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Getting Ready For Raid Night

January 21, 2010

We find our hero climbing out of a pool of water in the frozen lands of Dragonblight. He seems both annoyed and dirty, what an interesting combination…

Whenever you Raid anything that is either challenging to you (PUG) or with your Guild, you should have a decent amount of consumables ready at your disposal. Depending on how long you will be Raiding that night, and the content it is will change the supplies that you will be needing. Although I will not be going over each specific role’s needs for consumables, what we will be doing is taking a look at how much and how a player gets their supplies.

How much?

On any given night that I am doing some serious Raiding, be it with a guild or PUGs, I will tend to go for about 3 hours a night. This really goes by quickly, but it can only be successful if everyone is doing the best they can possibly do. No one can do their best performance without having Flasks, Food, and Potions up for every boss fight you do in the Raid.

That being said, my list tends to look like so:

  • 3 Flasks
  • 20 Potions
  • 1 stack of buff Food

This does not seem much at all, but it generally would cost me around 300g per night just to be able to Raid. So let’s say that you end up using that list each night and you Raid about 3 times per week. 3 x 300 = 900 gold per WEEK of Raiding. This can really burn a hole in your pocket, so how are you going to get your supplies and still have money left over for other things?

Simply put you will have two options: spend the gold or farm the materials/consumables yourself.


Instead of taking the time and effort to get your own consumables, why not let others do it for you? Sure you spend some gold, but it saves time that could be used doing other things. Something which all the virtual money in the world can’t buy back!


  1. You get your consumables instantly- This is better than taking an hour (+) to get all of your consumables for Raid Night.
  2. Do not have to deal with leaving a major city- It’s on the AH, so less time spent outside having to deal with mobs/other players.
  3. There is no need to level up secondary skills- If you are just buying consumables, there is no reason to have to level fishing or cooking anyways!


  1. There is a burning sensation in your pocket- Depending on how long you Raid each week, you can be spending 1000+ gold each week.
  2. You will have to be fairly well-off- In order to support yourself, you will need a lot of money that you can blow through.
  3. Inflated Prices- There is always a chance that the flasks you need 3 of will be 50g each because of some bastard.
  4. Empty AH- If the consumables you need are either not on the AH or not enough are available your performance will be lacking come Raid Night.

Who should use this method?
If you either are extremely lazy OR can make/do have lots of gold then this would be the method of choice for you. Why should YOU have to spend precious time getting materials when you could just pay some person to do it for you? If you have the money then just go for it. It is as simple as that, and probably one of the most common ways people acquire their resources.

To the Elno-copter! AWAAAAY!

Farming Materials


  1. You will not have to spend huge amounts of cash each week to Raid- It will take a bit of time out of your schedule, but in the end you will not have a large loss of cash!
  2. Gives you something to do- Let’s face it, between queing for Heroics, or just plain not having anything to do gets really old REALLY fast. By farming your own mats you can fill the void and do something productive!
  3. A money making possibility- As you farm for materials world drops, disenchantables, or just materials you don’t need have a chance to drop. This being said you can easily make some decent cash off of these!


  1. Time- Instead of spending the loads of cash, you have to end up investing real time and not a fake currency.
  2. Leveling Secondary Professions- If you are going to truly farm it helps to have your Cooking/Fishing up to “snuff” on at least one of your characters.
  3. Dealing with other players- There will generally always be at least someone killing the meat you need, or someone taking up that PERFECT fishing spot. And the bastard that is always herbing ONE STEP ahead of you. This can get extremely aggrivating, and certainly does not appeal to most people!

Who should use this method?
People with not enough to do, can’t make gold easily, or just would rather do it the “ol’ fashion way”. It can take a bit of time, but some people would rather spend an hour a week farming mats than 1000(+) gold each week. Depending on the amount of consumables you need will really be a good way to test to see if it is more worthwhile to spend money than farm ALL of them.


  • Level secondary skills regardless- There is always a chance that you will need to make your own mats and by having cooking ready to go will just make it easier on yourself!
  • BANK ALT- Get one, they can easily control your auctioning, but more importantly they can stock up on your consumables if you ever go on a buying/farming spree. There’s no need to waste your actual character’s space for that junk!
  • Watch the AH LIKE A HAWK- There are always times where materials or the consumables themselves can be dirt cheap. When this happens you will want to hoard all that goodness to yourself. Because you also leveled your Tradeskills/Secondary skills you can create the consumables with the dirt-cheap materials.

Do I have to?
Do you have to stick to a specific way of getting consumables? Hell no! Those are merely two extremes that people use. It is possible of course to half-farm materials and get the rest from the AH. As I said before, watch the AH for exceptional prices, a week without farming is never a bad thing, likewise to saving a week’s worth of consumables money.

Do you have to use- YES, you lazy/cheap bastard of course you have to use consumables. If you ever expect to do progression/see new content you NEED to be putting in a little bit of effort. Trust me, consumables are the LEAST of your worries as a Raider!

What if it’s old content/something ridiculously easy? In that case MAYBE not. If it is farm content then I suppose it depends on how recent. If it is ICC Lower Wing on farm, I’d still use it. However, if it is something like Onyxia I really would not be THAT crazy about using consumables aside from potions. Potions are probably the least expensive, and they can always increase your performance on boss fights.

Do Guilds have rules about this? While I’m not going to speak for every single guild out there, hardcore/serious Guilds WILL require you to use consumables. Why should they carry a slacker, they want to down some hardmodes or progress through the new content. And with their Raiders not giving it their “all” why bother?

Now get out there and get yourself some munchies!

“Hey… asshole, I’m … not for… sale…”
I can only dream, Munch, I can only dream!
“It would seem… as if some… bastard… just lost… 300 rating… next season…”

Happy WoWing!

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  1. January 21, 2010 5:16 PM

    It’s expensive, eh. I went through 3 flasks last night (needed four, used an elixir). 12 or so indestructible pots, and some rhinolicious food. I do JC daily and sell enchanting scrolls, don’t make much, but enough.

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