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The Death Knight Tank and You: Simply Enchanting

September 30, 2009



Priest, the only reason I tolerate you is due to your steady supply of gear enhancement via shards. Now make yourself useful and cook me raid food, okay?…

Class, we are Death Knights, we run around with armor made of the hardest metals, and laugh in the face of doom. Last time we talked about what to gem with in our one Red Socket we should be using, so how about we stay on that topic of gear enhancement? Yes, everyone’s favorite thing to do after they get a new piece of loot, go give a damn squishy money to enhance your gear!

There are 5 slots of gear that we have to worry about getting an enchant on, those being the Chest, Cloak, Bracers, Gloves, and Boots. For every other Tank you would have to count their various weaponry, but we get “free enchants” to those because Blizz loves us. It’s the least they could do when they ship us off to be devoured by various bosses!

As with Death Knight Tanking, there are various options for you to choose when enchanting your equipment, of course there are always right and wrong ones. As in, if you enchant for spell power, you are doing it very wrong. Obviously one must still be aware, but hopefully today it will become a sixth sense as to what enchants you should be using as a Death Knight Tank.

Munchy, I think that Gnome in the back is already lost, ’tis a shame Timmy, you were SUCH a great learner. Yes that was sarcasm, go escort him out boy!

Well, while he goes about his business, how about we actually start the festivities and learn a bit about what we are supposed to be enchanting our gear for.

“Munchy… just want… to play…”
“Munchy… broke… Gnome…”

Pet Biscuts, they work on children too!

Pet Biscuits, they work on children too!

Cloak: Although we have yet to be able to use these as hoods like a traditional “cloak”, we use these pieces of cloth for making us look like a superhero, as well as increasing some of our Tank stats. There are two options that you could choose to enchant your cloak with, and really it depends on how much Defense Skill you have as to which of the options you will be choosing.

Enchant Cloak- Titanweave is the first you should look at as a Tank. This has 16 Defense Rating on it to contribute to your skill, so for argument’s sake, about 3 Defense Skill. If you take a look at your character sheet under defenses you should see a number next to Defense that is 540, if it is lower than this number use this enchant. Simple, right?

Enchant Cloak- Mighty Armor is your second option you should think about, however only decide upon this if you are over or at the 540 Defense Cap. This contributes a whopping 225 armor to your Death Knight, which honestly, is mediocre to be blunt. Though going a bit too far over the Defense Cap is not a healthy thing either, so in a sense this is the lesser of two evils.

I told you I convinced him to do it!

I told you I convinced him to do it!

Chest: Our Chest armor protects one of the most important parts of our body as a Tank. No, not your Heart, your Liver!  Joking aside, the Chest armor you wear is sturdy and hard, made of only the finest metals, so you should enchant it as such! There are two very common enchants, and one that I like to put up here due to a more creative reason.

Enchant Chest- Powerful Stats is your first of the three options you will be presented today, and it is certainly a creative one to use as a Tank. Honestly, it is not recommended to use in my opinion, but it will definitely not hurt you seeing as it increases every stat you have by 10 points. That is 10 more Stamina, 10 more Strength, and 10 more Agility in terms of Tanking, so think of it like this A bit of Health, some more Threat and Parry, and a tiny bit of Armor. Not my personal choice, but it is certainly justifiable if you do pick it.

Enchant Chest- Greater Defense can be compared to our Cloak Equivalent, except it gives about 4.5 Defense Skill. As I said before, you should only take straight up “D” when you honestly need it to be at the cap of 540 Defense Skill, so for a DWer or a new Tank this is your best friend.

Enchant Chest- Super Health is probably the better choice for a Tank that is over the Dcap enough to not need the 4 (and change) Defense Skill. Thankfully there is no math to do here to see exactly how much HP you get, as it tells you right on the tool tip, +275 Health. Yes, I am willing to say as of 3.2.2 it is the best HP enchant for a Death Knight Tank.

See I AM a "Higher Being"!

See I AM a "Higher Being"!

