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Operation: Shank and Spank – The Ascension of Harshwind

January 14, 2010

As with any class, levelling can be a long and arduous chore; after fooling around with the plethora of skills your fully-developed, level 80 behemoth has, being limited to a fifth or sixth of that selection can make things a bit of a drag. While this is offset a little by playing with a friend, the feeling still persists. However, now that I’ve got my Hunter to 20, I’m starting to feel a realm of possibilities open up.

But first, before I get ahead of myself, an introduction may be in order. My Hunter is an orc named Harshwind, and he is going to be levelling MM, and probably sticking with that endgame as well. He is Mining/Engineering, and is currently very far ahead in his professions, which is a very nice change of pace from being constantly behind on my other characters and then having to go farm low level mats at 80. He is decked out in BoA shoulders and the BoA chest piece, as well as the BoA bow, because good Hunters have good bows/guns/crossbows.

But alas, a good Hunter also needs something else… Something more. A good Hunter must be armed to the teeth… With knowledge! I’ve been asking around and researching various Hunter-y questions of mine (big thanks to Rilgon goes right here) and have come up with a pretty good idea of what I should be aiming to do endgame. This knowledge will also be tempered with my levelling experience (big supporter of the “level as the spec you’re going to play endgame or get the fuck out of my kitchen” view) and will, hopefully, result in me graduating Hunter school as a non-Huntard.

So, to finally get to the point of this post, I will be discussing the various things I’ve learned whilst levelling my Hunter.

1. Craig pronounced Rupture as Rapture… /giggle

2. Serpent Sting is next to useless at low levels.

3. Kiting elites to towns so guards kill them is fun. 😀

4. Aimed Shot and Multi Shot are on the same CD… 😦

5. Distracting Shot is much more useful than I gave it credit for.

6. Levelling a Rogue as Assassination is a long and arduous road. 😀

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