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The Downtime Blues: Raiding and Sheeyit

December 1, 2009

Every Tuesday (from now on) me and Craig will be doing a post that is more personal than the typical diarrhea we spew out onto this blog every other post. It’ll have something to do with what we’ve done recently, usually, or might contain some helpful advice or whatnot. YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO READ THIS TO FIND OUT HEHEHE.

Alex: Joined a new raiding guild called   and they’re competent enough to meet my standards. We can do 25 ToC easy, though Anub puts up a bit of a struggle, as he should. Fuck, I’m getting tired of ToC. Can’t wait for ICC!

Been playing my previously neglected DK recently, and speed leveled him from 65 to 69 and a half in the span of 3 days. Fun shit, but one thing; after being hit capped on the Rogue for so long and not playing another DPS class, I’ve gotta say missing every 1 out of 4 Plague Strikes sucks huge, huge dick. Especially when Craig’s Mage crits for 4k and I’m expected to tank the damn thing. 😦

Been also raiding on the Rogue, as I mentioned earlier. ToC is easy enough, though I haven’t gotten much in the ways of gear except for some random pieces of gear that weren’t huge upgrades. I’ve also been stuck with a slow offhand for way too long; I want a ToC 1.4 speed dagger! 😡

On a personal note: I found a rubber, small severed hand in my brother’s Halloween bag. In fact, the hand looks small enough to look like it belongs to a baby or something… Yeah. Canada ftw?

Real life has been fun; much better than Craig’s has been, the poor guy. And… That’s it.

Song of the week: Elephants, by Them Crooked Vultures.

Craig (Aka Elnoriah): I have not had as much time to do all the thing’s I’ve wanted to do lately on WoW. Mostly it has been either 2v2 with Bigblakbul, (slowly decreasing) Raiding, or leveling my Mage to 80.  Like Alex I also joined a new guild, well techincally a remake of an older guild, but they’re pretty good. They have great people, a social guild chat, available Raid times, and the majority of the Raiders are competent. We’ve had a bit of trouble on Anubs, and a little bit of a problem on Twins, but it has been pretty smooth thus far.

The Mage is fantastic. I still prefer to play Elno, but Crando is a perfect way to relax and PvP or just nuke the shit out of Instances. Ever since I stopped playing my Warlock (deleted at lvl 70 as he should have been, RIP) and retired my Priest (not deleting him, hell no!) I have not had a chance to DPS. Occasionally I will hop on the Priest to Heal for a friend, but very VERY rarely will I ever play Shadow. Crando, being a pure DPS class is easily welcomed into groups, and can ONLY DPS!

2v2 has been stagnant, we got to 1030 today (although hitting 1060 somehow lost it all in 2 games), but I haven’t actually gone “hardcore” with it yet. Next patch I will expect to, once my friend Nick gets his account back. It was banned because they “thought he was hacking” when he really just got a new IP address and transfrered his old Rogue to his brother in law’s account. /sigh

Real life has hit like a truck though, so you will probably be seeing a bit more of Alex/Aifel and a bit less of me soon. With 9 hours of driver’s Education each week until the 21st, and my upcoming Birthday there is not much time for me to get online. Oh god, don’t even remind me about my research paper. Damn! A paper and driver’s ed are easily tolerable, plus I get to hang around with some family friends for my birthday so it’s good, but the Hospital has become a very common word around my house lately.

I won’t get into details, but basically about a week ago my Grandpa (whom I’m very close to) was admitted and had a lot of blood in his head. That said and done these could be his final days, so any available time that the hospital allows us (his family) to see him we will usually go down and spend some time.

*shrug* Oh well, hopefully 3.3 comes out soon, I want to get back at Arthas for recoloring my hair…

Well maybe not, he did make me not level a Protadin…

Just kidding I love you Tankadangz. I just can’t tolerate playing one. Alex’s note: neither can I lolool.

And no 3.3. this week. 😦

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  1. December 1, 2009 11:03 AM

    Hey Craig, sorry to hear things aren’t going so well. I hope your Grandfather gets better. *hugs*

    On a brighter note, glad to hear you guys have found a nice guild. At least ingame is looking up.

    • December 1, 2009 2:47 PM

      Actually, as an update, he’s gotten better at least. He just got out of surgery after I went to sleep last night and it went flawlessly!

      Thanks Roz!

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