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Bloodied Fantasy- Beginnings

December 23, 2009

Secret Project is a go! I’ve been wanting to write an RP story for awhile, and decided that for our 10k views that I will post it! Without further adieu, here’s part 1 of Bloodied Fantasy!

You know when you dream of something magnificent? Love? Wealth? Power? . . .

“Blood Knights, to your battle stations, we need to be on the move IMMEDIATELY!” Announced the Captain of the Blood Knights.

Whatever your insignificant heart desires and then you remember. . .

“Damn it men, move it, we need to make it to Kael’thas before they are ambushed! MOVE damn it!” Screamed an irritated Captain to our squad of men.

. . .that they were merely dreams to begin with. . .

“HOLD YOUR GROUND MEN!” Was the last thing our leader said before he was pierced by a rain of arrows.

. . . and you come to realize that. . .

“There’s too many of them, we need to fall back. ELNORIAH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” Screamed my co-patriot Tyranis.

“Leave him Tyr, if he wants to attempt to take on the scourge let him, we need to get to Kael, that is our mission.” Said Alnya as she beat in the skull of a ghoul.

“We can’t afford another-”

“Hold your tongue, or I will have you arrested and executed for plotting against the Blood Elves.”

“Elno, why couldn’t you just use your head for once?”

“Blood Knights, those of you whom have the WILLPOWER to keep to our task, follow me. The rest can end up like Elnoriah over there.” States Alnya, pointing towards a smear of blood on the tree.

. . . they never mattered in the first place.

“ARGH!” Screams Elnoriah, gasping for air.

“Another survived, oh splendid! The King will be pleased his most-anticipated student has decided to join us.” Said the Necromancer sarcastically, as he fed another conscious body to the hungery ghouls.

I awoke from a deep sleep, there were multiple scars on my body. As I scanned my surroundings I noticed where I was. I was at Archerus, the Lich King’s newest secret project, said to raise these monstrosities called Death Knights.

“So, Death Knight, do you wish to serve the Lich King?”

Wait… no… not me.

“Yes, I am merely a tool in the hands of the Lich King. I live to serve, for that is my purpose, my ONLY purpose.” I said, reluctantly.

Upon further inspection, I have noticed that the walls are covered in blood. All around me are minions of the Lich King. And apparently, like I, are willing to die just so the Lich King can purge this world of everything righteous. You’ve gotten yourself into a mess Elno, and there is no Tyr to save your ass.

“Worthless… go to the Lich King, and do his bidding!”

As I walk through the forsaken halls of this slaughter house I notice a balcony. The view is horrendous, there are bodies strewn all over the ground below this floating castle in the sky. But where am I!?

“DEATH KNIGHT… IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO SERVE YOUR PURPOSE!” Howled the Lich King, a man bred of pure evil. His only purpose is to control the armies of the scourge, whom under his control could raze entire cities in a moment’s notice.

“What will you have me do, master?” I questioned.

“They say before your death 3 years ago that you single-handedly slaughtered 200 of my men. You may show some promise afterall. First, you are to report to Koltira Deathweaver whom is looking after some prisoners of ours. Then, you are to follow Deathweaver and lead a full-scale attack on Light’s Hope Chapel.”

“Your wish is my purpose, master.”

“Good, it would have been a shame for you to end up like your captain.”

Damn the accursed scourge. My squadron was my family, the only thing that I had left in my life, and they took it all away from me. Please, please say that the others escaped.

As I traveled on a mutilated, skeletal gryphon to my destination I could only see death and havoc. Millions of bodies were scattered throughout the land, which is now called the “Plaguelands”. How gruesomely fitting.

My destination nears, it is a chapel made of pure marble with some Human god’s statue on the outside of it. Magnificent, except for the fact that is burning. Seriously, this is one hell of a dream.

“Greetings scum, I am Koltira Deathweaver, the Lich King told me to have you execute our last prisoner. Get to work.” Said a handsomely dressed elf. Before his tragic death, he must have been a good man, for he had the essence of the rich about him.

Without hesitation I proceeded to the barn next to the chapel and noticed one sniveling elf in the corner. He donned the tabard of the Blood Knights, one that is only given to the elitist of the elite. One like that of which I am wearing blood-soaked scraps of.

