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Raid Leading

October 15, 2009

Oh, I get it! No, wait never mind!

Oh, I get it! No, wait never mind!

“Hah yes! Yes! I’m going to break it!!! Just a bit more Munchy!” Echoes Elnoriah throughout the entire Ebon Hold as he smashes his axe against the dummy….

It’s funny, because our Guild Leaders are on a vacation with each other our guild has had no intentions of raiding together, on the other hand, I have been wanting to Raid, and I am surely not waiting for them to pull something out of their asses. Aifel has helped me a bit, and along with Bigblakbul we were able to pull of Ony 10 (All the achieves!) and ToC 10 (hopefully again this weekend!). Putting together a PuG is something I generally do not do, but I figured that it is my only shot to be able to down any content if this is how the guild is going to act.

There are a few things that you need to know in order to pull this off, and luckily back in The Burning Crusade when I had my own guild, I learned them and I learned them fast. So, what is it that makes a good Raid Leader, because despite the fact that it was a laid-back PuG you will still need someone to grab the bull by the horns!

Numero Uno: First of all, you need to have a general understanding of the boss fights and what a good group makeup should look like in said raid. Now I had done the bosses once before, but decided I should still read a little about the bosses and watch the videos up at for ToC 10m. Aifel had done the same, so if I missed something while I explained or made a mistake, then he could correct it instead of us having to wipe a few times. (Hey, I’m certainly not perfect!)

As with any 10 Man you will need Two Tanks, so that was easy, it never changes in number or size. One thing you should do, however, is to not have two of the same Tank! Each Class has their strengths and weaknesses, so putting two different Classes together you can generally minimize the weaknesses and add more bonuses to your Raid. Not to say that you can not do a raid with two Pally Tanks, it just would not be as good as a Pally and a DK.

Healers and DPS will change ,however, this all depends upon if your Healers are comfortable with 2 Healers or 3, but for PUGs you should go with 3 for minimal mistakes. In ToC we looked for 3.5K+ DPS, and each person needed to know the fights/have the achievement in order to join. Guildies of other Raid Members are considered, so long as both the referer and the person themselves can vouch for meeting the minimal requirements. Considering it is a 10m, we strive towards having no same specs/classes, it allows more people to get a better shot at loot as well as more variety and buffs!

Numero 2?: As I said before I had Aifel on my back in case of a mess up or if something ever needed to be called out that I did not see due to my complete focus on Tanking a boss. This brings me to my second suggestion, have a back up! Get a friend, whom you work well with, to PUG with you and help out. You generally will feel much more comfortable in Vent and have a second person to watch for mistakes/catch yours.

Another thing that goes along the lines of a back up, allow others to give suggestions. There is not always one set-in-stone way to down a boss, and sometimes different strategies may just work better than yours. Do not let them walk all over you, but allow suggestions and comments to be made to better improve your Raiding Experience.

Dylan, we're really the only people that would do Old Hillsbrad just for these hats.

Dylan, we're really the only people that would do Old Hillsbrad just for these hats.

Number Three: I do not think there is a single sane person that would ever want a dull, boring, Raid Leader, and you certainly do not want to be That Guy! Add a bit of humor into your boss explanations. Obviously you should keep it clean, you do not know who you are talking to, so if it is clean then no one will be offended and everyone will have a lot more fun.

People do not like to be yelled at, almost as much as they do not like having a dull RL. With guildies it is generally a bit more lenient if your RL yells a bit for people to move out of fire, or whatever catastrophe pops up. In a PuG however, you should refrain from yelling as much as possible, these people are not here because of ties to particular people/guild, they probably do not even know you, so act respectably and kindly towards them.

Try to keep your cool no matter what, gulidies can generally understand this a lot better than random PUGs can, so act accordingly!

4: Efficiency is the key in PUGs, as I said before these people are here not because they know you, they are doing this merely to see content/get their loots when their Guild is not running said Raid. There are going to be times where people need to be benched or just down-right replaced, and if you are like me you will want to avoid doing this. Too bad, it will happen (if it has not already), deal with it. There are three types of Raids, Progression (Guilds that down hard content with their best men), Casual (A PuG or small guild completing not so difficult content, but is serious), and Gearin’ Up (Carrying a few members through quite easy content).

A Progression Raid Leader should NEVER be afraid to swap people out, you are there to down the bosses, not to screw around! A Casual Raid Leader can be a bit more lenient, but will still have to boot once and again. The Gearin’ Up Raid Leader may, but most likely will not have to think about swapping members in and out of a Raid. Look, there is no way to escape it. Yes, it sucks, but it sometimes may need to be done!

It's like car surfing, except deadlier!

It's like car surfing, except deadlier!

Conclusion.. oh 5!: My last piece of advice is simply, have fun, the reason you pay $15.00 a month is to have fun. Raid Leading should be the same; it is not something that you should be forced into. You lead because you wish to down content, but also because you are a good leader and enjoy what you are doing! It is your game, make it whatever you so desire, if that means to Raid Lead? Do it!

Remember: Research, Backup RL/Group Input, be interesting and humorous, be efficient no matter the cost, and HAVE FUN!
Is it simple to be a Raid Leader? Yes, and no, people are either born a leader or not. Those who are born a leader and realize their potential can become extremely successful and professional with leadership inside and outside of the game. Do you have what it takes? Try it out yourself, you may actually be crazy and like doing it!

Before we end: As I said early on, it is tough to lead alone, and friends can make or break you as a Leader. Luckily for me I have stuck with the good ones and left the bad ones where they stand, so I would like to just give a shout-out to a few of them. Just incase ya’ll read this!

Silvoss/Racna: There have been numerous occasions when you have saved my ass, but most of all, you gave me the push I needed when I had my own guild. Yes it ended up poorly, but you were one of my best officers and are still a fun person to hang around to this date. Thanks for the support buddy!
Klinderas a.k.a Phil: Could not have asked for a better person to help me form a guild from scratch, and to realize my full potential. We’ve learned a lot about each other, but really I think I have learned much more about myself due to the lessons you’ve taught me. Thanks, for everything Phil!
Aifel/Alex: When the going gets tough you need someone to stick with through think and thin. It does not always work out for us, but in the end we still are rocking through Raids like beasts.  Would this blog be growing like it is without him? Doubtful! Keep it up Alex!

Happy WoWing!

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  1. October 16, 2009 7:23 PM

    I did Old Hillsbrad just for the hat.

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