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The Death Knight Tank and You: Finding a Home

October 29, 2009

Home is where the DEATH KNIGHT is!

“Well, it looks like we are moving in Munch! Let’s hope our neighbors do not have annoying little brats,” says everyone’s Death Knight with a moving box in his arms…

Greetings class, it is good to see you all again! How about we give you a break from the “norm” of things, although this lesson has quite a bit to do with a Tank, it will not directly improve your ability as a Tank. Guilds, how do you find a good one, what is a “good guild”, and what are some suggested steps to take towards figuring out if they are indeed good enough for you. This indirectly effects a Tank quite significantly, because with a good guild you SHOULD be able to clear a lot harder content as opposed to the PUGs which most likely will not.

Harder content + Tight-knit group of individuals that push you to your limit = Development of better Tanking skills, and better gear

Let us start out with my definition of a “good guild”, be forewarned, this is assuming you are looking for a guild that is Raiding either Hardcore or Casually.

A good guild is a guild which does the content you are specifically looking for (10/25/hardmodes) on a schedule that you will be able to make without having to change real-life commitments. This guild should be able-bodied and allow you to raid on a regular basis, and may make you “try-out”/apply for the guild position as well.

Every person is different, some of us prefer to do 10 man content, 25 man content, or a mixture of the two. When one is searching for a guild you need to clearly understand what you personally want as a player. There is no right or wrong answer, this is your $15.00 a month so find something that makes you want to login on Raid Nights and have some fun.

For me, I prefer a serious, yet casual guild that mostly does 10 man content. Since I am still in school I need to have hours that will not keep me up past 11pm in order for me to pass my tests and what not, because as I said earlier you should not be changing real-life commitments in order to Raid. The end of the week gets hectic in my life, so I do not want to let the guild down because I will not be able to be on 100% (almost) of the time. Using this template I was searching for a guild that would do Sun-Weds 8-11pm or 7-10pm (3 hours is more than enough for one night in my opinion), and one that did 10m content for the majority of the time.

Simply put, a guild is dubbed “good” or “bad” by a person’s perspective. If you want a specific thing at a specific time and said guild produces said thing, that is your definition of a “good guild”.

“What is it, we were just about to move on!”
“What is this trying out/applying business? How does that make the guild “good”!?”

Excellent question, trying out and applying for your dream guild can be extremely time-consuming, so how the hell IS that a good thing. If a guild is serious about Raiding and progressing through the content available they will only hand-pick the cream of the crop, the best of the best. In order to do that they must analyze serious offers and players, so seeing them in action or reading up on the proposed player will give them an idea if you are as serious as they are about Raiding.

If you are not picked and you filled out an app/tried out then you were not what they were looking for, and honestly this is a good thing. If they just invited you, and you were not what they wanted, you would be benched during Raids and would leave regardless. They are doing you a favor by analyzing you before hand! Plus, as I just stated, a serious Hard-Core (even just serious casual) will want to learn about you, so in fact, this is an easy way to find out how serious the proposed guild actually is.

“All set class?”
“No… you damned… elf”
“Munchy, good thing you’re cute!”
“I… HATE… You!”


Vivek, are you sure you don't want to be cut down? I have this awesome Axe to do it with...

Finding  Guild Suitable for YOU!

Sorry friends, this can take some research, but in the end it will work out for you. Finding a good guild can be as time-consuming as you would like it to be, if you want to spend 2 min perusing the WoW Forums and pick whatever comes up first, be my guest. Hell, you may find something spectacular, but chances are you most likely WILL NOT. The amount of effort you put in will usually reflect the amount of payback you receive in this scenario. So, what are some suggestions I have for you?

1) Browse the Realm Forums, many serious guilds will be advertising on any of the servers listed (yours included!) , so take a browse through it, maybe you will find something you like. Although this idea is not completely accurate, the basic idea of who is on your server and recruiting is a great start. Plus, observing what others are doing as a guild may help you fine-tune your requirements for your dream guild. A great start, but may not be the wielder of your end result depending on how many guilds actually recruit on your Server’s forum.

