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Is PvP Even Worth It?

February 15, 2010

We find our hero sighing as his companion, Munchy, refuses to eat yet ANOTHER Gnome…

God damn vegetarians!
“I… heard that… fleshy…”

Right… Anyways the “worth” of PvP (more specifically Arenas) is constantly being weighed by more than a handful of people. Although this is absolutely nothing new, I feel it is my time to explain my side of the story. What is the problem that many people have with PvP?

First of all, it is not so much that they despise PvP as a whole, but more importantly the changes that Blizzard has had to make to keep a balance in the Arena. We’ve seen stuff from Penance getting a 2sec C/D increase to more recently Prot Warriors lose a bit of DPS to ensure that they will be balanced in PvP, however this same nerf has affected them a bit in PvE.

Sadly they have not completely figured out a way to keep PvE and PvP separate and this has angered a few people (myself included at times). We all have to suffer through a nerf because one aspect of the game is not completely fair.

Nerfs cause discontent in general, but when they nerf a class solely because of PvP it can cause an outbreak in the community. So, if we are still getting balanced solely because of PvP how is it worth playing? What does it teach us, other than how to balance the classes and possibly cause some inconveniences in PvE?


What does PvP do for YOU?

Let’s face it, both aspects of the game are tough. Fighting Arthas is no minor task, but neither is coordinating 5 people in hand to hand combat in an all or nothing battle. Personally, I like a combination of the two, or else I would be suffering burnout by one or the other which is absolutely not what I want in WoW.

But, avoiding burnout in PvE and giving me something to do on downtime is not the sole reason for me being a PvPer. PvP teaches valuable skills that PvE may in fact never teach the normal player.

For one part, in PvP you can never be certain of a Player’s next move. This causes us to be on our toes and waiting for absolutely ANYTHING to happen. PvE we have mods that can tell us when fire is about to be sprayed on our faces, or what stacks of a Tanking debuff we need to switch on. We have the fight outlined in bold print right in front of us.

We will never have that in PvP, every player is different. There is no defined right and wrong of PvP, only winning and losing.

Other than making sure we are always alert and watching the fight, PvP teaches us to AVOID THE BULLSHIT. We always see that one idiotic Ranged DPS/Healer that stands in fire and is too slow to get the HELL out, or that damned Melee that gets WW’d because he’s too busy watching Recount go up. Maybe there’s the Tank that’s just not bothering to turn shit away.

PvP teaches us to be aware of our surroundings, but it also helps shorten our reaction time. A single Arena Match could lay on your shoulders in one split second. Hell, maybe if you had Iceblocked you could have bought your partner some time and he could have healed you up without any challenge. Perhaps if you nuked the Healer right after the team was focused on your friend you could have won the fight.

If you do not learn to react you will never win that match, but learning to react will also help you in PvE. Just hit that there Diengage and you’re out of the fire! Oh shit, he’s Whirl Winding, INTERCEPT, SPRINT, pop Icebound Fortitude and run like a bitch!


PvE has taught me how to work with many people, how to work with other Tanks, and also the value of teamwork. It’s blatantly obvious that without teamwork you are not downing anything.

However, PvP has taught me how to work with MYSELF. There are alot of times when you have to rely on your own abilities and your own knowledge when you are put up against another person. In this you must combine your reactions, knowledge, and skills to defeat the opponent at hand. There is very little of this in PvE as you are always with 4-24 other people at any time.

I have learned what works, what doesn’t work, when to pop the OH SHI- buttons just from PvP. Sure, there are times when I have to neglect my personal insight and pop the OH SHI- buttons at a certain amount of stacks of a debuff (ect.), but for the most part, I know when I need the extra boost.

It’s almost as if you can’t completely figure out how to work with the rest of your team (Guild) unless you know enough about yourself.

Do Players who play PvP have an edge?

In a sense, yes, people who have played or do partake in PvP do have a bit of an edge (usually). PvP teaches us all valuable lessons, even if we have to suffer some god-awful nerfs because of it. A lot of the Raiders that dodge obstacles or value their lives over a minor increase in DPS will tend to be your PvPers.

Not to stereotype, but speaking from personal experience I see that a LOT more.

Do you have to PvP to be a good Raider?

Of course not, all I’m merely saying is that PvP (although annoying sometimes) does teach us valuable lessons that PvE may just never teach us. It’s not necessary to PvP to know a DPS-maxing rotation, nor is it necessary to PvP to be able to move out of fire. Although, this certainly does not diminish the importance of it in my mind!

Are Arenas worth it?

It’s a tough decision, but I would have to say yes. Although I do not have many friends that enjoy it, I love to be in the arena cracking some skulls. Hell, a 5v5 battle is generally quicker and a LOT more fun than a Heroic because there is just so much more of a challenge.

I still prefer PvE, but when it comes to wasting some downtime or killing the boredom beast the Arena is always right there beside me!

Don’t kick it ’till you try it!
“Oh… I think… I will…”
Those weren’t carrots by the way.
“What’s that… another… feeble attempt… to annoy me… squishy?..”
Uhh… you were adopted!
“I come out… of the damn… ground…”
Screw this.

Happy WoWing!

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