to our schedules and the like.

Figure it this way, I’m having more fun PvPing with Mycosynth for an hour than I was knocking out bosses and earning gear for 4 hours straight. Less time and more fun? Count me the hell in!

So, if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I quit my hardcore guild on my Tank and Mage, but that’s not all that I’ve been up to. Oh hell no it isn’t…

As I briefly hinted in my last post I have picked up the Priest again. Since 3.0 (for about a week in 3.2.2 as well) I have mainly been playing Elnoriah my Death Knight Tank, and not my original main since TBC, Eldadres aka the “Squeaky Priest”. I’d say it was a nice break, but all along I’ve longed to play the Priest deep down.

I'M GOING ALLIANCE- No, I'm just kidding!

It’s not that the Death Knight has lost his spark, but more so that I know that I will never NOT be able to be a clothy forever. It’s just who I am, and it took me to level an Arcane Mage just to realize this. Let me say, I’m thankful that I am (re)familiarizing myself again as both Crando and Eldadres.

What does this mean for Elnoriah’s journey? Honestly, I’m not quite sure, I’ll still hop on him, but the Raiding and the Mage/Priest have worn me out on him. I guess I could say he was my favorite experiment.

“Experiment… what the-?…”
*shackle* Now you sit there and be a GOOD BOY, Munchy!
“Egads… wait… damn you… Priest…”
It’s good to be back!

By experiment I mean that since the launch of WOTLK I’ve always wanted to Tank, even just a little bit. I knew it was going to be something completely different from being the usual clothy Healer/DPS so it appealed to me. This was going to be as Pudin the Protection Paladin, but then my plans were foiled by a friend of mine’s attempt to get me to play the Death Knight class.

Needless to say it was a fun ride, and I hope to have a bit of fun with it once and again in Cataclysm and late WOTLK. Just nothing hardcore.

Am I hanging up the blog? No, but there are some future plans that I’m going to be making. For the meantime life will stay here and I will talk of Death Knight Tanking. Honestly, I think that’s why I’ve played the Tank for so long. I felt unique, and writing about it made me feel even more unique.

I like it…

Happy Wowing

Call this filler, I’d call it a peek into my WoW life… That just sounds corny, just call it filler.

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  1. February 26, 2010 5:01 PM

    Awww …. you shouldn’t kid about going Alliance. You get my hopes up and crush them 😦

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