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Weaponry of the Tanking Sort

January 30, 2010

We find our hero cursing Saurfang for not giving him his Axe. Seriously, Onyxia couldn’t even wield a Sword and she gave me one…

It’s interesting, one of the many things that make us [Death Knight Tanks] fairly unique in the game is that we have to use DPS weapons for Tanking. This is fairly obvious that we will use Warrior/Retadin/DPS DK weapons for our 2H Tanking, and maybe the odd Feral/Hunter stat stick.

When we DW Tank we tend to want Slow/Slow weaponry, and this can be challenging practically impossible to do by grabbing Tank weapons. Luckily, thanks to the addition of Rune of the Nerubian Carapace we can slap two of these babies on DPS weapons (which are generally slow) and have a field day.

Exceptional weapons, as it can definitely help a Melee DPSer it can also be just as much of a factor to our TPS as Tanks. Which can seriously lead to some loot drama if you have some severely uneducated people.

Where am I going with this?

Oh, yes!

As much as it will make you feel like an ass for rolling on that godly 2H because it is exceptional for the (example) Arms Warrior next to you, it would be in your best interest to do it regardless. Hell, I even wimp out and let them take the weapons for themselves, but it can hurt you in the long run as well.

Figure it this way, it is an upgrade for both of you, and regardless of what you think there are no 2H weapons itemized specifically for Tanking. This is a pretty challenging concept for both the Tank and the Melee DPS that just was out rolled by a Tank on their sexy new 1h or 2h weapon.

Does it suck? To a degree I guess, but nonetheless it needs to happen.

What is it that we actually need though as Tanks?

Itemization that makes “glee”!

The order of importance may change depending on your specific stats, but generally it should look something like the lists below. The most important Stats are the first, and the least important are the last.

All types of Weapons (1h/2h) should be SLOW for maximum TPS. Generally, slow weapons have much higher Weapon Damage which affects all of your abilities. Higher Weapon Damage = Higher Ability Damage —–> which in turn gives you more TPS. Fair enough?

The ideal itemization:

  • STAM and lots of it- The more STAM the better I say! Blood especially should put this in priority #1.
  • Expertise- So long as you are not Expertise capped (26) then this is probably the best TPS stat out there for you as a Tank. Now grant it, do not look for solely Expertise, but it is definitely a delicious stat!
  • STR/Agility- These are your TPS stats and/or Survivability stats (Dodge/Armor/a bit of Parry) and are generally what you will be focusing on in your weapon.
  • Hit- Once again, if you are not Hit Capped (8%) this will be a good TPS stat to have. Plus it will help you not miss with DG/Dark Command and other non-taunt Spells/Abilities.
  • Arpen- This is mostly for the Blood DKs, and maybe a little bit for the Unholy. I would not focus on this, but it is an O.K. stat to have.
  • Crit Strike- Crit is Mediocre at best, it is an O.K. bonus to have, but practically not even worth mentioning.

Wert? No 1h Tanking Weapons?

Simply put, Tanking weapons have a bit of Survivability whereas DPS weapons trade that Survivability for TPS. In addition to the complete stat change, Tanking weapons for some reason are Fast, which is something we want to avoid for both TPS reasons and to avoid whatever is left of the Parry-Gib. (I know it is off for more than a handful of bosses, but the fear still exists lest it comes back to take revenge)

A large part of our TPS is made possible due to our weapons, and by using 2 Tanking weapons as Frost DW, you still would be doing a bit more than 2H Frost but not as much as you COULD be doing. Just grab yourselves some Slow DPS weapons and slap a RotNC on the two of them and you will be FINE. Trust me, if not using 2 Tanking weapons is going to kill you then it probably is not the weapons fault. (Think gear, not popping OH SHI- buttons correctly, Spec, ect.)


Get good weapons



Happy WoWing!

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  1. Jheherrin / Kasreyn permalink
    February 1, 2010 3:33 AM

    /hug Frost Giant Cleaver 🙂
    /hug Gutbuster 🙂

    I definately agree. I even run with dps runeforges (RotFC/Razor) on mine, and will continue to do so as long as the guild dps continue to be aggro hoors 🙂

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