2) Watch Trade Chat, if the ANAL jokes do not kill you, you may come out with “a diamond in the rough”. Most guilds that are currently recruiting will macro guild recruitment information on your city’s Trade Chat Channel, this information may be what they are currently completing as a guild, specific classes/roles that are being recruited at this time, dates and times of events, or ways to contact Officers/the Guild Leader (via Whispering or a website). Honestly I would use this after you have checked up on the guilds you looked into that were advertised on the Forums. However, this certainly is much more “up to date” with what guilds are recruiting at that moment in time.

3) The best guilds I have been with (I Chaos Theory I and Colour Blind) were found by PUGing with them. When a guild does not have a specific role that they need to complete a Raid, they will have to PUG a few people. If you are picked as their PUG, this will be an excellent indicator to you that they may need your role in their guild, so if they are good enough for you and vice-versa you may want to think about joining up. In both of those guilds I was just a PUG/a friend PUGed with them, and obviously it worked out spectacularly for us. The only problem someone would have with this is that there is no selection, you have found what you are looking for, but if there is nothing to compare it with you may be missing out on an even better opportunity. There is a risk you are going to have to take, keep searching and keep them in mind, or join on the spot. It is up to you!

“Elnoriah, what made those two guilds the ‘best guilds you have been with’?”
“Interesting question, luckily this easily transitions us into our final topic! Your life is spared, you are welcome!”


Hail to the Pumpkin King!

Do They Really NOT Suck!?

When you are searching for any guild, there are going to be amazing choices, horrible choices, and mediocre choices. Why settle for anything less than amazing if it is available to you? Searching for a guild is ridiculously easy, but making sure these are the guys you want to spend hours of your life with can be the most difficult part of this ordeal.

1) Do they post their scheduled on the In-Game Calendar? Planning ahead and organization reveals that the Raid Leader/Guild Leadership is focused upon Raiding and desires to start and finish at a pre-determined time. Setting a time-limit gives you a chance to kick your Raiders into gear, if we only have 2 hours to down Naxx the Raid will limit “screwing around” and complete the Raid with limited amount of mistakes.

2) Before you join, you may want to ask to do a “Trial Run” with the guild, if they desire you enough, they will undoubtably let you join them. This allows you to get to know the people you are working with before actually joining, and it also allows you to evaluate their performance. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are, “If we wipe, how does the Raid Leader take it? Is he cool and understanding, or does he jus yell and point fingers?”, “Are they trying content that is challenging?”, “Are they tightly knit and do not make you feel socially awkward?”.

3) Are they easy to work with? It should not be a struggle to receive information (or where to get said info) from guild mates, and it definitely should not be a grimacing expedition into a Raid. When you are in a Raid with your guild, they need to have standards, they need to be polite, be proficient, and have a plan to kill EVERYONE they meet. Seriously though, most likely you are looking to have fun, but also get something done on Raid Nights, the guild should be able to do both!

As a Tank, it definitely helps to be with a group of people who you know and are comfortable Raiding with. You all know your limits, as well as who you can count on to do a specific task in an encounter. PUGs are generally a hit or miss, people PUG for gear, not to teach some player how to Tank the Raid, and even then you can not always be sure of what you are working with in a PUG. Being in a guild has so many more advantages, the tiny disadvantages can almost be completely disregarded.

Students, make it possible, you know what you need to do to find the guild that you want, and if you are not already in it, there is no reason to not search for that guild. Although it may be a bumpy road, everything gets smoother at some point, right?

I will see all of you next week!
Happy WoWing!

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  1. October 29, 2009 10:06 PM

    Great article. Excellent point raised that what someone might think is the best guild every may not fit another person’s criteria for the same. The great thing is how many guilds with varying personalities/raid times/activities there are for us to choose from, server transfer fees permitting. It’s good for folks to clearly map out for themselves what they are looking for prior to starting to apply.

    I think a lot of folks do not realize that the guild application process is sort of like dating. You want to give your application some sparkle and help the guild learn enough about you to see if you’d be a good fit to join their team. It’s sad to see how little effort folks put into application answers sometimes. oy.

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