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The Death Knight Tank and You: Shoulders, Knees, and Dome!

October 6, 2009

Make me fly, Blizzard!

Make me fly, Blizzard!

Yes, it is great to be home, back where I belong! No one will ever try and stop me… if they want to keep their head intact at least…

Okay students, as I concluded last time, we are here to speak of enhancing one’s gear, and since you already know how to enchant your own gear we will now be speaking of the gear that Enchanters can not touch with a 10ft long pole. Do not fret, these pieces of gear may still be enhanced, but there are other ways of doing so, and generally are a bit more painful.

Just keep a note on this, these are only enhancements that any Death Knight can do regardless of professions. However, I will make a small note below each of the gear items if it is possible to use a special enchant from a specific profession.

So, obviously we will not be talking about how to enchant your Rings, but what we will be talking about are some of the best looking pieces of gear. The Shoulders, the Legs, the Belt, and of course your Head!

Shoulders: If you ever wanted to feel like a football player, with out the atrocious stench, throw on some badass looking shoulder pieces. They are bulky and obnoxious just like the real shoulder pads, these however will save your entire life, not just your collar bone. They are crafted from some of the finest metals, as well as the shiniest and will complete any outfit you choose, so without further adieu let’s dive into them!

Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle: This would be your ideal Tanking Inscription, the avoidance from the 20 dodge is great and the 15 Defense Rating can allow you to switch around other gems and enchants with ease. If you have worked like a slave and gotten exalted with the Sons of Hodir you are allowed to buy this Inscription from the quartermaster for the Sons of Hodir. Trust me, it is a 100g well spent for sure!

Heavy Borean Armor Kit: For the lazy fellas like your’s truly (Hey, I’m almost there!) this is for you, no grinding required. Just find a Leather Worker and purchase this 18+ STAM baby from him/her! Now this armor kit can be used for many different slots, but the only one that you should really think about using this on is the Shoulders, mostly because the other items have decent Enchants just for them anyways.

Scribes: Luckily for any Scribes in our class, you do not even have to get Exalted with the Sons of Hodir, all you have to do is level your Inscription profession. Master’s Inscription of the Pinnacle is his name, and being better than the perchaseable version is totally his game. Yes, class feel free to beat up the Scribes, just wait until after class.

All aboard the El-Train!

All aboard the El-Train!

Legs: The Leggings are worn  just so we can keep our legs attached to the rest of our body. Really, what good is a Tank without his mobility? All he can do is Tank Patchwerk! (Zing!)

Frosthide Leg Armor: Throw these babies on your Leggings and you get yourself +55 Stamina and +22 Agility, now as I have said before Agility is definitely not our most desired stat, but the +55 STAM is too damn sexy to pass up. Agility gives us a little bit of dodge and armor so okay then I will live with that, but really we are just doing this for our friend STAM!

Jormungar Leg Reinforcements: A leather worker could make these for extremely cheap mats and they give the same amount of stats as the enhancement shown above. Although, I do highly doubt that there are many (if any) Leather Working Death Knights out there.

Head: As a Tank you have one of the most important roles in the entire game, without you everyone will be dead,  so obviously we need to keep that head of yours on its shoulders. Luckily we have headpieces that are made from thick metals and large amounts of STAM so we are able to do this easily! Look what technology has done for us!

Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector: The headpiece decision is extremely easy, because, this is all you have to choose from as a Tank. This delicious mix of +37 STAM and +20 Defense Rating is made specifically for any Tank that wishes to attach this to their Head Gear. The downside to this not being able to be crafted by anyone is first of all, you need to be revered with the Argent Crusade in order to purchase this from the quartermaster. Secondly it costs 125 Gold so plan when you go to buy this!

Belt: What attached your legs to your upper body? The waist of course! In order to further prevent your legs from flying off of you in combat, we wear large belts made of hard rocks. Although there is no specific “Stat Enhancement” for this, you can tinker around with your belt.

Eternal Belt Buckle: The tooltip says it all, attaching this available-to-everyone belt buckle you are allowed to put a gem of your choice inside of it. Now there is no socket bonus in this, but honestly you should not be worried about socket bonuses any who. Stick a +24 STAM gem (Or Higher) and you win at Tanking! Unless you are under the Defense Cap of 540, then stick a +20 Defense Rating (Or Higher) gem and you also win at Tanking.

Anything you would like to add Munchy?

“Engineers can… make a frag… belt to get… bombs!… Munchy like… bombs…”

Ain’t he a doll!?

Alright then class, short and sweet as usual, great job today! Now go apply this to your everyday virtual lives and collect $200 when you pass GO.

Next week we will have  a lesson that has nothing whatsoever to do with gear enhancement, so look forward to that. Although if there is anything you all would specifically like to learn about, drop me a line at .

3 Comments leave one →
  1. October 6, 2009 11:44 PM

    Go munchy! you tell those non engineers that they’re missing out on all the fun of having a BOMB BELT.

  2. October 7, 2009 7:32 PM

    Given that jewelcrafting is one of/the best profession for a DK, I want to remind folks to put their three UBER JC stam gems somewhere, and that lovely belt buckle is as good a place as any!

    • October 7, 2009 11:40 PM

      Ah yes, I regret not leveling up JC on Elnoriah.

      Oh well, I like engineering, even if It doesn’t give me any decent Tanking stats the cheap giggles are worth it I suppose.

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