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Twin Val’kyr – Dodge those balls! (Normal)

November 30, 2009

We find our hero at the entrance to the Trial of the Crusader Raid, where his guild Malice will once again attempt the Twins and their sexy deadly encounter…

There are 5 total Boss Encounters in the Trial of the Crusader Raid, which was introduced in 3.2.0. Most of these are simplistic and somewhat boring, but arguably the most fun encounter of them all is the Twin Val’kyr fight. My Guild was having a little bit of trouble with the encounter due to bad PuGs, Melee not switching fast enough, and some freak accidents that possibly  could have been prevented.

In the flavor of these attempts, and as a reward of downing them I figured that I should write a Guide to a) help out the Guild with making sure this becomes farm content, and b) help out the rest of you that are having any such trouble with the Normal 10 or 25m Twin Val’kyr Encounter.

Note that there are multiple ways to set up the Raid, if your Guild/PuGs do a strategy that works feel free to describe it in the comments!

An Overview

Before the encounter is engaged
Your RL will be splitting the Raid apart into 2 even (on 10 man) groups with one group on each boss (seeing as they are twins). We will talk more of this shortly, but just keep in mind that your Raid will be cut in half and forced to engage both of the Val’kyr. Once your group is split up and you are on the correct side, the RL will talk to the NPC and bring the Val’Kyr out. When they come out, click the portal that spawned in front of you and get your Essence, and of course consume your consumables!

The encounter was just started
The Tanks were told to pull, and the Val’kyr are all set in their positions (depending on your strat it could vary). If you are a DPS obviously wait for the Tanks to establish enough Threat and start DPSing. Wait for Bloodlust/Heroism and keep your OH SHI- buttons/CD’s off of the Cool-down, but keep a steady stream of Heals, DPS, and TPS. After a couple of seconds the “balls” (orbs) will flood the room. Either way, only go near orbs that are of your color, otherwise they will do considerable amounts of damage to you and every one of the ball’s opposite color around you.  After getting 100 “stacks” (each ball gives about 7) of the balls you will gain the Surge of Speed buff, which can proc off of any ball you pick up of your color, and just boosts your run speed. However, once you hit 100 stacks you get Empowered Light/Darkness, which makes you deal 100% more damage to Dark/Light targets, respectively. DPS should also go slightly out of their way to grab these, especially in Heroic; getting the 100% damage buff is crucial for bringing down shields in Heroic. Also, the bosses can also eat balls of their color, and they will get a damage buff should they hit 100 stacks.

A while into the fight (30sec +)
The first special ability has been cast; we will talk about the abilities shortly, but do remember to follow the instructions set out for you in said ability. Every 30sec or so after this the next special ability will be cast until you finally defeat the Val’kyr. What you will want to do is to pop your CD’s/Boodlust/Heroism on the Twin’s Pact special ability. Other than successfully completing the special abilities keep DPSing/Tanking/Healing!

Do remember that both of the Val’kyr, even though they are two bosses, have only 1 shared Health Pool. This means that any damage done to one of them is mirrored on the opposite Twin. Could it get any easier? Let’s not find out!

Rinse and Repeat until you wipe or get loot!

Basic Mechanics

Essences- Pick Your Favorite

A great contributing factor to why the encounter is so fun is the massive amounts of damage that you will be dealing throughout the encounter. Your Raid leader will be telling you to go on a Dark or a Light side, this generally means which boss you will be focusing on. As a RL you will want to split the group evenly meaning 1 Tank on each side, an even amount of DPS on each side, and an even amount of  Healers on each side.

Once everyone is split up they will click on the portal that is IN FRONT OF THEM, not the portals behind the Val’kyr. If you are on the light side (Fjola Lightbane) you will be acquiring the Dark Essence buff, and respectfully the dark side (Eydis Darkbane) players will click the portal to acquire the Light Essence buff. Yes, you read that right, the Essence that you take is the exact opposite from the boss that you will be attacking. How about we break down what the essences do for us? (Essences don’t affect damage taken, only damage done.)

