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Elno’s Word: Priests

September 26, 2009

No, WRONG kind of Priest!

No, WRONG kind of Priest!

Damn Priests, all they do is frolic and hit things with a giant frickin’ bubble of LIGHT. Arg! I HATE the light!…

Eld: Well, SOMEONE seems to be grumpy, you should try and frolic Elnoriah, it is great and relaxing, maybe go ahead and try Healing for a change. Doing some good for others always calms me down!

Elnoriah: Right… or I could go into the Alterac Valley that just popped and perform a lobotomy on some god-forsaken Gnome.

Crando: Bahahaha! Fire, burrrn, burn them to the ground!

Eld: Fine then, you two can go around and annihilate the Human race, but I think that your viewers Elno, should learn a bit more about the Priest, no? Come Munchy, we’re going to teach today!

Munchy: …Damn!

Priests, we are amazing Healers as well as pretty good DPS. Did you know that Priests are the only class that has two specs to choose from when Healing? Yes, that is how special we are, but most importantly it really differentiates the style of Healing. When I switched from Holy to Disc it felt like I just leveled up a whole new class, and my job as a Healer changed too.

Yes, I did just say that, both specs have a different job. When a Priest tells you he is Disc in your raid that means he should be doing a different job then your Holy Priest, a common misconception that really should not be made in my opinion.

As a Death Knight Tank, or any class/spec for that matter, you all should learn your class and job first right? Well, if you ever want to put a Raid together just knowing your class is not going to cut it, buckho! Even if you are not Raid Leading, as a Tank it helps quite a bit to know who is behind you and what their capabilities are, and as I said before a class with two different Healers can be confusing, so let’s make sure you do not forget.

Hey Gradz... you're supposed to cook them first, right?

Hey Gradz... you're supposed to cook them first, right?

Holy: As we all should know, there are two jobs as a Healer, and their names mean exactly what they do. There are the Raid Healers, which is what the Holy Priest specializes in, these Healers focus mainly on the Raid, the Raid being the DPS/Healers. Although if need be they can easily toss a few spells onto the Tank(s), so as you can imagine there is a lot that goes on as a Raid Healer.

The Priest has their basic AoE heal that any Priest can do, this is called Prayer of Healing, think of it as an almost Greater Heal, but for 5 people. This is used only when need be for as you noticed it takes a lot of Mana and a bit of a cast time, a Holy Priest generally needs to time these right.

Let us take Lotheb in Plague Quarter of Nax as an example! Lotheb negates all Healing done to the entire raid for most of the fight, but every so often this curse will go off for approximately 3 seconds. You need to know how long your Prayer of Healing takes to cast so that you can start casting at the right time and get it off within .5sec of the Healing going active. Let us say that your cast is a 2.5 sec cast for Prayer of Healing, when the curse has 2 seconds to go start casting and there you go.

To help with their Raid Healing the Holy Priest has a special 41 point talent called Circle of Healing, it is an instant cast and has an 8 second cool down with not a lot of Mana usage. Timing and careful planning are still needed so that you are not a COMPLETE idiot, but you do not have to plan so tightly due to the lack of any cast time, great eh?Though it only does a little more healing then a Flash Heal, do not neglect this, it is an amazing Raid Heal for sure.

Now remember the Holy Priest is a LOT better then their Discipline brethren when it comes to Raid Healing, but this is not to say you should not take them if you already have enough Raid Healers. They are still perfectly capable of successfully healing a Tank, after all they do have some ridiculously large crits.



Disc: The second spec in the Priest class that can heal, the Discipline Priest is focused on healing the Tanks of a Raid. Which of course is the other job Healers have aside form Raid Healing, they will be Tank Healers which means they sit on the Tank and MAYBE toss a Raid Heal out once and again, but generally they need to stick on the Tanks at all times. The reasoning for them being Tank Healers specifically are their two most important spells in their arsenal, one does amazing amounts of healing, and the other mitigates the damage that a Tank could have taken.

