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Operation: Shank and Spank- The Creation of Blitzcraig

January 12, 2010

“SAPPED MOTHER FU- wait… wait, who are you?” asks an Elf with jet-black hair…

When creating a character, it is best to have a vision of what you are attempting to do with said character. Do you model it after someone else? Is it going to be PvP? PvE? A mix of the two? Hell, most people should go as far as to figuring out what spec they will want to play as before they create their character.

I was obviously no exception to this rule- and I have had some pretty good role models to pick through to make my Rogue the best of the best- of the best.

Models of the Role

Roz from the Repgrind– The look of her Human Rogue, Kroy, is simply stunning. So one may go so far as to seeing a slightly obvious resemblance between the two. I’ve gotta admit, the look just screams “ROGUE” to me, and it is well worth it!

Aifel from Plagued Candles Mutilate spec master, and Rogue Extraordinaire, it’s no secret that I will be copying his thoughts on PvE and the like. Regardless, he is right next to me as we level anyways so I have my pocket guide around to sponge knowledge from at any single point in time.

My Ex. Roguie PvP Bud- One of my best friends in IRL used to play a Rogue (getting back into WoW as a Frost Mage) in the Burning Crusade and the two of us would rip shit up in PvP. A large chunk of the abilities he used are severely outdated (subtlety is a spec!?) the techniques he used are most certainly not. As I expect to PvP with Blitzcraig I will be copying a few of his sneak attacks to better myself as a Rogue.

Point of the story? They are my friends, but they are also PERFECT models to base a character off of, and it is as simple as that. Sure I will throw my own fastball at the Rogue Class, but there is no reason that anyone should not be able to have a base to put their character on as they create them.

Race Decisions

How does one determine what Race they will play as, while this can be a fairly simple choice for most, it can be a difficult struggle for others. With this, you should look at each of the Races your Faction has to offer for the specific Class of your choice. In this case, the ever so stealthy, Rogue!


Blood Elves- With their Arcane Torrent Racial Ability a Rogue would be capable of quickly regaining 15 Energy every 2 minutes, which will provide a sufficient amount of burst at LEAST once per Encounter. From a PvP perspective, the Blood Elves have a passive ability that gives them 2% more chance to have spells cast against them miss. Not bad- not bad at all.

Tauren- With their warstomp the Tauren make the best Rogues EVER. No, Tauren can for obvious reasons not be Rogues. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, trust me I assure you it is impossible.

Troll- The Trolls have a LOT to offer in terms of Racial Abilities- I guess it’s Blizzard’s way of saying, “Oh sorry your lore is so lame, here are some extra Racials!” To start off, Berskerking is the most notable out of all. It’s increase of Attack Speed by 20% for 10 seconds can be both amazing burst in PvP and a decent C/D for PvE, which is delicious as I will be doing much of both.

Regeneration allows the Trolls to get a 10% extra Health Regeneration out of combat, and 10% of their total Health Regeneration goes on during combat. Not bad for PvP, but PvE it is fairly useless seeing as I should be avoiding as much damage possible as a DPS. Although lack-luster for a Rogue I will note the Throwing/Bow specialization’s delicious 1% additional chance to Crit with either a Thrown or Bow equipped as your ranged weapon.

Da Voodoo Shuffle makes yet another great PvP talent for it reduces the duration on movement impairing effects by 15%! This will make you even harder to kite in PvP combat, despite the fact that it can be challenging just to kite a good Rogue without them getting any passive help from their Race.

Orc- The Orcish Axe Specialization gives Orcs an additional 5 Expertise when they are using Fist Weapons/1H Axes (2H as well, but unfortunately Rogues can NOT use 2H Weaponry). For a Mutilation spec this is completely useless since you are required to have 2 Daggers equipped to use Mutilate. However, for combat this is not half-bad at all.

Blood Fury, their Racial will give an amount of AP (Level x 4)+2 per character level for a straight 15seconds. This equates to 322 AP at level 80, which is a decent amount of AP, so in turn this will produce delicious amounts of burst!

Forsaken- Other than being downright awesome, the Forsaken have Cannibalize which would certainly help leveling. If one was to be low on Health they could devour the body that was freshly dropped and regain 7% of their HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds ( IE 35% HP). WOTF (Will of the Forsaken) is most likely one of the larger appeals to the Forsaken. Think of it as a free PvP Trinket, because you are able to break out of Fear/Charm/Sleep effect on a 2 minute C/D!

