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The Death Knight Tank and You: Professions Part 2

November 27, 2009

At the Ebon Hold anvil, Elnoriah has learned why it is probably not the BRIGHTEST idea to use a hammer on a saronite bomb…

Greetings class, sorry this lesson is a bit overdue but here in the USA we had our Thanksgiving so it has been quite hectic around my house. So I apologize for the lightness in content around here lately, but it will be back on track starting now!

Last week, if you remember, we talked about a few professions and gathering skills as to their usefulness as a Death Knight Tank. The list so far is that 3 of the 5 discussed last week gave us enough incentive (through buffs given to you) to even bother leveling said skills. This week we are going to talk about the other 6: Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewel Crafting, Alchemy, Leatherworking, and Inscription.

Now, we spin the roulette wheel of death and see what categories we will talk about. By categories I am talking about the general needs for that tradeskill based upon the gathering skills, as an example think “mining-based” or “herbalism-based”.

Still note that the perks mentioned are based upon a 450/450 skill in each of the following!

Mining-based Skills

Taking hot metals to an anvil and bashing them to create “art” is both awesome and a great stress reliever. In addition to being able to make some pieces of really good armor you can makes items required for other trade skills (such as enchanting rods) and are able to make a fine sum of gold by doing so.Now if that still has not sold you then the perks that Blacksmiths get will most certainly do so!

The perks that Blacksmiths get are down right awesome, first you can socket your bracers, and be able to socket your gloves to boot! Think for Tanking we can get 60 more STAM just by putting a +30 STAM gems in each. Yes, like Mining we get around a bonus of 600 HP and will be able to make ourselves some good armor.

Elno’s Thoughts: Manly AND useful? DO IT… DOOOOO IT! The extra sockets are amazing, and so isn’t some of the gear that you can make!

This is not a skill for the faint of heart, but if you like to paratroop off of cliffs, or run like an imbecile this is your ideal trade skill. We can make bombs, warp to places in Northrend, and make some sexy mounts/mini pets. If the cute-destructive nature of Engineering has not sold you already, then you probably have your wits about you. Yes I use this, but it’s more for fun than the perks, which for Tanking are kind of… bad at the moment.

There are many perks, but as I already said there are only one or two that I think will make a good impression to you, students. Nitro Boosts, the crit rating on them is useless compared to the +22 STAM that it is holding off, but I will say they are fun as hell to use! Mind Amplification Dish it has more STAM than the leading head enhancement, but the Defense Rating we would be using by not equipping that is kind of sucky. In a PvE setting we should not need to MC, that’s what Spriests are for (BURN, but I still love you guys)!

Reticulated Armor Webbing THIS however is not half bad at all, there is a good amount of mitigation between this, but for gloves I still prefer to use the Enchant Gloves- Armsman. Although the avoidance is not worth the Enchantment, the 2% increased threat generally is desired over the 850 Armor. Frag Belt, YES YES YES! A great way to increase threat, and CC a Faction Champion the Frag Belt is probably the only thing in Engineering I would even SUGGEST to a Tank.

Elno’s Word: As much as I love the goofiness of Engineering, the perks it gives us are certainly not worthwhile. If you are focusing on being a Tank, this should not be your first pick.

What’s the best way to propose to a girl? With a sexy ring of course! As a Jewelcrafter you can do just that, and give them a great bonus in their Stamina to boot (aaawwwuuuhhhh yeeeaaaa). Seriously though, Jewelcrafting is undoubtedly one of the best skills in WoW for ANY class/spec/role. You will save money on socketing your equipment, along with some pretty sexy perks!

In addition to being just plain awesome, a Jewelcrafter is able to make a Trinket with 2 gem slots, some dodge, and a bit of STAM. However, compared to  the easily obtainable The Black Heart, and the Brewfest Trinkets I am not enticed to use this. A newly geared Tank? Not half bad! The special JC only gems they can make, however, good call! Considering the normal person can acquire a +30 STAM gem, and they are expensive as hell, the JCer can use 3 Solid Dragon’s Eye which gives +51 STAM per gem. So let us use some basic math to determine how much more STAM you would receive!