“That face… those eyes… could it.. THAT TABARD!?” He gasped, and choaked, “take it off… monsters like you do not deserve to wear my friend’s tabard”.

“Right, look, I have no quarrel with you, but I am sentenced to kill you. Take it like a true Blood Knight, or I will be forced to enslave you.”

“You… you were always a bad liar… Elno…” As tears dropped from his eyes, and I raised my sword.

“Tyranis, I will give you a single chance. You have permission to retreat, take it.”

“There is no point. Alnya has corrupted the good name of the Blood Knights, she betrayed Kael and helped those horrible Humans. I deserve to die-”


“Alright Deathweaver, just remember, it may be awkward explaining to Mograine why one of your pupils was MURDERED.” I bluffed with a sly grin smeared across my face.

There was an awkward silence outside of the barn, and the wind howled like a pack of wolves. Koltira

“End it Elno… it is good to see you are somewhat alive.”

And I lowered my sword and cut him in half. The barn was flooded in a crimson liquid, and my blue hair was stained by the scarlet water. It would have been sheer poetry, had it not been my friend…

From there, I hopped onto my steed and charged towards the designated meeting place. The offensive upon Light’s Hope Chapel was to begin within the next two hours.

Farmlands turned into ash and soot became blurs of color around my unliving eyes. The ground turned into a large plane of purple, black, and brown as I charged on into the dim sun set. My soul wept for the events that had taken place.

“No… I can’t let them know I have… a soul.” I thought valiantly. For if there was any way to repay Tyr’s untimely death at my hand, I would have to live on.

Upon the nearing horizon, there were a handful of smartly-dressed Death Knights. Their lifeless glare spotted me from miles away, staring me down until I finally reached the bottom of the valley.

“Your timing is perfect Death Knight, although, the next time you barely make it- will be your last.” Uttered a bearded Human in a sarcastic tone.

“Sorry sir, there were some pressing matters Deathweaver and I had to attend to-”

“What he meant to say is, that if he decides to make me late once again I will see to it that he is transported back to the Ebon Hold on a Meatwagon.” Sneered an unimpressed Koltira Deathweaver. His death-induced skin glowing with a tint of red rage as he emphasized the last 5 words of his ultimatum.

“RIDE ON DEATH KNIGHTS, ATTACK THE ARGENT DAWN HEAD-ON!” Screamed a Human behind a sleek suit of armor. He wielded the Ashbringer, a sword of immense power. Darion Mograine was his name, and he meant business.

I will save you the trouble of listening to my tale of our quick and intolerable defeat. The Argent Dawn skillfully defeated us and our ten thousand-strong army of scourge minions.

Because of this, Arthas appeared at the battle field, and revealed the truth about the Death Knights. We were merely cogs in the machine that was a suicide attempt at defeating Tirion Fordring.

Luckily, Darion, our righteous leader, decided that it would be best for us to break away from the Lich King. We are now servants to the war effort against the Lich King. Bound to our duty, and graciousness at the Argent Crusade for sparing our worthless lives that fateful day.

My name is Elnoriah Dawnstrider, and in a few short hours I became a founding member of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Sadly, however, my story has yet to even begun.

“Elnoriah, you are dismissed. We can take care of the Ebon Hold, you however need to meet a correspondent of yours.”

“Thank you, Darion, I’ll stop by often to check up on the place.”

“Do you insult me with this fact that you are so self-centered that just YOU will be the link between us failing or succeeding?”

“No I- Well, I’d best be going, thank you for your-”

“Right, head through that portal, we tailored it to your people, not to the warcheif.”

“Why?” I asked innocently as Darion’s face turned into a twisted knot of agony.

“We already sent  someone more- qualified…”

I muttered a sigh of discontent, and with that I walked into the portal, traveling through the nether. The Ebon Hold shifted away into a new found light as I went through the worm hole, through time and space. The death, the sorrow, it was cleansed of my soul, I could live again!

I began to materialize with the world around me, my portal travel had stopped. Red and yellow as far as the eye could see. Men and women in conversation, practicing the lost art of Arcane magic. Children running through the street, shooting toy bows at the nearest cat or rabbit.

There I was, home at last, after my first of many long journeys. Silvermoon city in its absolute prime, after the war torn factions accepted my people under the leadership of the Warchief, Thrall.


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