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The Blood Knight

August 31, 2009

Our mount is better then yours, Alliance! *Raspberry*

Our mount is better then yours, Alliance! *Raspberry*

Our newest acquaintance, Pudin, is found talking with the rest of his Blood Knight comrades, luckily he is much more understanding then our favorite Death Knight, or he would have killed you for spying on him…

It feels good that there can only be a certain group of people that are able to become a Paladin, really, at least we look half decent, unlike most of those Alliance swine. Okay, the Cows become one of us, but they still look better then most of the Paladins on that OTHER side! Either way though, that is not my focus today, for I have not delved into the world of killing for fun, I am still your one and only Tankadin on this site, my friends.

You all know why I started up my training as a Tankadin once again, you were told a week ago! Honestly, it is a nice change sometimes, the Death Knight is a blast, but it feels very fun leveling up another tank again. One thing I will say though, shields are definitely a nice bonus to tanking, I tank a lot less damage then Elnoriah did when he was in his 60’s. Besides which, I can end up pulling many more mobs and surviving to them, whereas Elnoriah would have a bit of trouble doing so, as I said before the shield just helps a ton.

Mana is definitely a problem I completely forgot about, considering I have not leveled up a caster since Eldadres hit 80, I have almost forgotten about how great it was to not have to worry about the stuff. From what I have found at the 60’s because of our lack of Divine Plea Tankadins go OOM if they do not pull 5+ mobs in a single pull, that gets annoying after awhile for sure.

Like any tanking class the Paladin has his/her ups and downs, they seem to survive much better then the Death Knight, and their AoE threat is obviously just much better, and their survivability surpasses any other Tanking class. The shield is amazingly helpful for both them and the Warrior, and I will be honest, it is frickin’ sweet, like I said I am having a blast pulling 10+ mobs and listening to Alex get ready to murder me because I pulled when he was at 25% mana.

Death Knights need to stop with the Death Grip pulling, I'M THE TANK!

Death Knights need to stop with the Death Grip pulling, I'M THE TANK!

It definitely makes it interesting, when I was originally playing just my Priest at the end of TBC and him with his Paladin it was always me getting ready to walk to Canada and murder his tanking ass. When the roles are switched it gives a new life to this game for sure, I am definitely having a blast leveling the second tank with him as the healer, and besides which we can get a group for pretty much any instance we should choose. So the experience we gain on a leveling basis is just plain amazing, as well as the “experience” of learning to play our classes the right way have gone from me saying “Lol I’m a Paladin!” to “Die in righteous fire!”

Anyways, Pally Tanking my way to Arthas should be a fun side project for my Paladin, though I have still decided it will mainly be used for PvP healing with my RL buddy once he gets back his Soccer season. Already it is an experience that makes me want to play Elnoriah more rather then just playing my Healer full-time again, even though that is basically what I have been doing recently, sort of.

Back to the Outlands I go friends, catch you all in a few!

Writer’s Update: I am hoping to do some sort of Death Knight write up around Wednesday, maybe Tuesday if I am feeling like it, but expect one on Weds. at the latest. Yes, we know we missed this past week’s Podcast, but we are making it up to you by hearing us rant in this upcoming one! Trust me, it will be quite rantastic, we are rearin’ and ready to educate the public with our rants. Happy WoWing!

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