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In One Ear, Out The Other

January 9, 2010

Warning: Incoming rant faster than a speeding bullet- here it is!

We find our hero laughing maniacally as the Healer quits an Oculus group before the instance even starts, what a card…

No, this isn’t a post complaining/laughing at people who just up and quit Oculus, because honestly there’s enough of those out there! However, this is more of a talk about PUGs, since we now have to deal with them much more than we used to.

I recently did join an Oculus group where that happened, and immediately after we got a guy on his first 80 who was fairly poorly geared. I will give him credit, he knew what he was doing, his spec was good, he was gemmed and enchanted, but he knew jack-shit about the instance.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am fairly over geared for Heroics, I can generally carry either a bad player, or a player that just has bad gear. There is a difference there, both in attitude and in skills, so how about we talk about the Healer for my Occ run in terms of teaching a player a skill.

A good player with not-so-great gear

This guy had obviously read his stuff, he kept good heals on the entire group, but could fly a drake like an elderly woman on the highway! Two of our DPS were making fun of him, and giving him shit, the other one merely said “im not goin with a nub kthnxbai” and left. Jesus Christ, this guy is WILLING to learn, but just does not know what to do, and they are giving him SHIT!?

I used some choice words to tell the DPS to shut the hell up and let me teach him the instance, and I did, the entire way through. The Healer executed each of my orders perfectly, and I only had to remind him once to keep his poison stacks at 3 on the last boss.

Moral of the story here is- so many players are afraid to do instances because they are going to get shat on for not knowing what to do, but in the rare case that someone tells them what to do nicely, they turn out amazing.

This guy even made a toon on my server and told me how thankful he was, and I know it’s not just him overreacting at all. So few people are willing to stop stroking their Epeen long enough to help another player that people rarely ask questions about a fight and in turn end up wiping the group.

15min later- he stopped talking and the pull started!

The bad player

This guy is that o/o/71 specced Death Knight with the +sp gems because “dude IT is a spell”, he stands in fire and just allows you pull him through the instance, because hell, you should be able to unless “ur bd”.

I recently ran a VH where the Death Knight was pulling 700DPS, and he was specced full Blood and Dual Wielding. Really? Some people I swear TRY to aggravate me like that, but what is the problem that he will probably NEVER IMPROVE?

His own arrogance is his downfall, I actually gave him some info on how to play a Death Knight and he said “sht up nub, im doin fine”. So I may or may not have forgotten to Taunt some mobs off of him at multiple points, but you know that’s just me being a “nub”!

Far too many of the baddies refuse to use/receive helpful information about being good at their class. This just annoys the hell out of me, there are so many great places that you can go to for great information that it just seems silly that anyone would be speccing so ridiculously and not having any clue about how to play. Even if the EJ numbers, complex maths, and the like scares you, there are always blogs that any given person can turn to if they have the effort in them to read for 15 minutes!

Who’s fault is it?

Is it us (the people who know what they’re doing)? Is it the players for being bad, or not knowing what to do? Is it both?

In honesty, I would like to share the blame between the two. Of course it is a person’s problem if they know nothing about the game and are at the level cap, but what about that guy who DOES know about the game but can’t ask questions due to assholes giving him shit?

To a degree it is the good players’ fault, because it really is not hard at all to teach someone how to fly a drake, or to stand behind a target when you melee. It really is the little things like that, that can make another person’s day, and make them a better player.

However, you should hand out information politely. If you use distasteful vocabulary and are yelling at them, who is going to learn- unless it is the 5th wipe for the same reason, in which case RAEG. As another human being, be kind enough to calmly tell a player what to do, or the advice you are going to give to them.

Good: “Hey [insert name here] if you melee from behind they can not parry your attacks, so you will pull more DPS!”
Bad: “Oi, faggot, melee behind the frickin’ mobs or you’re going to still suck!”

Ending thoughts!

No, I am not making excuses for bad players to still be HORRENDOUS. What I am trying to say is that there is a difference between geared and know what you’re doing but you need some help, and downright B.A.D. You very well could be that difference to a person, so why not take 30 seconds out of your oh-so-busy WoW life and teach someone how to play a tad bit better.

Just because they refuse to learn does not mean that you failed your objective, it merely means they weren’t worth wasting information on in the first place!

Happy WoWing

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Aifel permalink
    January 9, 2010 11:44 AM

    PuG bingo nuff said.

  2. January 9, 2010 12:33 PM

    This is a good post and you should feel good.

    This will sound odd coming from me, but people have to realize that, for the most part, others react better to politeness. The ones that don’t are idiots anyway. Or something. … First coffee of the day gooo.

  3. Velindria permalink
    January 11, 2010 5:16 PM

    I’m fairly new to running heroics on my dps death knight. I’ve done my homework as far as spec, glyphs, enchants, etc…

    I was in Heroic Pit of Saron the other night with a PuG and it was my first time in that instance on heroic. The group I ran with were all from the same server (different guilds) and when I told them that it was my first time, they happily explained every boss fight to me before the pull. They were incredibly polite and it was a wonderful run.

    So, thank you for talking about this on your blog, there is a difference between being new and being a noob.

  4. oculusfan permalink
    January 15, 2010 7:46 AM

    I hated Oculus, now I like it.
    Last day in that instance, 1 DD quit, new DD, he quit, new DD, he quit. The 4th (!) DD didn’t quit.
    Every run we do the 15min.-achievement.
    Now you get 2 extra Emblemes AND maybe a flying-mount, the Blue Drake.
    I think most players don’t know that.

    great instance.

    • January 15, 2010 1:44 PM

      I’ve always liked it, the Dragonflight has always been a thrill to see in WoW.

      Don’t forget about the bag of gems! I saw a DPS get 3 of the epic Red gems in one bag O_o

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