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Magister’s Terrance- With a Bit More Death!

November 20, 2009

I do not see what the big deal was with that place. Sure, it took 5 people a year ago to do it, but it took 1 Elnoriah now! *flex*…

The Burning Crusade was WoW’s very first expansion pack, and certainly its finest. Some of the most challenging Raids and Instances were home to TBC, and honestly it has shaped many a player. Every pull had to be carefully executed, it was like a well-rehearsed ballet. A Hunter trap here, a polymorph there, and Sap that caster! I miss those days.

Will CC (crowd control) every be back in the PvE portion of the game? I sure hope so, it made every instance a new-found challenge. In the meantime though, the only thing we have left of those days are the memories we all shared, and one of my favorites was doing Magister’s Terrance.

A History

The Sunwell patch was the last official content patch for The Burning Crusade Expansion, and with it there were the Isle of Quel’Danas Dailys,the Sunwell raid (25 man) and of course Magister’s Terrance (5m and Heroic 5m). Both of which were hard, and both of which made me question my faith in a higher being. The group had to be fine-grained in the sense that you pretty much need 5 REALLY good people to complete the Heroic (or even normal) instance, and like the traditional group makeups of TBC Instances you had a Tank, a Healer, and 2-3 DPS that could CC.

The most fun I had here was on my Warlock, I was seducing, banishing, and christ knows what all at the same time.

Each of the fights were inventive, and of course a challenge! My favorite of which was the Faction Champions esq boss before you fight Kael’Thas. Think of it as Faction Champs but with less people, and it being about 2x as hard. It was a nightmare, but when you completed it you felt like you were THE SHIT! If someone misplaced a CC you were practically done for in that boss fight, it was stupendous. Sure, to the point that many people never even finished it in its prime, but the ones who did can agree it was hard as hell and rewarding once you finished it all.

Blizzard, you made me a happy Warlock and a very stressed Priest, and to that I thank you.

Elnoriah’s Adventure

Longing for the feeling to go back and get even with the bosses of Magister’s Terrance once again, I decided it was far overdue to make a trip through MGT and solo it. The only turn-off however was that I needed to be “attuned” to the Heroic, and so I picked up the quest and ran straight into the Terrance. With that. . . our story begins!

*Looks around*
Trash! Simplistic, these first two pulls consist of two mobs to a pull. I think the saddest part of the first two pulls is that you can literally 3 shot these things, damn straight 5k Obliterate crits are EPIC!

Now, there is a large circle with two groups of mobs on either side, which path do I choose? It does not really matter so pick the left! Let us see, 5 Belfs and an Imp, you would think this would be easy as sin, but in all honesty this one pull was harder than any trash fight in WOTLK Heroics. At the end of it I literally had 2k HP left with IBF (Icebound Fortitude) and AMS (Anti-Magic Shell) on cool down, but this will be the hardest fight in quite a while so the thrill was short-lived.

Launching myself like Kirby at the trash pulls I was a GOD, and seriously it felt GOOD! I kept up on my silences, and was doing wonderfully, and then I reached the room of the first boss, Selin Fireheart. Being the first boss, he is arguably the easiest in the entire instance, and certainly a cakewalk to solo now. Back in the day however, he was still pretty simple, but was more of a DPS check (we will talk about this in a minute), trust me, I passed the test with flying colors.

Unfortunately for you I'M the god, not you Selin!

The Boss Fight- Selin Fireheart

  • Keep him in the center of his platform, the farther away he is from those crystals the better. Commence Tank and Spank!
  • After he gets bloodied up enough, he runs over to a crystal and starts channeling the power from it. The longer he channels the bigger he gets.
  • The crystal he is channeling from is targateable, so of course NUKE THE LIVING @!$% out of it!
  • No matter how godly you are, he will still get a bit bigger and scream really lame catch phrases that only work for ME.
  • After each yell he explodes with a nova of green clouds, so squishies need to move the hell away.
  • Rinse and repeat until dead.

Now that he is dead we can continue to the next boss, but first the pulls before him! Mana Wyrmlings, just like the ones you have to kill at the Belf starting area, except much more of a pain in the ass. The first couple are just single squishies and are easy to kill, but afterwards they start grouping up into larger masses. Until finally in the next boss’ room down the hallway of worms there are 4 groups of about 10-15 worms per. If you are a Tank pull all of these bastards and pop a cooldown, because after each dies they explode and do a bit of damage. (Killing Machine + Rime Proc = 1 shot and a TON of lag as they asll explode)

Congratulations, you now get to fight a Voidwalker by the name of Vexallus! Honestly this was more of a Healer-Intense fight in which there was a lot of damage going out in multiple places, but if everyone was paying attention it was a cakewalk.Think of him as  mini-Curator (and if you never did Kara go do it now), which is another fun fight. I will warn you though, he is mostly a Tank and Spank . . . mostly.

Rough 'im up boys!

The Boss Fight- Vexallus

  • Run in there and pop every C/D known to man. Burst him until it is not funny anymore.
  • It’s still not funny, keep killin’ him!
  • Pansy, you call that breaking a spine!?
  • Sparks will now start shooting out, kill these things, because they tend to explode and do more damage then they are worth.
  • With a group each DPS should be getting 3 each. Each spark gives a stacking buff that increases damage done, as well as received, so it can be problematic with too many stacks.
  • Rinse and repeat until he is dead.