Dark Essence

  • Absorb Dark damage (When it says Dark, think Eydis Darkbane and her abilities)
  • Deal less damage to Dark targets
  • Deal bonus damage to Light targets (When it says Light, think Fjola Lightbane and her abilities)
  • Absorbing Dark Damage can cause a Surge of Speed!

Light Essence

  • Absorbs Light damage
  • Deal less damage to Light targets
  • Deal bonus damage to Dark targets
  • Absorbing Light Damage can cause a Surge of Speed!

As DPS the reason to use the opposite Essence than the Val’kyr you are focused on is plainly obvious. You deal much more damage, resulting in more DPS, which increases your performance. Simple! The Healers however can go either way, meaning that they CAN stay with the opposite essence from the Val’kyr they are focused upon. However, a common tactic that most groups tend to be a fan of is making the Healers the opposite color as the group that they are focused on (IE the same color as the Val’kyr’s side they are on). This is to collect say the Dark “balls” so that their Light players they are healing will not be destroyed by getting an opposite ball explosion to the face.

The tricky thing for many people to grasp is that if using the same Essence as the Val’kyr that you are fighting reduces the damage received why do the Tanks use the OPPOSITE essence still? Tanks need to keep aggro on bosses, and with the reduced damage the penalty is a reduced amount of damage that YOU do to the same color boss as your aura. Most likely there are very, very few Tanks out there that are able to keep threat under the severely reduced damage they put out, which is made worse by DPS being super-buffed as well. The other problem that they would have (although minor) is that when balls of their group’s color are absorbed by the melee swarming around the Tank, they will take LOTS of extra damage, and most likely their Healers will never be able to heal through it.

Special Abilities

Throughout the fight every 30  seconds the Twins will pull together and use one of the 4 different Special Abilities. As one of my Guild Mates pointed out they have to use each of their abilities in a full rotation before they are able to reuse an ability, but of course the rotation can vary each time. In retrospect there are only 2 “different” abilities, but each Val’kyr uses them once. (2 abilities x 2 Val’kyr = 4 abilities in the rotation)

  • Vortex (Dark)

    • Eydis Darkbane will start casting Dark Vortex
    • ALL players except the Tanks (depends on the group) will need to go to the Dark Portal and get Dark Essence
    • Players with the Dark Essence already do not need to get the Essence again
    • Any person with the Light Essence Buff will be affected by the Vortex and will most likely die
    • After the vortex is done switch to your original Essence and continue DPSing your original Val’kyr
    • Absorbing this damage will give you stacks
  • Vortex (Light)

    • Fjola Lightbane will start casting Light Vortex
    • All players except the Tanks (depends on the group) will need to go to the Light Portal and get Light Essence
    • Players with the Light Essence already will not need to get the Essence a second time
    • Any person with the Dark Essence buff will be affected by the Vortex, feel free to laugh at them for dieing
    • After the vortex is done, go back to your original Val’kyr and Essence!
    • Absorbing this damage will give you stacks
  • Twin Pact (Light)

    • Fjola Lightbane will get a Shield of Lights around her (think Power Word: Shield)
    • ALL DPS needs to go directly to her and pop everything they have
    • Do NOT switch to the other essence, directly go and start DPSING
    • Eydis Darkbane in the mean time, will be affected by Power of the Twins
    • The Tank for Darkbane will need extra Heals and to pop all OH SHI- buttons due to the extra damage received
    • Once the bubble on Lightbane is popped INTERRUPT her ASAP
    • If you did not interrupt/pop the bubble Twin’s Pact will go off and heal the Twins for 20% of their total HP
  • Twin Pact (Dark)

