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Expertise and Hit, Who, What, Where, How!?

October 20, 2009

^That was my expression, too!

^That was my expression, too!

“Aifel, yo, AIFEL!”, so screams a desperate-looking Death Knight. “Great, this one looks like he will be out for quite a while, damn Warriors…”

Munchy, are you ready? We are going to have to fill in for Aifel today, it seems as if he will be on a little, “vacation” for a bit. Regardless, remember back to our last episode of our Podcast? We perused through some of the recent search terms to answer questions, and laugh at how freaky some of our readers are, and we actually found a diamond in the rough, so to speak. Give us the question, mate!

“First of all… I’d like to thank… the Academy!”
“What is… Hit Rating… and Expertise????!”

To the more seasoned veterans of WoW, this is a simple question, but it actually is quite unknown to much of the player-base! Both of these are extremely important for both Melee DPS and Tanks, and Hit Rating is also a golden rule for any Ranged DPS. The only person that should never have to worry about either of these stats is a PvE healer, PvP Healing actually requires a bit of Hit to help with CC. (The more you know!!!)

“Fine… idiot… let’s start with… Hit Rating!”

Hit Rating: “Hit refers to physical damage that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons. Basically it reduces the chance to miss with your attack (see below). The chance to hit increases by 1% per 32.79 hit rating points at level 80, 15.77 hit rating points at level 70, and 10 hit rating points at level 60. The base chance to miss with maximum weapon skill against an opponent of equal level is 5% for two handed and 24% for dual wield. With Patch 3.0, both hit and spell hit use the same basic hit rating attribute within the combat rating system, although the similarity largely ends there — they are effectively distinct attributes derived from the same rating.”

This is a definition brought to you by WoWWiki, how about we break this chunk down to understand what Hit Rating really is.

The first line basically means that without the “Hit Cap” any damaging attack has a chance to miss. Hit Rating reduces the chance for said attacks to  miss by X Percent by Y Amount of Hit Rating Points (found in gear/gems/enchants), and X/Y are determined by the level of the character. For Melee/Phys. Ranged you have to be Maxx’d out in the weapon of your choice in order for these percentages to be completely accurate. It also goes on to say that the Spell Hit and Physical Hit are now combined so “Hit Rating” has the same mechanics both ways.

From that description we know this, if you do not have enough Hit Rating so that a certain % of your attacks will always hit, you are basically boned as a Tank, and ESPECIALLY as a DPS. For each class/spec the amount of HR that you will be needing will be a different number, this is due to what talents would generally picked up by said class/spec. Sorry guys, but some classes are gifted with more HR Talents then others, DEAL!

Come Munchy, when we break this, it will be called "The Elnoriah Memorial for Dummies!"

Come Munchy, when we break this, it will be called "The Elnoriah Memorial for Dummies!"

There is such a thing as TOO MUCH HR! This is where the balancing comes into play, because of course, you are not aiming to hit for every frickin’ White Damage attack to land full force on every mob. That would require a number of HR enchants/gems in your gear, subtracting from your other precious Stats! Most classes shoot for the Spell/Ability hit cap, some may suggest to go higher, or lower depending on your group makeup. (Space Goats give +1% HR to your group)

As a Tank, you always want to have your Taunts/Abilities land, you do not want to give that Hunter shelling out nukes-in-a-bullet in the back there the satisfaction of pulling off of your sorry ass. We are usually all set from the amount of hit our gear gives us as a whole, but still, make sure you are as close to the cap as physically possible, it DOES help.

The DPS, if you are not Hit Capped, get the hell out of my raid, seriously, unless you are supposed to be carried by the dude shelling out 14K Death Coil Crits, go do some Heroics. This is the MOST IMPORTANT stat to always have Capped as DPS, it should not even be debated, if you can not hit with all of your abilities, your DPS will suffer more than the +28 AP enchant will make up for. HR will be balanced like this until it is taken out of the game.

Onward Munchy!
“Expertise… it is like… Spinach Ravioli!”
True that ‘partner!
“Shut up… fleshy…”

Expertise: “For boss-level mobs (which are calculated as your level + 3) the soft cap is 6.5% dodge or 26 expertise (214 expertise rating), and the hard cap is 14% parry or 56 expertise (460 expertise rating). Melee DPS classes will usually focus on the soft cap, since bosses cannot Parry when attacked from behind. Some tanks will like to collect a lot of expertise in order to avoid boss parries, which may result in the Parry-Hasting effect.”

“What the hell, man!? I thought we were good to go as Melee DPS/Tanks once we are at the Hit Cap!?” Response: WELCOME TO HELL! How about we fix you up with a good ol’ breakdown of this excerpt from WoWWiki?



The first sentence means that Expertise is the stat that reduces/eliminates the chance for a mob/boss to EVER Dodge and Parry your attacks. The cap that Melee DPS needs to worry about is the “soft cap” of 26 Expertise, in order for their attacks to never be Dodged. Tanks will need to some-what focus on the 56 Expertise so the Bosses will not be able to Parry and Dodge their attacks! The Second sentence means that because you Melee classes stand BEHIND the Boss, your abilities are only able to be Dodged, thus meaning that the only worth-while cap to go for is the 26 Expertise Dodge Cap. Then we find that Tanks go for 56 Expertise to attempt to hide from the Parry-Gib monster!

Casters/Phys. Ranged DPS you do not need to worry, this is only Physically taking that Stat-Stick of yours and whacking a boss. If any of you do that, I will turn you over to Munchy and he WILL turn you into spices for his salad.

Why the hell can’t you eat them Munch!? It would be so much less time consuming!
“Idiots go… straight to… my thighs… like you…”

So essentially, Expertise is that friend you hang out with after you and the Hit Cap have gotten married and had 3 kids. Yes, he is important and you would not want to lose him, but your Hit Cap/Wife is a lot more important then your Expertise/Best Friend. Both have Caps, meaning that if you do not reach a certain amount, you will be “teh suck”, this should include Tanks, if our Taunts/Abilities miss, we will not gain as much Threat as we need.

Do remember, as a Tank, your Dcap/avoidance/HP should be in priority, the real way to get better Hit/Expertise is to merely get better gear. Okay, the occasional gem/enchant may not be a bad decision if you are REALLY lacking in HR, but STAM should be the focus. It’s your call there, Caesar, go ahead, cross that river!

Death Knight Tanks, report here double time Thursday for your weekly update on how to Tank like a Pro!
“Weekly!?… and YOU… a PRO!?… if I still had… a soul… I would laugh…”

We need to stop letting you go to bars with Aifel, don’t we?
“Hops are… vegetables… too!”

Happy WoWing!

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  1. Ken permalink
    October 21, 2009 2:12 PM

    Hooah. Thanks for the “public service announcement.”

  2. Alex permalink
    October 22, 2009 5:51 PM

    o hai

    To add to this; certain classes have talents that reduce their chance for their attacks to be dodged (Arms Warriors come to mind). This effectively reduces the amount of Expertise you need to hit the cap, since the soft cap eliminates any dodging of your hits a boss might do.

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