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Elnoriah, King of the Pirates

September 19, 2009



Our favorite Death Knight is found on a rowboat in the middle of Wintergrasp…

*Hic* Dun worreh, Im’mah comin, arrg…

Yes, it is that time of year again, the time where we get drunk and dust off our pirate hats. Pirate day is today (well an hour and 45min on the East Coast), and of course I will not be there until later at night due to some real-life commitments. Worry not, since I will not be there until all of you are passed out, that just means you can split my fair share of grog.

Quote me when I say this, after that Heroic Daily is done for tomorrow, I will be Bloodsail Admiral Elnoriah and take Booty Bay for my own!

Now to figure out a way for the Bruisers to take a “vacation” if you will. I am sure Munchy could organize some sort of trip for our green-skinned friends, right Munch?

“…They all…. gonna… die…”

Alright then, before I leave you all I would like to give a shout out to my guild, <Blue Oasis Buccaneers>, it is our national holiday, make sure to save me some grog. And please remember to keep the sharp objects away from Gradii after his 2nd drink, he might hurt someone.

To kick off the WoW Pirate experience, here is a little video out of the Illegal Danish series, a song called the HMS Theramore, enjoy!

Happy WoWing!

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