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Stress and Raiding- Let’s Get Rid of It!

February 9, 2010

We find our elven hero opening up a paper bag and screaming into it. When finished, he seals it and throws it into a large pile behind him….

Since I’ve joined my current guild, which is an excellent Raiding Guild full of many great people, I have had to learn something new to me. Dealing with anger/stress despite the fact that you may not see the consequences in front of you.

As a Tank I am constantly stressed, my mind has to be working and my eyes have to be constantly watching my group and the encounter. It is a pretty hefty load. On top of that, there is always the one asshole who just loves to give you and (probably) everyone else hell if they make a minor mistake.

Now if you are like me, you almost go insane trying to make sure you do not mess up in any minor way, and by doing this you’ve probably stopped paying attention or have worn yourself out so much you could actually make a huge mistake without even trying to.

Let’s face it, people like them make you even more stressed in RL situations as well as in game, and you always want to yell at them to shut the hell up. It’s definitely easier to do this over a vent server where no one can see you, and most likely does not even know who you are or anything about you.

So, what are the actual consequences of yelling at someone to just shut the hell up and let you do your job without additional stress?

  • The anger will be lifted because you have thrown it all out of your system and put it in another’s.
  • You will look like a kid, you are supposedly an adult who is trying to work with others for a common goal.
  • Two angry people do not make a Raid any better, most likely you will end up wiping due to a cloud of hatred over the Raid.

Simply put, you don’t want any of this to happen on Raid Night, but most likely you will not be able to avoid it. Let’s face it, we can not get along with everyone, but we must be able to TOLERATE them regardless of their beliefs/actions/ideas/lifestyle.

Personally, I am good at tolerating people and I am generally not easily angered unless a) You’re insulting a friend (not happening here generally), b) a complete hypocrite (possibly), c) Being a complete bastard (BINGO).

When I’m pissed it can take a bit to calm me down, and of course when anyone is angry they tend to harp upon the subject that has angered/upset them until it becomes much more of a big deal that it honestly should be. Doing anything in life requires you to do the task at hand to the best of your ability, and emotions like unchecked anger can just sabotage your efforts at doing so.

What I’ve done-

Music- Recently, I’ve started to play music in the background when I’m Raiding (unless I’m streaming of course). This allows me to keep a clear, focused mind but also be able to hear the Raid Leader. When something or someone is talking to you, you tend to be more alert, so by playing my favorite music I can stay awake and watch everything like a hawk.

Music also tends to calm me down when I am stressed out, so by playing some during high-stress periods (progression wipes and the like) I can mitigate some of the stress that is brought to me.

Workout- Some people like to relax and alt tab during the breaks, browsing strats or just their favorite web sites. Personally I like to take my mind off of the game for the 6 minutes my Guild gives to us every so often to break from the game. This being said I wanted to find an activity that would be both good for my mind and just my health in general.

Exercise. It helps you to relieve all of the built up stress and anger and it burns fat/builds muscle on top of it. Why go punch a pillow when you can do 50 sit-ups in a row?


Comfort Drinks- No, I’m not an alcoholic, but I find that when I am drinking something delicious that I can take my mind off of some of the stress and focus on the taste of the drink. I personally love Vitamin Water. It’s good tasting and good for you, but whatever floats your boat. Try it!

Some people solve this with food, but to be honest that can just end up pretty poorly for you. You’re sitting on your ass playing a video game for a long amount of time. All of the nutrients are not going to be worked out of your system where as a drink (sodas can be just as bad sometimes) generally has less nutrients that will turn into body fat and the like.


See, in Real Life I tend to ignore the assholes that surround me. However, in game it can be a bit of a pain. You are supposed to be working together as a team, so if you can not hear/read what they are saying (when people have something important to say) this can hurt you much more than them.

Think of it from a Soccer Team’s perspective. If the players ignore what the coach is telling them to do, they could very well lose the game without his knowledge of the plays and techniques. The same thing here can happen if you are blocking out one of the Raiders.


Well, the reason I am writing this is really to talk about how to deal with the high-stress situations of Raiding. For me it is in the form of one person being a bastard. For others it is just how people view them. And it doesn’t end there, everyone’s situation is different!

However, the ways that we relive ourselves of this stress can make all the difference in the world.

Does this have anything to do with WoW?

Go back and read this again, but I will say that this does not just pertain to solely WoW.

However, for more WoW-based topics I’ll let you in on a little secret that I’m working on-

Expect strats for at LEAST the Frozen Halls (if not the Lich King too) in the very near future!

Happy WoWing!


P.S. Be sure to tune in at 930 PM EST for Huntercast- a special episode of PCP!

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