The first is the Discipline-exclusive, Penance, think of the mage spell Arcane Missiles, except as a clump of holy light launching at your Tank healing him for massive amounts. Penance does a great amount of healing for a cost that is significantly smaller than its Holy adversary, Greater Heal. The downside that it has is that it is a channeled spell, if you are hit at any point you can lose 1-2 “bolts” of your Penance, resulting in less healing done. So a cheaper, shorter cast time, more rewarding single-target large heal, already we can understand why they are much better at Tank Healing then their Holy brethren.

Discipline Priests use the spell Power Word: Shield as if it were sprinkles at an ice-cream restaurant, a hell of a lot. Now it is not Discipline-exclusive, but Holy Priests tend to not use it, mostly because they are healing the Raid, not trying to mitigate the damage from everyone. The Mana cost of the shield is quite expensive, so bubbling the Raid is something that a Holy Priest would not do, though a Discipline Priest can get away with an overdose of bubbles due to their talent, Rapture.

Two things were just explained to the critical readers in our audience, first should be why Holy Priests do not go bubble crazy, and second, why Disc. Priests DO! Rapture gives Mana back to the Priest when the bubble has absorbed the damage, thus meaning that when they put this on a Tank they can get some Mana from not needing to heal him as much, and just from the Raptures.

Basically, Discipline Priests have very strong single-target heals, they also can mitigate the damage from a player. Combine both of these and you have yourself one of the best Tank Healers in the game. Although, they are capable of Raid Healing, I would not suggest you make them focus on it. Remember Prayer of Healing, they pretty much have to rely on that as their only Raid Heal per say. Though of course they would use a PoM, but they really are not desired to heal the raid due to it being Mana costly and inefficient, something you are trying to avoid when you put together a Raid/Healing Team.

Conclusion: They are not the same things, yes they heal and they do it efficiently, just because you can do one specific healing job godly does not mean that you can do everything. Though I will say that if you are desperate a Disc. Priest is a better Raid Healer then a damn Paladin any day.

Anything you would like to add, Munch?
“Disc Priests… are hard… to kill…”

Right.. well, Happy WoWing!

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  1. September 26, 2009 8:46 PM

    lol Munch. You know it! Why do you think I PvP with one as my partner? :p

  2. September 28, 2009 4:36 PM

    There’s more to the Disc Priest’s use of bubbles than Rapture – a lot more. Our talents support our bubble use because we Disc Priests exist to mitigate damage, our talents encourage bubbles by buffing them like whoa and making our heals more effective while our target suffers from the debuff Weakened Soul.

    These are the delicious talents I’m talking about right here:

    Improved Power Word: Shield increases damage absorption by 15%
    Soul Warding reduces the cooldown by four seconds and the mana cost by 15%.
    Renewed Hope increases the critical effect of Flash Heal/Greater Heal/Penance on targets afflicted with Weakened Soul and causes a party/raid-wide damage reduction when PW:Shield is cast.
    Borrowed Time grants 25% spell haste after casting PW:S and increases the damage absorption by 40% of your spell power.

    We even have a talent that causes our crits to make bubbles (Divine Aegis), increasing the amount of damage we absorb even further (the bubble that was cast first is used up before the other one). So, whereas Holy Priests don’t really get any benefit from using bubbles, Disc Priests would be stupid and fail not to use ’em.

    I can’t really comment much on the raid healing aspect because I don’t raid, but I have seen and heard of raid healing Disc priests doing a damn good job of it – I think Ambrosyne of I Like Bubbles does it but idk.

    TL;DR My name is Matojo and I like to talk about bubbles.

    • September 28, 2009 7:02 PM

      Oh of course, I was merely keeping it simple, obviously a bit TOO simple now that I look back at it. My Priest raids as Disc and let me tell you, it is a blast!

      And yes Ambrosyne raids as the Lazer Priest 😀

      But thank you for explaining the things I missed out on!

  3. September 28, 2009 7:58 PM

    Nice contrast between the two healers, PC!
    Yah, simple, but good for us types that think “healers is healers.” My current guild doesn’t have a regular disc priest, but I think given fights like heroic Northrend Beasts one of our Holy Priests may be going disc more of the time.

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