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At First I Was Afriad…

September 13, 2009

Muchie is a vegetarian... GRRRRAAAAAAAAIIIIINNS

Munchy is a vegetarian... GRRRRAAAAAAAAIIIIINNS

“…I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.. Boogy down ya’ll!”, exclaims our hero as he is dancing in some familiar gear…

If you all remember, I used to run a 2v2 team with Phil, aka Klinderas, then he quit due to real life issues and we have kept in touch which is nice. It still does not make up for my lack of the partner for the team, so I decided trying out Unholy DPS would be a great idea, since I already had a decent amount of gear for an offspec. Then after a few runs of that, I remembered something, I hate DPSing as a Death Knight, DPS is like a fat kid in the middle of a desert buffet and I am that salad that he just passes over.

Why did I vow to not PvP again? Was it no one to play it with? That just about hits the nail on the  head, I am so surrounded by people who only play PvE that there is just not a single person who wants to bother with it. Then my friend Nick who used to play a Rogue, who is now on his brother-in-law’s account, is getting back into the game, now there is a player from the glory days of The Burning Crusade.

Before the Priest was even a thought in my head, I played an Undead Warlock, and the two of us murdered people in 2v2 with the Rogue/Warlock combo as well as a 3v3 Rogue/Rogue/Warlock combo. So I am psyched to play a little PvP on the Death Knight with him, or possibly the Priest as Disc when he finishes leveling his Frost Mage.

Honestly, I was extremely bored last night as I searched the internet for a decent spec, and to my luck on Twitter I found Kordwar was out and about so I talked to him about some PvPing specs and the like. If you do not know this guy, let us just call him the God of Survival PvP, he knows what he is doing as well as where to find information for all things PvP. The place? Himself of course, he could write a blog all about it, oh wait he already does!

Let us just say I combined my love for the Unholy Tree and the awesomeness that is PvP thanks to him!

Lucy I'm hoooooooooooooome!

Lucy I'm hoooooooooooooome!

My Spec MK.1.0: Let us take a look at my spec, I would not call it custom considering many others are probably using something like this. It is the usual 0/17/54 Unholy PvP build, with the deliciousness of the perma-ghoul. I forgot how awesome having the Ghoul was, so welcome back from your vacation Munchy, it is time to work again my friend! Right now this spec is extremely bursty,  so much that Retadins are no longer a problem for me, but of course Broccoli’s are still the bane of my existence, the only way I can kill them is for us to have a one-on-one fight until either he runs out of Mana or I jump off of the nearest cliff to end it.

Quote me when I say this, my spec will probably go through a few changes when I start using it in an Arena situation, but as for now, it gives me a ton of burst and a great deal of survivability, Mages are going to be much less of a problem for sure.

Yes you God-Forsaken Gnomes, you are my target once again. Amazing how I forgot how funny it is when you try and run away and I just pull you back, right?

Happy WoWing!

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  1. September 14, 2009 5:16 AM

    whoa now, Bandet is the god of survival PvP, I’m just a follower of him 😛

    maybe demi-god…


  2. Alex permalink
    September 14, 2009 3:31 PM

    Who’s Lucy, eh?

  3. September 14, 2009 7:19 PM

    @Kordwar I bet you could beat him, Kord, stop being so humble.

    @Alex No one you need to be concerned with my boy!

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