    • Eydis Darkbane will get a Shield of Darkness around her (same as Fjola’s Shield of Lights)
    • ALL DPS have to run straight to her and pop every frickin’ CD they can possibly pop
    • Do NOT switch to the opposite essence to DPS her, and do NOT pass go and collect $200
    • Fjola Lightbane will be affected by Power of the Twins
    • Her [Fjola’s] Tank will need extra heals and to pop OH SHI- damage to mitigate the extra damage they are receiving
    • Once the bubble on Eydis is popped INTERRUPT her ASAP!
    • If you did not interrupt/pop the bubble Twin’s Pact will go off and heal the Twins for 20% of their total HP

Basic Stratedgy

Spread ’em Wide
Of the two basic or commonly used strats for the Twin Val’kyr boss encounter the “easier” to coordinate is Tanking both Val’kyr on opposite sides of the Colosseum. Generally it is much safer to do as there is more space for the balls to drift throughout the room, and your Raid is decently spread apart so there is very little “elbow bumping”. It is simple to avoid damage, and arguably the easiest of both the basic strats to use for the fight.

The only turn-off to the strategy is that it takes the melee quite a bit to be able to run from one Val’kyr to the other during the Twin’s Pact special ability. If your Melee is smart most have some way of closing in on a mob/boss if they use their abilities correctly, such as the Warrior’s Charge, the Feral Druid’s Pounce, the Rouge’s Sprint etc. Still, it is much harder to move between the two if there is a significant amount of space in between even with these abilities.

When would I use this? a) If I am confident I have 100% attentive and competent melee, or b) if my Ranged DPS is extraordinary enough to be able to miss a couple of seconds of Melee DPS. Another factor is c) if my Healers are not “amazing”, not to say that the Healers are bad players, but if I am not confident enough with my Healers this would be the ideal way to Tank the Val’kyr. Simply because it is much easier to avoid the opposite color balls (IE much less Raid Damage) than the other basic strat.

The Circles are the Val'kyr, the lines are the Essences, and the Black ones are the "light" Purple is "dark"

Right, set aside my artistic talent (or lack thereof) and note how you place your group for this particular strat. You keep your Healers in the middle collecting the orbs and staying mostly within range of everyone, and the two groups are as far apart as physically possible, preventing much avoidable damage. Practically brainless and easy, yes, but most certainly is not the most efficient.

Closer… Come closer…
Literally you will want to almost (if not) stack both of the Twins in the dead center of the room. Melee can easily switch between both of the bosses, and Healers are in range of EVERYONE without having to move a muscle. As an added bonus you are equidistant to practically every portal to gain a new Essence when the time calls for change of Essence (whereas with the other strat there is a possibility of there being a longer walk). If your DPS is even slightly competent you will nail the Twin’s Pact every single time, because there is NO excuse to not being able to switch to the other target.

The major problem with this of course is that everyone is on top of each other no matter how you Tank it. If the Tanks are on opposite sides of each other, or are back to back someone will be hit with a ball explosion. For one of course it will give them a few more stacks of the essence buff, but the other can take some decent damage. if the Tanks are on opposite sides then the DPS will be taking damage from the opposite ball, and of course gaining stacks. It is a pretty much win-lose situation.

When to use this? You will need better Healers, and of course competent DPS. There is more of a chance of more damage going out between the Raid so REALLY good heals are crucial for this strat. Although you can mitigate the possible amount of healing needed with DPS that are able to avoid the balls.

I would suggest this strat over the other to Guilds, or a confident PuG. It is simple, yes, but you need everyone in the Raid giving 100% effort!

The Circles are the Val'kyr, the lines are the Essences, and the Black ones are the "light" Purple is "dark"

This is the basic set up of this strat, note that your Ranged and Healers are surrounding your melee almost in a circle. This is so that the balls can be absorbed hopefully the reach the melee, in order to minimize the damage taken. However do expect slightly increased damage taken by your melee/Tanks due to the fact that all balls can not be accounted for in the Val’kyr encounter.

Caption goes here!

