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I Went Against My Religion

December 12, 2009

We find our hero at the Ebon Hold talking to one of the trainers. Wait, what the hell!?…

Strangely enough, I was doing some of the new Heroics at the Ice Crown Citadel the other day, and I noticed that I was taking a lot more damage than usual. Yes, the 5+ mobs in a pull with increased damage should do that, but it seemed to be a bit excessive. I had not changed my gear (damn frickin ilvl 200 boots) and it’s not like I take damage like a truck all of the time.

In order to fix this I have decided to give Blood Tanking another try, and honestly, it is very fun. It took all the blandness that I was feeling with Frost, and made my class fun again! Honestly, I think this is a perfect reason why the Death Knight class is my favorite to Tank with, when something gets unbearably boring you can switch to ANY spec and be able to Tank. It is like playing a different class because each is so unique!

How about we compare both Frost and Blood just to get an idea of which has the “edge” where?


Frost’s survivability is based on mitigating the damage, so think of it as taking the damage that you were supposed to have and throwing a chunk of it away. This is done through Talents and Armor. This sounds very good, right? It is, and it is quite effective. It is much easier to have to Heal something that can throw away large sections of damage. However, the damage that you can take can be pretty spiky, which can sometimes cause problems.

Blood is based solely on Self-Preservation and a lot of HP. Think of us as a psuedo-Bear Tank in terms of Survivability. We have a very large amount of HP so we can take some of the larger attacks easier than say Frost/Unholy. Instead of depending on mitigation ( it is there, just not the strongpoint of the spec) we will heal ourselves with attacks like Death Strike, or OH SHI- buttons like Vampiric Blood or Mark of Blood.  I swear to god, I heal myself for about 18%-20% total HP when I do a 2 Disease DS with more than 25 RP.  Since we have less mitigation than Frost, our damage is not as spiky, what you are hit for is practically what you get. Due to Self-Healing we are able to counteract this.

This game’s winner is… BLOOD!
As much as I regret saying this, Blood does have a bit of an edge, the Self-Preservation does REALLY help out Healers. Not to mention having the best OH SHI- buttons a Tank can get makes Blood the king of survivability!

This one's for the ladies! *flex*

AOE Threat

Frost is pretty simple to set up. Using or not using HB spec it is very powerful still. Basically all you have to do is do some delicious IT>PS>Pest.>HB (rune cool down) DnD>BB>HB and you have the bastards locked on you. (If you are HB spec go straight to HB>DnD>BB for even stronger AOE).  Either way, it is extremely easy to set up, with instant rewards. I never had a problem with AOE Threat as Frost.

Blood however is a little bit trickier to set up. I will generally go DND>IT>PS>Pest.>BB and it starts to get the mobs on top of me. By the second rotation I am fine and dandy, but it still is very, VERY annoying to not have mobs instantly on you like with Frost and it’s Rime + Killing Machine procs of deliciousness. Once I am all set up, I do seem to be a little bit stronger than the Frosties, but then again sometimes that is just far too late.

This game’s winner is… FROST
Honestly, the way you want to get AoE Threat is swiftly and efficiently. With HB+Killing Machine proc alone you can have mobs set on you. It takes absolutely no time to do so. Although the only problem that Frost will ever have is that its AOE Threat is pretty spiky, but it is still much better than Blood for sure.

Single Target Threat

Frost is a worthy adversary when it comes to Single Target Threat, with its simple rotation and the ability to kick ass in a short amount of time, it can be the ideal Tank at times. IB>PS>BS>BS>OB—-> OB>OB>OB is an extremely stable rotation, and with the added Killing Machine/Rime procs the Threat can be increased by even more! The Threat is still a little spiky, but generally people have a hard time pulling a boss off of me as a Frost Tank.

Blood, okay I will not lie, Blood’s strongpoint is Single Target Threat. With its powerful diseases and increased damage on attacks like Death Strike and Heart Strike, it really can not be beat. The rotation is pretty badass as well, with IT>PS>HS>HS>DS —-> DS>DS>HS, as you can see it adds its ridiculous amount of Self-Preservation, to its insane amount of Single Target Threat for the ultimate combo. One of which the god’s wish they could beat!

This game’s winner is.. BLOOD!
To be honest, it was not even a choice to begin with. My TPS against bosses has gone up by at least 1k TPS. It is not like I had a problem with Frost to begin with, but the added TPS just gives me that much more flexibility when it comes to the beginning of an encounter.

Super Spec # 1

Although I am a firm believer in play the spec that you want, I would have to say that Blood is a bit more desirable than Frost for me. I have not had a damage problem since speccing, and the rotation is just more enjoyable to play than Frost. I am Elnoriah and I went against my religion… and I like being an Arms Warrior Blood Tank!

Happy WoWing!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. December 14, 2009 11:52 AM

    Interesting change of pace for death knights then.

    So depending on what kind of tank you want to be, you should probably change specs around, amirite?

    Also, how’s unholy doing these days?

    • December 14, 2009 3:19 PM

      I suppose, but it is not like Frost is not a good spec. It is, but a change is never a bad thing.

      As for UH, it’s okay DPS and at the top of the PvP specs. For a Tank, I would not even recommend trying because of the 20% less dodge in Ice Crown Citadel.

      • December 15, 2009 11:57 AM

        The 20% less dodge aura in ICC is broken. Recount shows me dodging 20% less, but being missed 20% more.

      • December 15, 2009 2:55 PM

        Oh really? I still haven’t gotten a chance to get into ICC yet due to RL =(

  2. December 14, 2009 1:14 PM

    *chants* One of us, one of us!

  3. oceht_amote permalink
    December 28, 2009 12:23 PM

    My question is when you are blood tanking are you in blood presence? or frost presence (with blood talents) for the 60% increase in armor?

    • December 28, 2009 2:28 PM

      Yes, as a Tank you always are in Frost Presence, just with the talents of the tree you are Tanking with.

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