3(51 STAM) – 3(30 STAM)=lolmorestam
153 STAM – 90 STAM=lolmorestam
63 STAM = lolmorestam

63 more stam is the equivalent to about 630 HP, which is more STAM any Tradeskill has given us thus far. It’s safe to say that this is very… VERY good!

Elno’s Word: You will save a killing on gems, plus make the best gems in the entire game. Although this does not end only at Stamina gems, there are plenty of other ridiculously awesome gems available to you! GET THIS… NOW!

And that is what you get when you piss me off!

Herbalism-Based Skills

Any Raider (casual or hardcore) will spend tons of their gold on Flasks and Potions each time they decide to go on a Raid. As an Alchemist you are the sole provider for these poor souls, the booster of their performance as a Raider, and for this you are greatly compensated. Plus, you can transmute worthless metals into Epic gems as well as Titanium bars and Eternals. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Well luckily for you the Perks are pretty kick ass as well. Although they do not right-flat-out give you a bonus to stats like most of the professions, they are still quite awesome. All Alchemists are affected by Mixology which boosts the duration of any flask or elixir you drink. Instead of the base 1 hour duration on your Stoneblood and 1300 HP increase it is now a 2 hour duration with a 1950 HP increase. So by a 650 HP increase it is about on-par with the 60 STAM increases that most of the other Death Knight Tank-worthy professions are so keen on doing.

Plus as an added mini-bonus, there’s a Trinket which is about on-par with the Jewelcrafting one. As I said that time, it’s a pretty good Trinket, but for an end-game Tank, there is certainly better obtainable. Both are not bad (the JC one is probably better, 2 gem slots for STAM + 93 on it already, and an O.K. use effect).

Elno’s Word: Ehh, it’s pretty good. Though it does not directly affect us 24/7 it helps out when we REALLY need it. That’s all we can ask for, right? Plus, the amount of money saved is not a bad bonus as well!

If I told you to go and pick pwetty flowers and crush them into finely colored inks, who would do this? For the frickin’ Glyphs and Perks I sure as hell would! Glyphs are some of the most expensive things to gear up with, so by being able to make these instead of being a pain in the ass is certainly a bonus. And you are able to make the cards to some of the best decks (trinkets) in the GAME, you will be rolling in cash, then send some to your best buddy and let him roll in the excess cash. To top it off you get basically another hearth stone, free of charge, making it easy to get to and from Dal (or any other place I guess).

The perk is not only an easy pass for the lazy Tanks, but it is also the best damn shoulder Enhancement of all time… OF ALL TIME! Master’s Inscription of the Pinnacle deserves to be loved by every Tank, or envied for that matter. Compared to Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle a Scribe has quite a lead on the rest of the Tanks in terms of Shoulder Enchantments. 40 Dodge is a pretty significant amount of avoidance, plus you do not need to spend extra time doing all of those forsaken Sons of Hodir Dailies.

Elno’s Word: Pretty good, we all need avoidance and to not have to see those bloody giants. The amount of cash you will save/make + the Shoulder Enchantment is well worth the time spent to level Inscription.

I still don't believe I went "overboard"...

Skinning-Based Skills

So you just ripped the flesh off of every Rhino in site, waved the carcass in front of a group of Vegetarians, and laughed your ass off. Instead of just merely going to the Auction House you can turn this stuff into gear for the Bears, Kittehs, Hunters, Shamans, and those damn Rogues. Plus there is a bit of profit to be made by doing so! At the end of the day you may question your sanity by crafting gear out of dead hides, but then your Rogue friend wants some gear and you forget about your sanity.