As a minor appeal, the Forsaken have Shadow Resistance, which gives them a 2% additional chance to have Shadow Spells avoid them. This is much like the Blood Elf version, except only for Shadow for comparison’s sake.

Damn straight!


Human- The stick-up-their-ass-run-graphic Humans have some of the BEST Racials in the game, which certainly entices someone to deal with their horrid walk movements (the beards are bad ass to boot) to tolerate playing one. From a PvE aspect we have Mace and Sword Specialization, which much like its Orcish Cousin will grant 5 Expertise if the player is wielding a Mace and/or a Sword one-handed weapon!

Exactly like the Forsaken’s WOTF- Every Man for Himself gives you an extra Arena get out of Charm/Fear/Stun free card for those that would rather overlook the general Arena Trinket. This way a player could easily get a different Trinket to increase Burst/Survivability!

Gnome- Other than being unhealthily short, the Gnomes have a few decent abilities for a Rogue. Mostly this is a PvP upgrade than a PvE. Escape Artist allows you to break out of movement slowing/impairing effects, and does not use the Arena Trinket’s C/D! So basically every 1.75 minutes a Gnome can break out of a Frost Nova/Chains of Ice/Desecration/ect. VERY valuable and delicious

They also have Arcane Resistance, which once again is just like the [Insert School of Magic here] Resistances, except it gives the Gnome a 2% chance to avoid Arcane abilities. Yah, suck it Moonkins/Mages!

Dwarf- Just like the Gnomes, the Rogue uses for the Dwarven Racials are useful mostly in PvP. Stoneform which gets rid of all poisons, bleed effects, and diseases AND increases armor by 10% for 10 seconds is an amazing survivability OH SHI- button in a PvP setting. It certainly is a great seller for any player wishing to PvP on their Rogue.

In addition to being able to Track Treasure (usefulness ahoy?), and a 1% added chance to crit with a Gun, the Dwarves have a 2% chance to avoid Frost Spell damage. Guess what it’s called! Frost Resistance!

Night Elf- In a PvE setting, the Night Elves offer a useless Racial to the naked eye. However, upon closer inspection of the Shadowmeld ability, the ability to stand in a DEEP stealth (they can not move or Shadowmeld breaks) and lose ALL aggro on their targets is a great tool. Especially in low levels when Rogues do not have Vanish one could simply Shadowmeld and have a basic aggro dump. In addition, the Nelfs have Elusiveness which decreases the likeliness of an enemy to spot you in both Shadowmeld or stealth. Now THAT is a great PvP tool, it would make spotting you much difficult.

As far as PvP also goes, Quickness which gives a 2% chance to avoid incoming attacks, and Nature Resistance which is just like Shadow Resistance except 2% chance to avoid Nature attacks. To boot, another overlooked ability, Wisp Spirit, allows a Night Elf to run 75% faster (instead of the normal 50%) to their corpse!

DraeneiJust like the Tauren, the Space Goats are either just too bulky, or do not understand the simple definition of stealth, so in turn they are acquitted from the practical Races of the Rogue Class.

Other Variables to Race Choices

Many people, especially Role Players, tend to not judge a Race by their abilities or performance increases, but rather by their looks and their background story. Personally, the reason that I picked a Blood Elf is the same as to why I play as Belfs for the most part. Their Lore is enticing! Honestly, I am anything but a “Lore Junkie”, but the bits that I have learned from Warcraft or WoW have been amazing.

Not to mention the looks and the feels for a Race. In honesty, I could not see myself playing an Orc. They are just TOO bulky for my tastes, and to me a bulky Greenskin is anything but a Stealthy Rogue.


Silly? Yes, but it is your Toon, you should put at least a TINY bit of effort into the creation of your Character. Do you want the name to be a joke? Does it have a meaning? Who knows, everything is correct because it is your style of playing.

Hopefully this first installment on my part has helped you all for when you create your next alt, but don’t worry, there is much more Rogue-based shenanigans appearing in the weeks to come!

Happy WoWing

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  1. January 12, 2010 4:24 PM

    dude, have you seen the Orc mutilate animation? it looks like i’m trying to connect hilts inside of you. We may not be a stealthy race, but damn it we get the job done.

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