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Operation: Shank and Spank- WHACK!

January 25, 2010
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He kills, but only with skills. He shanks, he spanks, but only if you ask him to! He IS Blitzcraig!

Since the beginning of the operation I have loved my Rogue to death. Not so much the melee aspect of him, but the stealth and subtlety aspect of Roguery. Sure, being behind the target as opposed to in front of or far away (Mage hit 80 today!) from it is an interesting difference, but being stealthy just turns the tables completely.

No, I am not Sub. specced as it is not even close to practical endgame for either PvE or PvP, but one thing that I have forced myself to learn to do aside from learning the class’ mechanics is learning how to be a sneak. Rogues are one of the few Melee classes that do not clunk around in heavy armor and wield immense weaponry, they sneak around and stick ’em where it hurts!

Wert’s a CC?

In a dungeon, never you will probably never see Crowd Control (CC) seeing WOTLK has required very little CC, and absolutely none in 5m instances. I wonder how many people actually know how to properly CC a target seeing as it is almost never used at this point in time. I’d love to see it make a return in Cataclysm but somehow I doubt it will happen. Even if it wasn’t to the point of what it was in TBC, it would be nice to see!

However, in PvP and Leveling I tend to attempt to CC, unless Alex’s Hunter decides it would be a magnificent idea to attack the sapped target. Damn pet, what a frickin’ Ritalin-rider. On a more serious note,  it honestly is helpful for the two of us and certainly would help anyone solo-leveling a Rogue.

How do I do this… C and C?

First of all, it’s CC, and secondly, it is fairly simple! I’ll show you! Follow MEEEEEEEEEEE!

Basically, before you hit level 80 your CCers will be the Hunter/Rogue/Mage/Warlock (until Retadins get Repentance, Edit: Death Knights get Chains of Ice, and Shamans get Hex). Oh what a coincidence, they are the pure DPS classes! Say, they had a job before just looking godly on the DPS meters? Damn straight!

As a Hunter you will have your various traps for both damage and CC, Freezing Trap will allow you to be stopping those pesky adds in their tracks and making your leveling life far easier. However, you will have to kite the mobs to the trap as it is an item that stays right on the ground it is placed on, it does not move with you.

As a Mage you will have Polymorph. This spell turns the target into various animals depending on Glyphs and ect., yes it is very fun! However, once something is Polymorphed it will regain Health rapidly, so make sure to CC an add that is lightly-not damaged at all to get the most out of your CC.

As a Rogue you will have Sap! The trick to sap is that the target must not be in combat, and you must be in stealth to apply the sap. This costs a bit of energy, but by the time you are ready to pull it will not matter regardless.

As a Warlock you have Banish, Fear, and Seduction! Yes, there is a lot, but of course they all have a catch. Banish can only be applied to Demons/Elementals meaning that only certain creatures will only be affected by this CC, but on the bright-side you will not be able to accidentally damage them and break the CC seeing as it stops all damage taken and done by the banished target. Fear is a minor CC as it must be spammed and watched in order for it to be affective. Seduce is a CC that your Succubus pet uses, and it is channeled by the pet so it will not be able to deal damage while it seduces.

REMEMBER: Whenever something is CC’d the spell will break if anyone damages the target. Mark them, or just plain be aware of yours/someone else’s CCs.

Another thing- CCs have diminishing returns, this means that as you keep CCing the target they will become less and less effective until eventually you will be unable to CC a target temporarily. Be aware of this in both PvP and Leveling!

ReeRee get OUT of the picture!

What’s a good way to get people to know?

Well, considering I don’t trust a great chunk of the populace with being able to tell the difference between a mob and a sheep, the best way to tell the public would be either a mark or a macro. A macro would be especially helpful to make sure your (let’s say) arena partner knows who you are taking out for a few seconds. Of course you should already have announced over vent, but it never hurts to do so.

To make a macro you do “/m” to open your macro window.
Then you will proceed to hit the button that says Create a new Macro
(Or something of the sort)!
Find a pretty picture and name it something you will remember, IE Sap PvP.

Once you have done the above steps, now type the following-

/use Sap

It’s both a riot to see and will make sure that everyone knows that target is incapacitated. Although, it would be wise as well to download the addon Gladiator for Arenas since it will show an icon over the enemy’s portrait for the CC!

Is this useful information at all?

While the art of CCing is rarely used in PvE it probably would not be in your best interests to not learn to use this technique. Sure, you may never touch PvP for the life of you, or you are fine leveling without a CC.

However, what happens when that loose mob decides to latch on your Healer and your Tank just does not notice? The difference of popping a Polymorph on that add or Blind (Rogue Ability, think Sap but can be used while in combat!)it’s ass could make the encounter a success and not the wipe it was destined to be.

It just requires a bit of effort on your part to learning, but the results will certainly turn you into a better Player!


Starting next week, Aifel and I will be combining our Operation:Shank and Spank posts into a single post. We feel it makes us go off-topic from our main focuses far too much, but we would still love to write about it. Thank you for your understanding!

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  1. January 25, 2010 5:02 PM

    Oooh, he’s pretty cute. Not as hot as Kroy, of course, but still ..

    What level are you up to now? Kroy is 36. (Yeah, sorry, I kinda left Elmagnifico behind a bit oops)I went sub for the fun of it, heck I’m only leveling and don’t really have plans for the rogue other than a good time.

    Oh, and grats on the mage! 😀

    • January 25, 2010 5:06 PM

      Hah, I have been busy on Hordeside with the new guild/Mage leveling so I kinda forgot about the Druid.


  2. January 25, 2010 6:57 PM

    Crazy mages…

  3. Alex permalink
    January 26, 2010 10:05 PM

    You missed a few CCs.

    Priests get Shackle, and Druids get Cyclone. So I think everyone has a CC skill except for Warriors, which would make bringing back CC in Cata all the more practical, as almost everyone has the capability to do so.

  4. Alex permalink
    January 26, 2010 10:08 PM

    Also, I have never seen diminishing returns with CC. And this is coming from a guy who’s had to lock down Stormcaller Brundir.

  5. Alex permalink
    January 26, 2010 10:08 PM

    In PVE that is. >_>

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