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Operation Shank and Spank – Slow and Steady.

January 23, 2010

Craig has been hounding me to do a progress update of the alts, so I figured I should probably ignore him for a while, and then post it a week later write one. So, here it is.

The Hunter is a class that has, historically, been associated with bad players due to its intuitive nature and large toolbox, which sends a new player playing a Hunter mixed messages about playing their class. A newbie might see Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite and think “Hey, I should go beat the shit out of that bear/cat/lion/wolf/bat/murloc/worgen/Alliance/Horde/frog with my melee weapon!” To put to rest all the intense debate regarding the viability of the spec dubbed “Muntard”; No, it is not viable.

The Hunter class has also been associated with the idea that it is easy to play. As put by resident Hunter God Rilgon, “People who think that every Hunter is retarded and worthless are people who have never seen a good Hunter in action. A bad Hunter is like a puppy – running everywhere, knocking things over, pissing on your rug. A good Hunter is a symphony conductor – orchestrating aggro, managing pulls, and pulling things from the ether that no one would expect ANYONE to do, much less a Hunter.” And, put similarly by ex resident Hunter God Klinderas, “Playing a hunter is like playing a piano: it’s really easy to make noise, and a BITCH to make music.” This is why I want to play a Hunter; The sheer depth to the class, the immense utility, the great damage, and the near limitless skill cap.

The bad news: as it stands, Hunters are very boring. I have two DPS shots and Serpent Sting, which is useless. This is the class you play while pining for the days of being a level 80. Auto Shot is fun. /sigh

Meanwhile, my Feral Druid is immensely fun. And he looks like a Rogue… 😀

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  1. January 25, 2010 6:57 PM

    Leather armor… it’s all the same. 😀

    Bonus to hunters, we get MAIL.

    • January 25, 2010 7:00 PM

      Also, if you’re THAT bored, try killing multiple mobs at once. It’s good kiting practice, and makes levelling quicker and more fun.

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