If you have the quest go to the back of the hall and laugh at the dying Belf. [Badass name] [Something with Strider or any other Belfy suffix] will give you a new one which is to go outside and use the scrying orb to spy on the Sunwell. Proceed in doing  as told and watch the cut scene that follows, and yes the guy who narrates the other cut scenes does this I think so you can listen to the liquid candy that is his voice.

What a coincidence a Blue Dragon flies down and tells you his life story, pick up the quest from him! This quest tells you to kill Kael’Thas (final boss), and by doing so you will unlock the Heroic mode for MGT.

“Wait we… AREN’T killing… the blue dragonflight?”
Not today, Munch, remember this was before Malygos decided to go crazy, so he is still “cool” with us. Well, not Bronze Dragonflight awesome-
“You know… his hair is… blue like… yours!… Except it actually… LOOKS GOOD…”
Note to self: Put less sass in his lettuce, he certainly does not need anymore.

Alright, you get your awesome buff thanks to the Dragon hanging around, and continue your quest to kill Kael. There are two robots in the hallway proceeding to an outer courtyard. They are easy, just kill them and let us get to the interesting pulls!

No, these are not holigrams, these are actual Belfs and Demons hanging around this courtyard, about 7 per pull. Remember the difficulty in the first couple pulls? Take that and multiply it by 2, damn right it’s fun! For maximum skippage pull the right or left group closest to you, kill them, then pull the middle. At level 80 you should be able to just walk down the path leading towards the next room, avoiding the back pulls.

Another robot will be patrolling the hallway proceeding to the next courtyard, be sure to pull him far enough away from both the groups of mobs you skipped, and mobs you have yet to touch.  Not bad, could have gone cleaner, but now your next task is to heal up and clear out the first half of this new courtyard. You will figure out why in a minute.

Alright, head into that Greek-Building-esq thing in the middle of the courtyard, and you will spot 5 characters. 4 randomly generated characters, and one stable person, the Princess  (Purple lady with too many arms). Incoming hard fight, GO!

So, why is there a Belf with two Fisticuffs and no shirt...?!?

The Boss Fight- Faction Champions Princess-I-Need-Less-Arms

  • Do the strategy you would for Faction Champions, burn down and interrupt the Healer.
  • When this is done kill the next most annoying of the bosses.
  • There is no threat table, they will randomly jump from person to person. (If you are soloing then go figure)
  • Destroy all of them!
  • ???
  • Profit!

Quick! Run into the fancifully decorated hallway ahead of you, yes, Blood Elves ahead, who would have guessed!?

There are literally about two groups of Mobs left to down before you hit Kael’Thas, and these actually are some of the easier ones. Just remember to oust the Healers first, no need to make this anymore complicated than it needs to be, no? Don’t question the Naga in the pull, I assure you most Blood Elves have no positive association with them.


“Asshole… I haven’t done… Tempest Keep… yet!”
Didn’t miss out on much, Munchy, we killed him and he apparently rose from the dead.
“…That’s my… job…”


My, Kael'Thas, what rotten skin you have!

The Boss Fight- Kael’Thas, trust me it won’t fail this time!

  • Being the prime example of a Mage, Kael will shoot fireballs at you, do try and interrupt to minimize damage taken
  • around 75-80% he will summon a Pheonix, this needs to get burned down ASAP!
  • Every so often Pheonix eggs will be spawned, destroy these before they can spawn the actual Pheonix inside.
  • About 60% he will cast an ability that will literally take the gravity away from you for a while, much like the Tempest Keep fight.
  • During this you need to fly around and dodge the purple bubbles that will be flying towards you.
  • Do this successfully and he will be stunned for a few seconds before repeating this again.
  • Keep killing the Eggs!
  • Rinse and repeat until finished!

It is an easy fight in theory, but then again this is coming from a member of a species that thought the sun revolved around the Earth. Honestly, even on Normal mode and switching between Unholy/Frost specs I was no able to defeat Kael’Thas, and yes I was using my OH SHI- buttons and the like. It is an extremely hard fight, both for its respective level and to solo, so I will have to bug ask Aifel to help me out with that.

Either way, it was as fun of a run as it was back when I did it at its respective level, and honestly harder than any of those damned things we call “heroics” nowadays! So go try it out, and have some fun.

I’m comin’ for you Kael’Thas!

Happy WoWing!


As a note to all of you aspiring Tanks that have not “gotten the hang of” when to use your OH SHI- buttons, do the first trash pulls in MGT: Norm, you will know by the end of those, seriously.

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  1. November 23, 2009 3:43 PM

    thanks alot for this guide, it’ll help me to get that hawkstrider after so long 😀

    on a side note, I hope they bring back CC too 😦

  2. November 23, 2009 7:07 PM

    MgT was one of the best places in BC!!! And yes, I do wish there were a few more things that required CC. I used to be really good at trapping things! Now I’m not so sure, it’s been like what, 12 months since I last did?

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