Bracers: These bad boys go on your wrists, to make a long story short they are like any other piece of your equipment, a fine crafted piece of plate that enhances our ability to Tank. They are generally very small and most of the time not even noticed when we look at ourselves in the mirror and /flex. Rest assured though, they have one of the best enchants to Tank with. Yes, there is only one chance I am even going to bother giving to you as a Tank.

Enchant Bracer- Major Stamina is the best contributor to your Hit Points out of any and all of the enchants we have discussed recently. Though the materials are slightly expensive, it is well worth the gold you spend. A MAJOR amount of Stamina, +40 to be exact, is put onto your gear when you place this on your Bracers. To give you an example of how much HP you get, let us just say a bit over 400 HP without doing much Math. Exactly, I do not even need a decent look at Math to tell you how mandatory this is!

Gloves: Why do you never get a finger slashed off by those damn Feral Defenders in Uld’s Cat Woman fight? Gauntlets, large gauntlets that look stylish and delicious! Generally they force our Bracers to go into hiding, but who do we care? They look and feel so god damn sweet it does not matter if we had to go naked just to wear these! Like the Bracers there is generally one and only one enchant I will use on my gloves, and that is neglecting even the fact that I am an Engineer! Meaning I would rather this over the 850 Armor the tinker gives me!

Enchant Gloves- Armsman is my name, and giving you 2% Threat and 10 Parry is my game. 2% Threat is a decent number if you think about it, whatever you can get as a passive bonus to your Threat output is greeted with open arms. The 10 Parry is not horrible but it certainly is not a make or break sort of deal in my opinion, still it is a great bonus for an already decent Enchant.

And THIS is why I am Leveling Frost...

And THIS is why I am Leveling Frost...

Boots: Our giant greaves of terror clunk upon the floor like a herd of elephant-people, thus explaining to all of you why we did not get a Stealth ability. My only problem with these things, not including the lack of being sneaky, would be that we can not do a Round-House Kick to Flame Levi as demonstrated in that link there. Here I will link the alternative, but alas only an engineer can think about using this.

“Yo, guys, launch me, I can one-shot this bizznitch!”

Enchant Boots- Greater Fortitude is the Enchant that any non-idiotic person would be using on their Boots. The +22 Stam is delicious, trust me it really is very nice! Doing some basic math once again, scaling by 1 Stam = 10 HP we can see that it increases our HP by 220 points, which of course is not bad, it is more than any non-epic gem could do for us. So if you do not want to end up as crazy as yours truly take this and do not look back!

Nitro Boosts if you take a look at the 22 bonus to Crit Rating you will start laughing at me. Obviously it is stupid to cut myself short of 220 HP, BUT not if you use this thing creatively enough. Let us take any boss with an avoidable AOE Nova/Breath of any sort, one that could potentially kill you dead so to speak. How about good ol’ Ony? She Deep Breathes like a pro, she has been doing that trick for 5years now so obviously one hit of this stuff could potentially kill you. Let us say she is deep breathing on the opposite side of you, you are not going to make it, may as well give up right?

“ENERGY LEGS!”, screams a blue blur dashing past you. Yes, that asshole with the blue hair just survived.

Worth the lack of 220 HP, possibly at some points it is. I know I have saved a few raids due to my ability to get in and out of fights easily, but if I was in an actual hardcore raid guild I would obviously need to change to the +22 Stam.

Conclusions: Everything is straight-forward, correct? Exclude the NitroBoosts and we can all say yes it does! Like I said before, a lot of this goes by what YOU need as a Tank, thus why Blizz put a few enchants on a boat sailing to Northrend. And then of course made them beat the livin’ shit outta each other!

Not a bad job today class, even through my ceaseless blabbing you neglected to fidget once. To keep you all oh so excited we will finish up with the rest of our gear enhancement lessons! I promise though, it will be quite a bit easier to grasp!

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  1. October 4, 2009 3:11 AM

    Pet biscuits on children is so full of win!


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