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Rogue Tanking, Without the Rogue!

September 8, 2009
Exactly my point!

Exactly my point!

“Woohoo! You can’t catch me!”, screams Elnoriah as he runs away from the Stormwind Guard, apparently kidnapping small children is a criminal act to the Alliance. Who knew…

I will be honest, I loved my small break from Elnoriah for that week, it made me feel great to pick up the Healer and go practically full-time on him. Of course though, there always has to be some experiment to do to drive Gradii crazy on my Tank. If you have been reading Plagued Candles for awhile you should know that I was supposed to try out dual-wield tanking, but due to some unfortunate events I decided it would be best not to futs around during raiding.

Do not fret, I have been futsing, and futsing with some risky business to boot!

Alex has a 71 Resto Shaman, and he seems to like to do Nexus a bit, I suppose I should not be blaming him, it is nice and fast with a ton of experience at his level. But Nexus, seriously? Christ I hate that instance, but nonetheless I decided to help him out on his most recent escapade, but under one condition, I would do a little experiment that he would yell at me for.

There was much less yelling out of him when he realized it was not Blood Tanking, but instead it was Dual-Wielding and honestly it did not go too badly, but of course the Tank in our guild reminded me that it was still a normal instance. So  I decided that the best way to find out what Dual-Wielding feels like in a spot closer to my level of play would be to go play Meat Shield for a 5man H ToC, with of course the Heroic Defense Cap. (Yes, the Heroic Defense Cap is actually a couple of points under 540)

To my surprise I did quite well, we had a few mess-up but none of them were tank specific ones at all, so I call that a success for sure. So, I was feeling pretty damn good of myself with my two horrible one-handed. Then of course I was presented with the awesome power that is Peackeeper’s Blade, but I am going to restrain myself from using that just yet.

Then, the guild decides that” since it is Monday night let’s try and down as much junk as we can in our never-ending 10m Uld race to the finish”. There were some okay upgrades, I think some of the more squishy people snagged some daggers, and we downed Ignis with flying colors. This was probably the best day for testing out my new experiment, I got a wide variety of tests and also a bit of feedback from the Healers.

Without this axe I would feel much more pirate-like!

Without this axe I would feel much more pirate-like!

One thing though, the Parry Gib is horrid, if we have bad DPS, I am going to be royally screwed, seriously. And last night felt like one of those slow nights, one of the PUGs kept getting disconnected, and one of the healers was not the best geared, but still though we did not do horrendously. Honestly though, if we got more guildies on then I would have no problem with the Parry Gib, in theory at least.

Another downside would be my lessened HP, due to the fact that I had to switch out either a STAM trinket, or two gems for Defense Rating, I knew I was going to lose a fine chunk ‘o Health. It is not going to murder me, but it is definitely a visible loss between the lack of 48 STAM in gems and about 10 STAM because my one-handed weapons are pretty bad.

Luckily though, I did manage to gain quite a bit of avoidance while Dual-Wielding. Because of the runes on my weapons, I gained 4% parry, plus whatever amount of strength was already on the weapons to begin with. It ended up being about 5% parry and only .50% dodge decrease, of course we all know what this means. Due to the major increase in Parry, my Runestrikes have been increasing exponentially! Plus since I have much faster weapons I am hitting quite a few more than I did with my slow, clunky, two-handed axe, so in the end I have gained about 700 Threat Per Second (TPS) overall.

Right now, the bonuses are balancing out the negatives of Dual-Wielding, so for this week I will be continually testing out Dual-Wielding, and of course writing about anything and everything I have noticed. So expect about two more posts about Dual-Wielding by the time Sunday rolls around!

-Happy WoWing!

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