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Recognizing When To Bail Out

February 21, 2010

We find our hero refreshed and ready to go, with many inner demons conquered he is as strong as ever…

When it comes to practically anything I feel like doing in-game I always force myself to try until the job gets done. Be it downing a boss with my Raid, saying goodbye to a guild, or winning a game of WSG, I intend to play until my goal is accomplished. However, there are always going to be times when staying until the end is not near worth it.

What conditions?

There can be a number of things that piss people off be it: other people (ignorant/annoying), unnecessary breaks (downtime between bosses), DRAMA, unnecessary attempts at bosses, ect.  This being said, we all have different things that anger/frustrate us.

Couple a few of these together and anyone will feel the energy and willpower FLUSH out of their bodies. We all get instantly tired and stressed, and sometimes to the point of wishing to just pull the plug from there and take a nice long nap.

Is it appropriate to do so? Is it “grown-up” to run away from your problems and screw over your friends? Sure, it is just a game, but we all must remember we could be messing up 4-24 other REAL people!

When is it inappropriate to bail (always)?

There will always be frustration and stress in a progression Raid situation or a hardcore Arena match. These are places were we must try not to make mistakes, and if we do we KNOW the Raid will get nit-picky at us or whoever else has failed. Certainly anyone (myself included) who gets fingers pointed at, regardless of you being the culprit or not, will desire to run away and not turn the damn game back on.

However, this one is your fault, you knew it was a high-tension zone and regardless of your mistakes (or just an abundance of mistakes of your comrades) you must deal with it because you should have known what you were getting into from the start!

Another time would be when you are just plain lazy. “Oh noez Occ!” “Fuck this shit, it’s HOS”! Is the 15min timer, and a possible 5-15min wait as a DPSer really worth the bailout? If you have not even tried the damn Heroic it is not even remotely sensible to bail out especially as a Healer/Tank since there is such a lack of them at this point in time it can be a disband.

Figure it this way, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up for the progression raid or the hardcore 5v5 arena match or just hitting the Random Heroic button, it is such a weak move to just bail at this point.

Come on ladies! I'm single on VALENTINES DAY /cry!

When is it appropriate to bail?

Emergencies happen, if something horrible has happened to you/family member/friend for Christ’s sakes get the hell off of the game and get to their side! Trust me, if your friends in game can’t understand this then they need to grow up, they should just accept this.

Hooray, farm content and this is the [insert number of times] week in a row that we have not been able to down it after [insane amount of tries]. Sorry bud, there is something wrong with your guild here, and it would most likely be in your best interests to either a) If you are the RL, CALL IT for the night/week or b) Get out of there and go Guild searching.

I don’t mean to sound cynical, but it’s common sense, if people are not putting in the effort like you are it would be an intelligent idea to find like-minded people and roll with them for a while. Friends are friends, and being in a different guild than them should NOT destroy a friendship. If it does, it was a weak one to begin with, no?

Raid time was supposed to end at 10pm, not 1am. Oh yes, you have to go to work don’t you? Well, now we have to make a choice. Do we kill the Lich King and possibly miss/sleep through work/school or do we have to abandon our friends and comrades in order to keep our real lives stable? Personally I believe it is more important to keep your real life intact (especially with this economy making work not so easy to come by these days). Let’s face it, the Lich King will always be there, your job may not if you decide to miss it.

Where the hell did all this come from?

Reading back at this post I seem to be a bit mopey eh?

No, not from the burnout or anything in my real life. It’s just I have found the source of the burnout and I’m almost certain it’s my inability to recognize when it is time to bail out.

As I said before, I want to get the job done and I will try to sacrifice what I can to complete the job. However, we all need to know when it is time to quit, and so do I.

Do not make the same mistakes I did and heed my advice!


Happy WoWing!

# Spoiler Alert- I’m not quitting 😛

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