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In Which My Account Gets Stolen!

October 3, 2009

Sadly, this is not the case for this poor gent!

Sadly, this is not the case for this poor 'gent!

Get me the FUCK out of Karazhan, what are you doing with me! You’re not my master! The Lich King sent you, didn’t he!? Bastard!…

Yes, this morning when I went to go play Elnoriah was missing his Axe when I looked at him on the character selection board. “Meh, I was partying pretty hard last night!” Was my initial thought, then I noticed I had no bags and 32s, along with my missing 2h and newly earned necklace (more on that later). Hooray, some bastard decided to take my account, most likely he is working with the Lich King.

Sorry Arthas, but let it go, you could only keep us Death Knights for so long after you sent us into a DEATH TRAP!

It is not you Arthas, it is me, I am sorry but I am not good with relationships like that. We can still be friends right?

“Hell… no…bitch…!”

Yes, you tell him, Munchy!

In all seriousness though, he got Glyph of Unbreakable Armor, Glyph of Death and Decay, and bought an ilvl 178 mace after he deleted my 2h axe from H ToC 5m. To top it off he ninja’d a bit from my guild bank, 4 Greens, lvl70 OL gems, and a ilvl 200 Fist Weapon. What the hell, if you are going to pose as me, at LEAST show some decency man!*

What you wanted to do my main man, is  to first of all not sell my weapon if 30min later you are going to be power leveling the characters you will be selling. It does not do you good if you have to spend time/gold to get a new one, so if you were at least some-what intelligent you would have kept it on so you did not have to use the gold you are trying to sell on a new weapon.

Secondly, why the HELL did you use those two glyphs as a “Frost DK Tank”, and I am using that term VERY lightly there, is to keep the ones that I had on there in the first place. Unbreakable Armor looks good, right? 20% more armor from your UA, sounds okay to me! That there is your problem, you could have kept Glyph of Obliterate and done 20% more damage each Obliterate hit. A spell that you use all the time > A spell that you use once per minute max, correct?

Let’s see here, your choice of the Death and Decay was not bad though, since you are merely running lowbies through instances the more AoE is probably better than the Glyph of Rune Strike. So sadly I must admit that your logic was somewhat, mediocre. Although to all of you aspiring DK Tanks out there, get Glyph of Rune Strike instead of Death and Decay.

It looks like a kilt... sort of?

It looks like a kilt... sort of?

His Spec: Do I need to actually critique this, or can we all just laugh at how he has Threat of Thassarian and is using a 2h weapon?

The One intelligent thing he actually did was waited for the weekend to take my account, you see I found out the hard way this morning that Blizzard Customer Support is only opened Mon-Fri from 8am-8pm Pacific time. This means he bamboozled me when I could not get customer support for over 48 hours, yes I applaud you there, swine.

Blizzard, you make a bit of cash, how about spend a tiny bit of it and have some tech support on weekends? I know, make me the head of the company, I am a genius!

Good News: The night before this incident I found a PuG for a 10m ToC run. I figured what the hell, and it is a damn good thing I decided to, we went all the way with a full clear! There were a few decent drops, but what I did get/squeel over was the Tanking necklace off of Lord Jaraxxus. As you can see, it has about 5 Expertise on it, so I am closer to the Dodge cap with my 2h Weapon Tanking, so that should be good once I can get on and take it for a spin!

Yes, I am 2h Tanking again, and I hope to give you all a full post on exactly why sometime later in the week.

Happy WoWing!
Because I sure as hell can not!

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  1. October 4, 2009 1:19 PM


    I think someone is trying to tell you to come play Alliance. ^^

    • October 4, 2009 8:31 PM

      But then I could not punt Gnomes! Seriously it is a horrible feeling playing with Gnomes!

      Except for Schru, he’s okay with me!

      • October 5, 2009 2:23 AM

        Wait, who said you couldn’t punt gnomes just becuase you’re Alliance? Karius punts gnomes every chance he gets! Yes, even Schubert. =P

  2. Ken permalink
    October 5, 2009 4:32 PM

    Kind of curious…. what does happen after you get robbed? Does Blizzard have a way of replacing the items? I know that in situations where a guild is robbed, they have been able to track and replace. P.S. Blizzard is definitely not known for its customer service.

  3. October 5, 2009 5:35 PM

    Sorry to hear, man.
    As always when we post these things you’ll get the usual advice, along with the condolences. I have my own ‘been hacked’ story.

    For your info Ken, Blizzard is very good with account restoration. You can get every change to your character reversed as long as you have your original account info. I was hacked and the hacker started a new (chinese named) guild and farmed like mad for the few days it took to get my account back. They had a funny spec, but fortunately didn’t shard my gear. They did sell my extensive stock of enchanting mats and gems, but I got them all back.
    Blizz’ service was fine – only glitch would be as Elnoriah posts that it might take a few days, especially if it’s on the weekend.

  4. October 5, 2009 7:48 PM

    Dude that sucks. Make sure your pc is clean of virii/trojans, uptodate, firefox+noscript, etc.

  5. October 5, 2009 8:00 PM

    Just an update, thank you all very very much for your kind words!

    I just checked my email and it should be stable, now I just need to change my pword and see what items I have been compensated with!

    Here’s ta good lucks!

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