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About That Huntercast-

February 13, 2010

We find our heroes screaming as they seem to be sinking to the bottom of a lake. Alright, fine laugh at them, but at least they went with dignity!…

You know when you make plans and those plans are going just great?

And then…

They just evaporate?

That is exactly what summed up the night mere minutes before Huntercast was supposed to go live a bit ago. Basically, we got everything all set up. Rilgon and Kordwar were ready to go, and splat goes Aifel’s computer as a disaster-worthy glass of water crashes onto the Macbook.

This will be rescheduled as all of us were eager to put on the show, but as for tonight it is not very likely. We will keep you posted when the Huntercast will actually end up happening, so as always stay tuned to Twitter and the blog for more information!

Once again, we are sorry, but due to the damned water glass Huntercast is postponed to a later date/time.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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