As seen above, you are able to position the Twins side by side, but like before everyone is clustered in the center of the Colosseum. More groups tend to use this set up just because it is simpler to pull-off than the first in this tactic. The style is still the same, they are just set up slightly differently. Notice that the Ranged/Healers are still making a perimeter around the Melee/Tanks in order to absorb as many balls as possible!

Advanced Strategy

The 8 & 2 (1om) -Thanks to @Shammysticks
As Shammy describes the 8 & 2 Strat he uses, you basically have all of your DPS nuke Eydis Darkbane. Though I have yet to use this strat I would assume you Tank both somewhat close to each other so that the Light Tank can still have the ability to hit Eydis Darkbane while keeping enough Threat on Fjola Lightbane. Thus where the 8 comes from in the name!

As for the 2 part, you would generally have 2 Healers (or 3  if you have 3) get the opposite color of the majority of the Raid (Dark) and collect ALL of the light-colored orbs as they Heal the Raid. This proves for a quick, efficient, and steady burst of damage, and since they share a Health Pool, when Darkbane falls, Lightbane is down with her.

One more thing to pay attention to, is that if Twin’s Pact is cast by Lightbane you COMPLETELY IGNORE IT and keep bursting the living Hell out of Darkbane. The more DPS you do, the less it matters that they got off 1 single 20% HP Heal.

The only time one should be using this is if their group has competent Healers, and outstanding DPS. If you are gearing up guild mates, or are carrying 1-2 people, do not even try this unless most of the group is pulling their weight and then some.

The Dark Burn (25m)- Thanks to @Shammysticks
Think of The Dark Burn as 8 & 2’s twin sister who despite the fact that they have both been around the same amount of time is hotter and harder to get. This being said, the idea is pretty much the same, it is just a lot harder to coordinate. The Twins are Tanked in the same position as the 8 & 2 (very close to each other) and all DPS (Tanks as well maybe) will be focusing on Darkbane.

You still will be ignoring the Twin’s Pact on Lightbane because this is still a DPS race, so a little lost time should not wipe your Raid. To top it off, your Healers (5-6 of them) will be collecting all of the opposite colored orbs than the group is  (Dark balls and they are Dark Essence).

Last minute information?

Well, as a tip, despite the fact that they share a Health Pool you still should be focused on splitting the group up as evenly as possible. The reason being is that when Twin’s Pact happens, the DPS will not be switching essence, so the Light Essence players will do reduced amounts of damage to Lightbane who (theoretically) is casting this Twin’s Pact. If all of the DPS has the Light Aura they MOST LIKELY will not be able to pop the bubble in time, but if half has a damage bonus and the other half does reduced damage then the + and – will equal each other out. Thus being able to pop the bubble and interrupt the heal like a pro.

Happy WoWing!

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  1. Llamaeggs permalink
    December 3, 2009 1:22 PM

    There is a strategy that is fairly similar to your second one mentioned, but altered somewhat. Instead of tanking the two together in the middle of the room, you tank them together in the doorway where you enter. All dps and healers would be standing inside the doorway while only the tanks and the twins would be outside. In this strat, you would not run out to change colour during vortexes – just heal through it.

    The purpose of doing it this way would be that is significantly reduces the number of orbs that come into play. In fact, they pretty much have no effect on the encounter if you do it this way (you’ll only end up eating a couple throughout the whole fight). This makes the healers’ jobs easy as pie for 90% of the fight. The hard part for the healers is when they cast their respective vortexes. It’s actually going to be hell for the healers at that point – tons of AOE damage. But if you have a few great healers, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    In reality… this strat is overkill in regular mode, as the damage you receive from being hit by bubbles is pretty easily healed through. This strat shines in heroic where the bubbles can pose significant problems. Obviously healers will to save their cooldowns for vortexes.

    I’ve tried it out and it works wonders in heroic. Just don’t bother trying it with average healers. But then… you’re probably not getting to heroic twins with average healers, so…

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