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5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Chances of Joining a Guild

January 18, 2010

We find our hero grinning as he points to the words above his head. Wait… why the hell are there words above his head?…

Recently I left my old guild for various reasons, but mostly my desire to see new content. And let me tell you, it is pretty tough trying to find a Guild that has your schedule and all the criteria that you are looking for in a guild on a Low-Pop server. Of course, as any good player would do, I did my research on the Realm forums (as I really did not want to transfer from Smoldy) for said guild, and I did find one that was looking for a Tank.

Last night I talked with the Tank Lead and the Guild Leader about joining, and they were eager to let me in. The Guild Master even said in my application how shocked she was to see that I was MATURE and not even 18 years of age. So what did I do that boosted my chances of getting into <Conspiracy Theory>?

#1 Ask the questions the recruiter WANTS to be asked!- Generally when one is talking to the Officer/Leader that is recruiting Players for a Guild they will ask you if you have any questions regarding the Guild (Raiding, behavior, expectations, ECT.) They expect to have a few insightful questions from you, so it is best to give them what they expect. You can ask any relevant question, be it “What time are the Raids?”, “How is Loot Distributed?”, “Are there any important policies I should be aware of before applying/joining?”, and the list goes on.

Trust me, you are not being annoying at all. The are looking for intelligent people who are interested in joining and progressing with their guild. You will seem a LOT more interested than someone who says “Naw, no questions, where do i apply lawl?” As with anything you only have 1 chance  to make a first impression, so make the right one.

Will this be the deciding factor of you being their new Tank or not? Possibly, your attitude is always considered. If you just plain don’t care, how are they supposed to KNOW that you are willing to put the effort into doing the role you are applying for!?

#2 Be Polite- I can not stress this enough. “Please” and “Thank-you” go a LONG way to people. If they are putting the effort into getting you ready to Raid, giving you information about the guild, or god knows what else, you should at LEAST thank them for the time they are investing into you. Just telling the person you are talking to “Thank you for the information!” will make you seem a hell of a lot more mature than the “Kk imma go apply now”

#3 Complete Sentences/Proper Grammar/Spelling- It sickens me to see sentences/paragraphs/phrases “typed liek ths”, it makes you look a lot less mature than you are expected to be. Sure, talk to your friends that way, but if you are applying to a position for ANYTHING you simply do not do that. They are looking for people to take the Guild seriously, mature Adults. They did not even know I was a minor until I spoke up and told them merely because I was talking like an adult.

If you apply to a position by using proper English I will guarantee they will take you a hell of a lot more seriously. Yes, I know it is a game and we should not take an application to the point of it being one for an important business company, but would the extra 2-3 minutes of  using proper English will certainly increase your chances. Trust me, it will not kill you.


#4 Know your Class/Role like the back of your hand- It is fairly common for them to ask you questions about where you get your information about your class and information about gemming/enchanting/gearing/rotations about your Role/Class. They want people who can do the job they are recruiting for with flying colors. If you know said position well then you should be able to explain it to people who may or may not have ever been said position.

They also want to make sure you are not some idiot who can not figure out a proper rotation for the life of them, because let’s face it, they do want you for your numbers, not just your dashing good looks. (However the good looks are certainly an appeal!) Make sure you can cite sources that you commonly get your own information, or even link your own Blog (if you have one)!

Knowing your stuff will be one of the largest contributing factors to the decision of whether to recruit you or just leave you lying in the streets of Dalaran.

#5 Double check EVERYTHING- This applies to both your Character (spec/gemming/enchants/consumable usage) and to your application. If you can reread/glance over everything before you hit the send button you will be in better shape and possibly catch a few mistakes you made. I actually did not realize that I was using a few blue quality gems (*facepalm*) and could actually get a BETTER shoulder inscription until I glanced at my Armory/WoW-Heroes profile.

By improving upon both of those things I probably increased my chances of getting accepted by at least 25%, and depending on the mistakes you catch you may be able to improve yours more. Everyone can make mistakes, but it is what we learn from them that matters! But how can one learn if they do not realize their mistake in the first place!?

Exactly, you mind, BLOWN into small pieces.

Happy WoWing- and don’t forget these tips when you next apply for a new Guild!

Oh damn I forgot- ANNOUNCEMENTS

Be sure to tune into Plagued Candles Corner today at 4pm Eastern Time for the weekly Livestream/Podcast! This week we will record it and hopefully post it on Itunes for those who missed it.

Remember, at a specific point during the podcast we will allow YOU to call us on Skype and talk about relevant (probably not) topics in the Podcast or just asking the two of us any question of your choice. Of course throughout the entire time you are free to talk in the chat room!

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  1. January 18, 2010 4:53 PM

    Nice guide!

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