Perks? Hol-e-shit there are quite a few, first of all you can be one of those Paladins and give your entire raid an 8% to all stats “kings” buff, or be a Druid with the 750+ Armor, 37 to all stats, and 54 to resistances buff of the wild rip off. Yes, you do not need to have a Druid in the Raid anymore, or make the Paladins struggle to buff the entire Raid with your Drums. The downside of you being a buff master is that they are not as good as the buffs that they “rip off of”, so it still helps to have smart Paladins and at least one good Druid.

As for gear Enhancement you get a free leg enchantment which is the equivalent to the very pricy leg enhancement available to everyone. Although exclusively to Leatherworkers Fur Lining- Stamina is available to put on your bracers instead of the +40 STAM enchant. Just one thing… it gives +102 frickin’ Stamina, for basic purposes let us just say that each point of STAM contributes to the bare minimum (10 HP per 1 STAM). You get at LEAST 1020 HP just from one enchantment. Yes, this undoubtedly the best thing for Tanks since… since Death Knights!

Edited to show some maths as to why this is really good, but still on par with most of the other professions

102 STAM (LW Bracers) – 40 STAM (Enchantment) = lomorestam
62 STAM = lolmorestam

So it is actually on-par with every other profession, but why would I say it is really, really, REALLY, good? Well the fact that on my server the best Tanking Leg Enhancement is about 250g+ and LWers can do said enhancement on themselves for practically nothing is a huge incentive for most anyone. Yes, it is on par, but it will save you one hell of a lot of gold by keeping you on par!

Elno’s Word: Killing animals never felt so good, then we can put their dead bodies on our wrists and legs for practically no cost? HELLS YES!


So out of the 11 available Trade Skills, which ones have we ruled as completely viable to use as a Tank? Well, all are viable remember, just some actually HELP us stat-wise rather than only give us a cool mount or some “lolz”.


  • Mining
  • Enchanting
  • Blacksmithing
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Leatherworking
  • Inscription
  • Alchemy


  • Herbalism (useful, but I would not get it solely for the bonus)


  • Engineering
  • Tailoring
  • Skinning

Hopefully, class, you can now go out into the world and figure out what you would like to do with your lives as crafters. Remember, you can do anything your little heart desires, but for an extra “boost” there are some that are definitely more helpful than others.

Check back at the beginning of the week next week for your Death Knight Tank and You: lesson!

Happy WoWing!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. November 28, 2009 2:45 AM

    Nicely done. I didnt know about the flask alchemist buff, good tip. Fixes: Bracer description could show the lolmorestam maths too, saying its 62 stam net. There was a typo of use rather than lose early on in article too. I’ve a guide on profiting from jc on pwnwear your readers might like.

    • November 28, 2009 11:46 AM

      Cool, thanks Grav! As for the flasks, it really is very useful, a Tank in my guild uses it just for that reason. Of course the only problem with it is that it does not scale with things such as Bear Form, Frost Pres, BoK, or any other buffs that increase Stamina, seeing as it is just straight-up HP.

      And I took your advice with the Bracers, still it is a VERY good bonus, like I said. It’s on-par but saves a killing on enchants for your bracers/legs!

  2. Alex permalink
    November 28, 2009 1:52 PM

    The craftable gear is actually really good (iLvl 245). Its just getting the recipes (TOC25) that’s hard.

  3. Alex permalink
    November 28, 2009 1:55 PM

    And 63 stam is only equal to 630 HP if you don’t have any passive stam modifiers, which every tank has.

    • November 28, 2009 5:45 PM

      Of course, but I was merely showing the bare minimum as a decent comparison.

      • Alex permalink
        November 28, 2009 6:20 PM

        Looks more professional if you include HP values with and without Imp. Frost Presence.

      • November 28, 2009 11:01 PM

        Well Imp Frost Pres does not affect the STAM % of Frost Pres. It just reduces an extra 2% (with 2/2) damage taken. For the other Presences you will retain the 6% STAM bonus that Frost Pres gives.

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