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A Quick(ish) Update!

October 27, 2009

Okay you caught me!

“I demand a tux! If I am going to do this “news broadcasting” business, I am going to do it with some CLASS!”, exclaims a very fidgety elf.

Alight, this is not going to be completely focused on Death Knights, so I will come clean with that early. Honestly this is more of a preview of what is to come soon to a blog (this one) near you!

First off let me hand this to Crando, eccentric Mage of Fire and Brimstone!

If I was an ice cream, do you know what flavor I would be? Who cares!? Level 60 on the Mage is better than ice cream! Since I decided to pick the Mage back up again I have gotten quite a bit of help from Rozjin over at the Reputation Grind. Arcane is one of the top two current “best specs” for a Mage to be End-Game, and to me it seemed like a very fun kind of Spec. The rotation is very simple, but there is quite a bit going on regardless, there are many choices to be made even at Lvl. 60. “What is most Mana efficient?”, “This procced, what spell do unleash!?”, ect.

In a way it is just like Frost Tanking, you have a simplistic rotation, but there are quite a few key factors that you have to watch out for in terms of procs. Rime, for instance, a free Howling Blast is godly by itself, but you do have to time it correctly in order for it to be as useful as possible to you. Generally I either wait until my diseases are about to fad and/or will pair it with a Killing Machine proc for a free 5k crit without having to spend a rune.

Honestly, playing the Arcane Mage has been a blast (no pun intended), it is fresh and exciting. Although I still prefer the Death Knight Tank, the Mage will be an excellent way for me to escape Elnoriah for a few minutes and play something new for a change.

Yes, you will hear about my adventures as Crando Mage of Fire, Brimstone, Penguins, and Death in the future.


All I need is some Leather and we're in business!

All your arena points belong to ME!

Alright, so Aifel my buddy/co author has decided to spend some time in Azkaban for killing more Gnomes than Blizzard will allow in two hours. Sadly he will be incapacitated until late November-Early December, and no he was not banned!

How the hell am I supposed to do 2v2 without my Rogue!? Well, a Real-Life friend of his has a Druid and was interested in doing some PvP Resto to see what it is all about. I have never in my life played with a Healer before in Arena so THAT was an experience and a half. Luckily he is skilled and competent, I generally do not even need to ask for any CC, he just does it!

Although I still miss the DK/Rogue combo, the Druid/DK is strong and a good #2 until Aifel get’s his ass online again! 5-5 this week, which brought us to 1015 rating, yep enough to buy Furious Gladiator Chestpiece!

What does this mean!? What I have been hoping to do is to write-up some strategies that we use, and of course how to PvP as a Death Knight! We can only go up from here!

Is that all?


Surely you can’t be serious!?

Yes, and stop calling me Sherly!

Snoop around here Thurs/Friday for a new Death Knight Tank and You addition, because once every other week is just not enough!

Happy WoWing


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