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Podcast Episode 7: Elno’s Crazy Trip!

October 9, 2009

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Episode 7 may be found here!

Older Episodes are found here!

Today your favorite hosts talk about the upcoming patch, gear specifically. As if you have not heard about it enough, the T10 set bonuses! Just as a disclaimer, remeber these may in fact just be placeholders, but let’s hope they are not, for they are frickin’ GODLY!

A segment we are going to start doing each podcast are some of the search terms that people use to find this site. Let us just say, some are ranging from intellectual searches, to just damned impossible.

Lastly, you get to hear about Elnoriah’s experiance in Karazhan for 28+ straight hours, and what the process is of getting your account back if it is stolen.

Just an appology/warning, I [Elnoriah] am a bit crazier then my usual self due to some RL issues and such so I am forewarning you before you wonder what I am talking about. All of it should be cleared up by the next podcast though so not to worry!

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