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The Death Knight Tank and You: The Red Socket

September 21, 2009



We find both of our favorite Tanks having what seems to be a heated debate, though most of the words are along the lines of “nou”…

Alright, you there students, welcome back from your little vacation, too bad that it does not last forever right? Hah, no, you just were so eager to see me again that you forgot you were even on vacation right? Nonetheless I have quite a few lessons planned for you students, and trust me they are delicious.

This week we will be talking about how to gem properly, an easy subject yes, but it is somewhat debated still. No matter what socket you have it should be devoted to any Blue Stamina gem of at least +24 STAM, except for of course the Meta Gem’s requirements. The first thing you must do is click this link, it will bring you to the list of Meta Gems on, pick out the one you would use as a Tank and report back.

If I need to make it any more obvious stay after class, of course it is the Austere Earthsiege Diamond. The delicious amount of +32 STAM and 2% more Armor Value from items is something that no Tank should try and resist, because they are of course two things we all love, Hit Points and less damage taken.

As you should know, each Meta Gem can only be equipped to the Meta Gem socket, which is located on any decent piece of head gear. The other requirement is that you must have a few specific gem colors equipped in order for it to be “activated” or, not just sit there lookin’ pretty and not doing anything. Our Meta needs to have at least two blue gems and at least one red gem for it to work.

The blue gems are other words for at least +24 STAM gems, apparently DPS and Healers gem with gems that do not have these stats. Odd, no? Yet our Red gem, what the hell!? There is no STAM what are we going to do!? Of course, we go to the Purple gems which count as red OR blue and they do have STAM on them, but only half the amount so let’s say 12. Why is it halved, this is because the other “half” goes to half of a Red gem’s stat, so think Parry/Dodge/Expertise/Agility/Arm Pen.

From earlier training, we should know that there are three on that list that are decent for a Death Knight Tank, they are of course Parry/Dodge/Expertise, but we have to choose one, so which is better for us?

Dual Wielding: Avoidance should be better than the Expertise correct? Debatable, but for Dual Wielding I would honestly take the Expertise over the avoidance stats, remember the Parry gib. Every hit has a chance to be parried, this is for every Tank/Melee who stands in front of bosses, and each attack of yours that is parried by the boss allows it to give them a fast attack right after the parry. Each time the speed increases  for the attack that follows the parry until it is an almost instant hit, in which case we laugh at the Tank and scream Parry gib!

For a Dual Wielding Tank I would personally choose the 12 Stam + 8 Expertise rating, the Expertise accounts for a little bit less than 1 point of total Expertise which is definitely a noticeable change. The opponents would be 8 Parry or 8 Dodge, Parry is not the best avoidance to bother gemming for, the amount of Parry you need to see a noticeable change is much higher then Dodge is, so generally I would be using the 8 Dodge if anything.

Like I said though, for a DW Tank, we want our hits to be parried as little as possible, so the value of Expertise to us is a lot more cherished then that of the Dodge in this case. Honestly though, you will not be shunned if you think otherwise, like I said this is more of a personal choice when playing the master of Parry Gib.

I sport the T9 Shoulders well, eh?

I sport the T9 Shoulders well, eh?

Two Handed Tanking: My argument is practically reversed in this scenario, the reason that DWing is scared of the Parry Gib is because you have two very fast weapons which give you more attacks, which results in more possible chances to be parried. If you are swinging around with a giant Axe/Mace/Sword you have a 3.4second swing time abouts, and only one weapon, making it a much lower chance to be parried and to get the Parry Gib.

Expertise is nothing to scoff at for sure, but it is a lot less “needed” so to speak when using the Two Handed weapons. At this point you should choose between the Parry/Dodge and decide accordingly, but like I said, Parry does not scale as well as our friend Dodge does in this case.

Now if you would rather use the Expertise, that is not a bad decision either, less Parries even from the slow weapons assure a greater amount of damage which results in a bit more threat.

Death Knights are honestly weird this way, for the most part we gem the same, but when we have to make some of the more specific details it can be debated easily. Really, this is why I love to be the Death Knight Tank, I get so many more choices that can easily be explained and accepted rather than having to stick with a list of specifics and always going by them.

Great job today class, hopefully I will see you all back next week with more teachings from the messed up mind of me, Elnoriah!

Happy WoWing!

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  1. Alex permalink
    September 22, 2009 3:15 AM

    I love penetrating arms.

    Innuendo intended.

  2. October 2, 2009 12:26 AM

    I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back


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