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Those Other Tank Things.

September 28, 2009

Reading Craig’s posts, one might come to the conclusion that DKs are a God given gift, to be treasured forever and ever. Statues are erected, religions are formed, and then I laugh at “statues erected”.

So DKs are basically Micheal Jackson. Proof.

And then one day, President DK Senior (no relation to Donkey Kong Junior) is walking down the road when bam, 3 people jump out of a bush and proceed to kick him in the face with their energy legs.

Yes, this is a really fucking bad metaphor; shut up.

Today, I’ll be making a post about those other tank things. Y’know, the ones with the faces and stuff.


If you play on Smolderthorn, take a good look at the tank population. You’ll see that most of them are Paladins, followed by DKs in second, Warriors in third, and Druids in fourth. And while there are a sizable number of Warriors, despite their spot in third, Druids are in fourth because there simply aren’t any. Why? Well, I can’t really figure out why; their mechanics sound very, well, sound to me. Maybe they don’t scale well, maybe there’s a big stigma behind them, or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough, but regardless, I’m going to attempt to shed some light on the main Druid mechanics as a tank.

As a Feral Combat tank, you’ll instantly notice that you can only wear leather, and there is no leather geared towards tanks; this is the main reason that every piece of leather has a good chunk of stam as well as agility. The smarter readers will also notice the talent Survival of the Fittest, and the smarter readers will know that reducing your chance to be crit by 6% makes you crit immune to any mob in WotLK. This means that you now have some interesting choices to make; what do you gem for? What stats do I get to improve TPS? Should I get a DPS trinket or a tank one?

Feral Combat tanks are in an enviable situation; not having to worry about a defense cap gives them much more room to get other potentially more valuable stats, such as stamina, agility (agility for a tank?! Yes, more on that later), expertise and hit. However, these DPS oriented stats carry much more weight to a Feral tank than they would to say, a Paladin; a Feral Combat tank has no non-melee tanking abilities. Meaning that if you have a low hit chance (remember, 263 to cap) and low expertise (remember, 26 expertise/214 expertise rating to cap) you are going to get supremely buttfucked. But with no defense cap to worry about, getting these DPS oriented stats is very easy, just don’t ignore them.

Feral Druids also get a very interesting passive buff at level 40 called Savage Defense, making AP much more desirable; indeed, many Feral tanks will gem for agility once they’re hit a comfortable level of stamina. Coupling this with the fact that endgame bears in good gear (information taken from one Manßearpig’s Armory) have upwards of 30k armor (more than 60% DR, the typical plate tank level of DR) and suddenly Druids look very attractive as your MT of choice. And add to that that Druids get an innate 12% damage reduction through a talent.

So, in conclusion, I want to roll a Feral Combat tank.

Good Glpyhs: Glyph of Maul, Glyph of FR, Glyph of Berserk.


Paladins are fucking dumb.

They get a very high block chance, a high amount of damage reduction, TPS through stacking stamina, and have the best AoE threat in the game. If you’re a Pally and you’re reading this, fuck you.

Stack Shield Block Value (higher TPS through SotR, bigger Holy Shield blocks, moar win) and you win as a Pally. NEXT TANK PLZ.


Good Glyphs: Glyph of Divine Plea, Glyph of Avenger’s Shield (obviously for single mob pulls), Glyph of HotR, Glyph of Seal of Vengeance.


So you might have noticed that I play a Warrior. His name is Gradii, and he was once my main. My raiding main is now my Rogue, but I have not forgotten about my good ol’ tank.

Warriors of WotLK are characterized by their ability to Charge mid-combat, the Sunder Armor debuff, their vast array of stuns and interrupts/silence and Vigilance. Vigilance is perhaps the best tank-related buff anyone could hope to have if you want high TPS, and with an Unrelenting Assault build (new blog post topic: coming soon!) that innately high TPS is shot even higher. Warriors have a huge reputation as being the only tank that was viable in pre-BC; while BC brought us the dawn of the Feral and Prot Pally tanks, Warriors have still maintained a foothold in the tank world, even with Block becoming outdated and all-around useless.

Warriors have lots of moves that are used situationally; Thunderclap after a Charge into a group of mobs, Shockwave once they’re in position, followed by tab-targeting and Devastating with the Glyph of Sunder Armor, throwing Cleaves into that mix whenever your melee swing is ready. Then you throw up a Demo. Shout, a Spell Reflect, maybe a Heroic Throw for a ranged interrupt, a Shield Bash whenever it’s off CD, a Shield Slam whenever Sword ‘n’ Board procs, or even when it hasn’t, and there you go.

Protection Warriors value stamina, like any tank, as well as hit and expertise. With the majority of hard hitting Warrior moves being melee (Shockwave being the only that isn’t), you want to be in and around the expertise and hit caps to maximize TPS and survivability, to minimize the chance of the oh-so-dreaded Parry Gib.

Craig looks under the bed for Parry Gib every night before he goes to bed. 😉

And as I mentioned earlier, Vigilance is win. Bad DPS stealing aggro? That damn Destro Lock/Elemental Shaman/Marksmanship Hunter got ridiculous TPS? Vigilance, you win.

Good Glyphs: Glyph of Vigilance, Glyph of Bloodrage, Glyph of Sunder Armor (yes, as I’ve mentioned, it affects Devastate) OR Glyph of Cleave, Glyph of Blocking, Glyph of Command, Glyph of Thunder Clap, Glyph of Charge.

And now I go back to PVP.

This week’s podcast topic: PVP. :O

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  1. September 29, 2009 1:04 AM

    Honestly, I LOVE Tanking with Bears, first of all it is extremely funny to see a giant bear go in and mess with XT. Secondly, 90% of the bears know what they are doing.

    I find this to be because there are so few of them only the best of the best, of the BEST even THINK about bear tanking. In my opinion it seems to be the most challenging version of tanking.

    They also seem to be a lot less cocky… unlike those damned Paladins. 😀

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