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The Death Knight Tank and You: Gettin’ Up After a Fall

February 24, 2010

We find our hero, his eyes are dimmer in sorrow as he reflects upon his past actions…

Be it the average Heroic group or a Raid put on as a Guild or a PuG there will always be a chance of wiping on practically ANYTHING. Hopefully not simple trash pulls or farm content, but there is always a chance of a wipe regardless of how amazing your group/raid is. We will never be able to completely eliminate human error, despite the fact that they are not part of the Horde.

Any who, the wipe is not so much as important as is getting back to your boss attempts or trash pulls AFTER the wipe. As a Tank the blame is generally thrown on you in many a case, and hell you doing something different may just have saved that entire group/raid a repair bill. So, how does one build back the confidence and perfect themselves after a wipe?

Step #1:  Steal Collect the Underpants Data

Regardless of it being your fault or someone else’s problem, check your combat log or peruse your short-term memory for the fight. Make sure you look at the chat box or listen in on the vent conversation because for any good group/guild the leaders will be attempting to solve the problem so it does not repeat itself in the future.

Your gear should not be an issue, I have enough faith in humanity to believe that you are in fact uncrittable and have a decent amount of survivability. If you aren’t, they would not or should not have had you Tanking in the first place (however you should know your limits).

Was it a TPS issue meaning that perhaps you missed a bit too much and could not put your diseases on for an extremely long time. Hell, your DnD was dropped in the wrong spot, or is your HR/Expertise not enough? What about your rotation, did you forget it (*stabs*) or just manage to miss a few buttons? A lot of this is human error and the rest is gear/enchanting/gemming. Both of which can be fixed by you fairly simply.

Gear is simple, get some more, but hopefully that should not be the problem in a Raid. Human error, as I said, will never be eliminated, but we can sure as hell minimize it by learning a bit more about our Class.  You may think you are Jesus Christ  of Death Knight Tanking but you are NOT, none of us are. Perfect your rotation, learn your keybinds, do some HEROICS and fool around on the Target Dummy. Whatever it is, make sure you learn about your Class/Character/Spec MORE.

Did you not know the fight? Well, that’s your own damn problem, but it is easily remedied. Next time you go in that Raid/Heroic watch some videos or read some strats. My personal preference is where people like Lore are awesome enough to explain fights on well-produced videos. It takes a few minutes of your time, and if you learning the strat and familiarizing yourself with it before Raid Time will save you and your Raid 30 min of time the math alone is worth it.

Please PLEASE tell me it wasn’t pulling? Now this is an interesting problem. We have so many ways to pull and so many spells to help us get smooth pulls it probably wouldn’t be. Just in case it is, GO DO SOME HEROICS! Learn how to LoS (Line of Sight) pull and use all of those great silences/DG/abilities to their full potential. Death Knight Tanking is like an art, sure there are right and wrong ways to do things, but you have to be CREATIVE!

Guess who's baaaaaaaaack 😀

Step #2: ???

Well, you and your companions have figured out the problem, but what exactly do you do now? The trash/boss is still up and you JUST wiped on it. Trust me, you will have a drop in confidence the next time you have to encounter it, so what should you do to ensure no more mistakes happen?

Obviously you can not practice stuff in the middle of a Raid, but what you can do is make sure you do not repeat history. History is history but the present is a gift and that’s why the call it the present?

No. Forget that bit.

Regardless, you have a new chance to prove yourself to your friends and YOU. Boost that confidence back to where it should be, and not where it IS! Now take this chance and don’t make the same mistake. Sure, missing abilities can’t be helped mid-Raid, that is just you being gimped by somewhat uncontrollable forces. However, the minor mistakes such as not knowing the fight, not pulling correctly, not executing the action that was needed all can be changed the second time around.

Now get in there and FIGHT damn you!

Step #3: PROFIT

Hopefully the second time around was all your group needed, and you were able to correct the mistakes that you made previously. If you corrected yourself and it was still a wipe regardless it obviously was not your fault (unless you made a new problem for yourself). Then what you need to do is help those who caused the additional problem(s) to better themselves.

For another cliché- You are only as strong as your weakest member!

If each wipe you get closer and closer to your goal, you as a Tank are understanding yourself and your class more and more. You should feel proud of yourself. Hell, you should feel more proud as time goes on where it can be a one-shot boss kill because you did it right.

Improvement is always an amazing feeling in our hearts and minds- and with that, I bid you adieu for this week’s THE DEATH KNIGHT TANK AND YOU: !

Happy WoWing!

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  1. February 24, 2010 4:11 PM

    No… not again…

    I thought I had banished this eldritch evil…

    … Eldadres Walks again. *DUNDUNDUNNNNN*


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