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This Will Be Our Little Secret

October 18, 2009

Yes, this IS our secret!

Yes, this IS our secret!

“No, bring those cameras back! They’re supposed to be on ME, not HIM!” Yells a very upset Elnoriah…

Yes, I play Alliance to screw around with Elgar/Troutwort/Schrubert/(Insert 10 more alts here) and Roz/Karius on Winterhoof with the rest of their guild, <Crits and Giggles>. Mainly I just tooled around on a Shaman, but in a desperate attempt to get closer to their shenanigans I decided to roll a Death Knight, my speciality!

At first he was going to be a Frost 2H Tank, I love playing Frost so why the hell not!? Then a crazy idea hit me, not only could I have a bit of fun while wrecking havoc upon the Gnomes, but I could use this as a chance to experiment a little as a Tank. I had tried Blood Tanking awhile ago, and it was O.K., but nothing that I actually had some real fun with.

Everything deserves a second chance, right?

I will admit, it is not as bad as I remember it to be, although I still prefer Frost I will definitely keep Elnegla as a Blood Tank for his life. Now how far he will get in said life, do not hold your breath! Still, it gives me a spark of life into my favorite class in the game, because let us face the facts, EVERYTHING will get boring sometime, but if I switch it up a bit I will still have a ton of fun.

How about we take a look at his spec, should I hit 80 this is what it will be. This takes the best of two builds I have looked at, one is made specifically for survivability, the other is made for Threat. So, I decided if I combined the two it would be a pretty decent spec, maybe it will, maybe it will not, but there is only one way to find out. If you have any suggestions/criticisms feel free to comment.

Break it down now!

Break it down now!

The #1 thing that I have noticed is that Blood Tanking has some of the BEST OH SHI- buttons, Vampiric Blood is like a Healer’s best friend. Getting 15% more health for 10 seconds, along with 35% increased healing done to you, this allows healers to give you massive amounts of HP in a very short amount of time. Mark of Blood is another great ability, if I can get healed for getting hit all I can say is “Hell Yah!”.

So what is the key to Blood Tanking, what is the main mechanic of it that makes it so different from Frost? Self-preservation is the answer, the ability to keep yourself alive without relying on a healer for a decent period of time. Frost can take hits a lot better, but when it comes to recovering those hits in a short and efficient amount of time, Blood is your man to use.

The only regret that I have for making my Blood Tanking, Jewlery-makin’, machine o’ doom, is that I did not make him as a Space Goat. Well, Mohawks are pretty badass, but still TENTICLES!

“I am a Night Elf Mohawk!”
Happy WoWing!

Yes, this WILL be our secret!

Yes, this WILL be our secret!

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  1. October 18, 2009 10:46 PM

    Gahiji’s a blood tank. It’s pretty nice, and with Death Strike as a regular part of my rotation my healers don’t seem to scramble too much.

  2. October 19, 2009 4:08 PM

    I use a similar spec for my soloing spec, I don’t have to worry about threat since I’m the only one in the instance but the survivability of blood is impressive. Good luck with your new tank.

    • October 19, 2009 7:03 PM

      I used to use a Blood PvP spec, now THAT was great for survivability as well as this. It would take 4 Allies to even start to of hurt me!

  3. October 21, 2009 10:06 AM

    Blood Spec is great for leveling. I can easily take out 3-5 mobs on me. I can do most 2-3 player quests. And when you have a healer in group, frost is nice too. However, most of the time its all blood for me.


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