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What’s That Role? – DPS Style.

December 30, 2009

There are three roles in WoW, and none are as instantly appealing to most people as the DPS. The DPS has one job, and a list of optional jobs. The mandatory job is to do DPS, which goes without saying, and the optional jobs are to stay alive, be smart (IE buff, have raid utility talents, don’t kill other raid members), not be a fucknut/DK, and to be treated like shit by elitist tanks.

Who can do it?

DPS is interesting because all ten classes can do it, and they all play quite differently and all encounter different threats whilst raiding. While melee get to enjoy the benefits of autoattack/free DPS, they are vulnerable to AOE damage, both from the boss and from other players via mechanics of the fight. However, melee tends to be more survivable and mobile than casters, and theres nothing like hitting something with a big club/sword/axe/dagger/gnome.

Casters get to, in essence, shoot lasers at stuff. They tend to have more utility in raids then melee, with the exclusion of LOLRET, and don’t have to worry about Whirlwinds/Cleaves. And while casters tend to be a bit squishier than melee (aside from Elemental Shamans vs Rogues/Cat Druids), most casters have some sort of preventative measure against damage (Ice Block, Demonic Circle, Dispersion, Feign Death, Fade, and I’m sure I missed a few others), with the exclusion of Shamans, who get to come back to life after dying.

How can I be a good DPS?

The best way to be a good DPS is to know your class, the fight, and the habits of people you raid with. If you’re a Hunter and know your Feral tank having trouble picking up adds, try putting up a Misdirect on him, followed by a Multi Shot/Volley. Likewise, if you’re a Rogue and see that your tank has a large Threat lead, try putting a Tricks of the Trade on a DPS; they’ll appreciate the +15% damage boost for 6/10 seconds. If you don’t know your class, the best way to learn it is to go onto Elitist Jerks’ Forums, head to the class section, and read the stickied articles or articles specific to your spec.

The other best way, assuming knowing your class is beyond you, is to not be an asshat. Don’t go pull for the tank; don’t go pop Bladestorm as soon as the pull starts; don’t spam AOE on a single mob; don’t be an asshat.

Also, please, please don’t just use 1-10 for your keybinds. Use Z, X, V, G, H, T, Y, R, TAB, etc. as bindings as well. Hell, just don’t even use any number past 5, as they’re basically unreachable unless you have some really monstrous hands. Or just get a Belkin N52TE and win.

You win!

Concluding Notes

There is a difference between doing good DPS and being a good DPS. Doing good DPS is easy, given the right spec/gear/raid layout (don’t flame me Kitty Druids!) The real challenge comes from staying alive, benefiting the raid, keeping others alive and being an all-around helpful force to your group, as well as putting out the big numbers. Thats where the fun and challenge of being a DPS class comes from.

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  1. January 1, 2010 11:27 AM

    by force of habit my main attack has always been 6, it was arcane shot in BC and it’s explosive shot now. Although on my rogue mut/hemo (depending on spec) is always 2.

    • Alex permalink
      January 1, 2010 12:00 PM

      My small girly hands can’t reach 6 without lifting up my whole left hand. 😦

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